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  1. Alas, Brash and most of NZ doesn’t get it.
    A non means tested govt pension is seen as obviously not sustainable in Australia, a ‘blind Freddie could see that’ concept, yet tiny NZ, permanently hovering around bankruptcy, seems to think it is.

    Australia is fixing the problem with a long term transition from pensions to real private Super.
    Last I looked all employers contribute 9.5% of each salary, each paycheck, to Super….it can then be topped up by large voluntary employee contributions. At 15% flat tax on super funds it’s the least taxed investment vehicle next to personal housing. Many choose to salary sacrifice to get the compounding flying. In the end, a govt pension will be reserved for those unable to work.

    Looking like a winner,


  2. The Aus scheme is at 9% right now, but to say it’s employer contributions is a bit of a misnomer because people are generally hired on a ‘package’. It’s one of the things that makes Aus incomes seem so much higher. Also, Aus is going to be gradually increasing the minimum contribution over the next several years from 9 to 12%. This will be problematic for some because they have contribution caps, and if you contribute above the cap in a year the tax implications are punitive, to say the least!

    The big problem for Aus funds, like kiwisaver ones, is that their performance is pretty bloody ordinary, and some of them charge obscene fees so in many cases people would be better off putting their hard-earned into a term deposit.

    If NZ moves to means-test the old age pension, it must also introduce appropriate tax concessions for those who self-fund. The productive already support far too many bloody leeches, and failing to address the tax position will just make it worse.


  3. TGG…I mention it because the full clip re Brash has the comrade reporter mentioning that Brash gets the Pension……as an accusation
    ‘contribution caps’…..sure, are not what they were ie. almost unlimited until a few years ago, but not restrictive unless you’re Joyce wanting to salary sacrifice $1mill….. from memory an extra $20k on $100k is not a worry…

    “their performance is pretty bloody ordinary’….all equity based funds ebb and flow with Stock prices, in times of famine expect the cash rate or triumph with a prime bond trading fund.
    Many Aust Super Funds are nothing like “bank interest forever” Kiwisaver. You can choose which investment niche you want or best of all run a DIY. The costs and accounting compliance is about $500 / year. Set up on the net.
    It’s your money not a pension pool.
    The ‘Industy’ low fee low return low risk funds are the Kiwisaver equivalent for the uninterested.,

    For instance, got a matey away from his public service default fund into a DIY 3 years ago.
    Our no brainer commodity share trading yielded 39%, 29% and 18% so far this year…Feb to Feb….before tax. And, years 1 and 3 so far we traded far too conservatively. it was satisfying to beat all ‘professional’ funds on the Morning Star Super return list year 1

    Bottom line is you’ll never get rich on bank interest, even compounding.


  4. Anybody know anything about ian Wishart’s book “Daylight Robbery”?
    “Want to know more and how it could affect you? It’s all in the new 2012 edition of DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.

    “Did you know our modern international banking system is founded on the “TInkerbell Principle” – it only works as long as enough people keep believing in it. Details of how banking really works are laid bare in this book – and it’s crucial information everyone with a credit card, bank loan or bank account needs to know.”



  5. cullen installed the kiwisaver for 2 means both of them never publically notified (as per with that cunt)

    Starting KSwas premised to allow a resource to be built up over a number of years which will ultimately be used as a way to phase out national govt backed super completely. The first step was to get it initiated voluntarily, and then make it compulsory.

    this has the benefits (for cunterment) of
    a) increasing the number of people in 6 figure salaries, clipping the ticket irrespective of whether the funds make money or not. 6figure salaries mean 6 figure tax takes when Labour ass ream people with GST and a 39% tax as well as all the sin taxes.

    b) a vast pool of money which will be double taxed, firstly on earnings/ dividends/ capital gains, and then on the taking money out, as they will force people to trade over to annuity plans which will pay out annualised sums. Alternatively they will nationalise the funds outright when the country defaults on its loans.

    NZ fundies are hopeless.
    They have the audacity to deride gold when they can’t even match the yields of a do nothing commodity.


  6. To be fair mort, gold’s rise (or should I say more correctly, the destruction of fiat currencies) has been pretty spectacular over the past 20 years or so. FWIW, I’m still thinking gold is going to $5,000 in the next 3-5 years, which makes it a bloody good investment.


  7. try telling that to a fund manager… retards would rather forego a 10% growth even it took a year and ‘invest’ the money in a stock which is going to lose up to 50% once Europe falls over and the US becomes insolvent. idiots….
    It is probably because you can’t milk fees when all you are doing is buying EFTs or physical from the local mint. Although they could charge a 5% markup on the storage fee, but that probably wouldn’t occur to them, they are too fiscally dumb.


  8. Load of rubbish, DON needs to sort his shit out, ACT are gone burgers, the Youngens are just as bad too, that Queenstown debate showed ACT up to be what it is, bunch of Robots that cant think off topic, no wonder the NATS out do you in every area DON


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