Soper, Farrar and Trotter- Where is the right wing?

Prime and Sky News are having a “leaders debate” tonight.

Its not enough that they have to have frigging Commie Soper on as a pretend moderator. Like what the hell would he know about any middle ground. They have another extremist Marxist in Chris Trotter, and then the sappy little progressive liberal Farrar on as a counter.

Farrar basically agrees with the left on everything except a few economic issues. Having him appear as a counter to the extreme left Trotter is like having vanilla as a counter to bitter lemon.

The panel are all left wing. The pollies are all left wing, except if you stretched it, maybe Don “legalise cannabis” Brash who leans a little further right than most. The moderator is left wing. Really, what a damn basket case commie outfit.

12 thoughts on “Soper, Farrar and Trotter- Where is the right wing?

  1. Alas….you’re looking at a real and perfect representative cross section of the NZ Welfare State.
    There is nothing else.

    To serious matters, ie money.
    Hoping that the traders here smell the tiny risk profit potential of an ASX : QAN buy.
    Opening Monday from close $1.54 will be the guide, if this doesn’t get fixed, the longer it runs the deeper the bottom. Recovery inevitable, due its locked in route rights, remember the Texas Hedge Fund takeover that valued it @ 3x today’s price just a few years ago.

    Max panic is your friend.

    Probably not going to happen, due to Jooles’s scalp might be the result….her Union appointees on the “Fair Work Australia” (don’t laugh) Tribunal will fix it quick.

    (I’m not giving investment advice , its just my own incoherent ramblings….etc etc.)


  2. It’s a week-end. The right wing were busy with their families. A few right wing weirdos still believe in setting Sunday aside from commerce and politics.

    It’s only the left wing that have plenty of time to spend on politics and working out to control other people’s lives. The right are too busy actually living them.

    /preemptive strike


  3. It never ceases to amaze me how some can be so bright yet so Dim. Farrar is supposed to be an intelligent man, but his bare-faced hypocracy is astounding to the point of half-wit status.


  4. Well there’s an hour of my life I’ll never fucking well get back! All i know now that I didn’t know then is that Farrar really *does* look like a penguin. Sadly for him, he’s less Happy Feet and more Danny de Vito in that Batman flick. And BTW who was the tranny from Maori TV?

    What a pack of self-aggrandizing arseholes that lot are. And people wonder why NZ is in the crapper.


  5. Yet another revolting display conducted by parasitic good for nothing socialist suck holes.
    Really kiwi, who the fuck in their right mind would vote for the losers that parade themselves as political New Zealanders.
    Get real, don’t vote and let’s throw this lot into the waste bucket.
    Enough is enough. Stop the bullshit. Dam the lies.


  6. People sneer when I call NZ a politically totalitarian hole. All the discussion covers is how to improve socialism- mere tinkering around the edges.


  7. Couldn’t sit through the whole thing, but it was funny when Farrar asked basic questions at the start which every politician should know, yet most didn’t.


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