I Was Right Then and I’m Right Now- Leftists are Stalinists, and They’re Evil

I’ve never really doubted it, but somehow I can’t help being surprised at how soon my predictions have come to pass. I’m also surprised at how blatant the left have been in their actions. I’m surprised too that there is so little outcry.

In Australia today, the left, led by the stinking communist watermelon Bob Brown, heartily backed up by the stinking communist Julia Gillard, are conducting a Stalinist style inquiry into the News Group, publishers of The Australian newspaper.

The “inquiry” begins this week, and surprise surprise, first to give evidence are a pack of extremists from the left. The shocking text below is from The Australian-

THE government’s media inquiry will hear the case for newspaper proprietors to undergo a test for fit and proper character before being allowed to publish, when public hearings are held in Melbourne this week.

The inquiry, headed by former Federal Court judge Ray Finkelstein QC, begins public hearings in Melbourne tomorrow with academic Robert Manne, publisher Eric Beecher and Crikey founder Stephen Mayne all scheduled to appear.

Mayne told The Australian he had not sought to appear, but had “been invited via email from a bureaucrat”. “I haven’t made a submission, but I am looking forward to the inquiry,” he said.

Could they really be any more unashamedly Soviet? Why isn’t there an absolute outcry over this farcical and partisan exercise in injustice, censorship and Stalinism?

That this is happening today in Australia is proof positive that all of the warnings I have ever uttered about the intent of the left and the evil in their heart have been accurate and worthy. To think I have been often identified as extremist myself for my language by fake rightists and others, when here we have an event that is justifying every judgement and prediction I have ever made.

Australia is in an extremely dangerous state while Bob Brown and Julia Gillard and their acolytes hold power. These people are as evil as anyone has ever painted them and they have no place in a free country or a western democracy. Their true home is Cuba or the defunct Soviet Union, or East Berlin.

That their outrageous assault on press freedom goes virtually without comment by so many who should be speaking out shows how they have slowly converted the west into something it once fought against tooth and nail. The communists have won by fighting from the inside. They have made our democracies into barbarian frauds.

Read more at Andrew Bolt’s blog. While you still can. If you’re a civilised human being, you’ll find it unbelievable.

9 thoughts on “I Was Right Then and I’m Right Now- Leftists are Stalinists, and They’re Evil

  1. Yes they are. That’s why the inquiry specifically makes reference to online comment. This action is a deliberatenattack by a deeply unpopular government on any and all who would criticize them. The demonstrably leftist ABC gets a free pass, while the infinitely more popular News Ltd publications are attacked without mercy. Disgraceful.

    First they came for…


  2. Thanks for posting on this red. I saw the article in the Sydney morning Herald this morning. Apparently the academic has concluded that the media has a right-wing bias. And that Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers are biased against the Labour government.

    Apparently the same academic found no evidence of left-wing bias or that the mainstream media regularly hammers conservatives and anyone perceived to be on the right of the political spectrum.

    Only an academic could be so foolish as to believe that the mainstream media, in Australia or anywhere, has a “right-wing bias”. The man is clearly delusional.


  3. I’m surprised too that there is so little outcry.

    We have been bombarded with so much socialist/communist/progressive sh*t from every angle possible that we have become immune to these outrages, our senses have been numbed and our attention to one distracted by another.


  4. What should have conservatives and also the fabian Liberal Party in a state of anticipatory dread is that the latest nationwide polling has Labor STILL retaining 47% of the two party preferred vote…….in the midst of the worst govt in Australian history, including Whitlam (gulp).

    The election is 18 months away.
    Jooles can easily make it up and win.
    (Double the child endowment, she’s home free).

    Like the US, Aust may be nearly finished if Jooles gets to appoint any more High Court judges.
    “Ask not for whom the bell tolls…..”, it tolls for us.


  5. Yeah, and you’ll all note that no comrade Media Political Compliance inquiry is needed in NZ……. their compliance is world class best practice……. and that happened decades ago.

    NZ mono-media is its own filter, eh comrades.


  6. Removed the link to Reading The Maps. The owner of that blog is a weak amoral scumbag and liar who allows impersonation amongst his comments, the most cowardly act in the blogosphere.

    If he doesn’t write the fake Redbaiter comments himself that is.

    Just contemptible lowlife, and existing as more evidence of the truth of my claims concerning what vile dishonourable people leftists so often are. As if any more evidence was really necessary.


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