Liberal Media- An Evil Anti-democratic Force

I’m incensed by the mainstream media’s screeching concerning Herman Cain’s alleged sexual harassment charges.

Since when have these scum ever publicised one of the many cloudy issues in Barack Obama’s past? For example-

His use of a false SSN number?

His probable forged SF birth certificate?

His probable forged LF birth certificate?

His frequent attendance at a homosexual Chicago bath house?

The cronyist and probably fraudulent dealings that allowed him to purchase his Chicago house and the adjoining lot?

His Muslim religion?

His Indonesian citizenship?

His hiding of his historical records?

..and these are only a few of the things the media has refused to address. Yet weak allegations against Herman Cain and there is instant headlines.

Coming initialy from Politico, the home of the Journolist propaganda scheme.

These extreme left scum pretending to be the mainstream media in the USA are the Democrat Party’s propaganda arm and their mission is to subvert the democratic process.

A bit of “occupying” of their offices with some hemp rope in tow would do the world of good for western democracy.

8 thoughts on “Liberal Media- An Evil Anti-democratic Force

  1. Oby, the first affirmative action Pres…..with so many mysteries……

    “In our time, asking how a young man of scarce achievement got into position to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for president courts the contemporary synonyms for “impious”: “birther,” “conspiracy theorist,” and, of course, “racist.” Granted, to inquire into what formed a president is not as important as to understand what he does. Nevertheless, because fully to know where anyone is going requires grasping whence he comes, let us open ourselves to wonder how, minus miracles, a 10-year-old boy without obvious talent who had lived in Indonesia since age six ends up with an eight-year scholarship to Hawaii’s most exclusive school; a scholarship to Occidental College; a transfer into Columbia University; acceptance into Harvard Law School, and editorship of its law review; and how he goes from job to prestigious job without apparently mastering any of the previous ones. No wonder some of Barack Obama’s supporters treat him as if he were anointed by an extraterrestrial power.”


  2. It’s a good read….a bit more…..

    “According to hagiography, Barack Obama was born to a hippy girl from an insignificant family and raised in poor circumstances, out of which he rose through brilliance. Yet his haughty demeanor, his stilted language when off the teleprompter, his cultural likes and dislikes, bespeak an upbringing in an environment at once so upscale and so leftist that it makes him almost a foreigner to ordinary Americans. No one raised in ordinary American circumstances, much less straitened ones, would cite with a straight face, as Obama did, the price of arugula at Whole Foods, the yuppie boutique, as an example of the cost of living. No one at home in American culture could refer to a U.S. Marine medical corpsman as a “corpse-man.” Nor do ordinary folk talk about (or even understand) the need to “change the rules of power” in America. “Rules of power” belongs to the argot of doctrinaire nouveau socialists. How many American college kids would describe, as did Obama, his studying with Marxist professors as an attempt not to look like a “sell out”? No. Obama’s official story is counterintuitive.”


  3. If Herman’s company paid a “five figure” amount with a confidentiality agreement to pretend harassment “victims” he’s incompetent……and finished.


  4. The Selective Outrage of Bob Shieffer is a milder version of the propaganda mills attempting to smear the Republican front runner.

    But really. When did Bob Shieffer ever grill Senator Obama, Candidate Obama, Or PRESIDENT Obama (whom teachers idolize to their pupils) for being a smoker?

    (Or grill the Buma for anything for that matter?)


  5. Great comment on Free Republic-

    ……every time some jackwagon media whore asks a Cain supporter a question about this report, that is the answer we should throw back in their face. Stated as such:

    Bill Clinton received Oral Sex from, and performed a SEXUAL ACT WITH A CIGAR on a 21 year old in the Oval Office, was accused of RAPE, and countless other sexual harassment charges, Barack Obama has a credible accuser that says HE did CRACK with, and received ORAL SEX from the current president. Not to mention BARRY SOETORO (Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s real name) is using a fake Social Security number. When we see a responsible investigative report into those two subjects we’ll be prepared to answer questions about Herman Cain’s past peccadilloes. Not until. Have a nice day!


  6. “The hypocrisy of the media is outrageous and yet the Republican party, a pack of cowardly curs, never confront them on it.”

    Not just the GOP Redbaiter, but also the so-called Right Wing talkers. The work hand in hand like your Nats and the likes of Kiwiblog.

    This morning Dennis Prager made an issue of both the Bob Shieffer railing against smoking and the Politico smear that you highlight. I got thru and put on hold. My point being “Bob Shieffer’s selective outrage against Candidate Cain (“you have the responsibility”) and not President Obama in all these years reveals a Democratic bias at CBS.”

    Prager made indirect reference to my point when he said “I think I’m going to concentrate on the charges of sexual innuendo from here on it” just before my line went dead.

    One would think it important to demonstrate the bias of the media as the inconsistency I speak of reveals if one REALLY wants to defend Mr. Cain from a media feeding frenzy.

    RB. What more can our blogs do to help Mr. Cain especially given that the GOP and popular talk show hosts will not SPEAK of that blatant bias? Just as you condemn Farrar, I condemn Medved, and Hewitt and Prager and God know who else.

    I will next try to get my point aired by Mark Levin. I might have more success if some more people tried to make this point so that it cannot be ignored as Mr. Prager did today.


  7. Here’s my follow up RB. Ineffective Support Suggests Romney Shills Behind Cain Woes.

    Mark Levin never brought up the Bob Shieffer incident as Dennis Prager had done, so I had no opening for calling.

    I did however send an email to Mr. Levin asking him to consider the strategy about using it.

    I do not know what else I personally can do other than point out that so many of our hopes for reaching a wider audience involves gaining access to the radio talkers who seem less than helpful too often. So that means it behooves us to keep bellyaching. Here’s hoping that our combined voices will cause a break in the Establishment dams.


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