24 thoughts on “Libertarian Ron Paul’s “Statement of Faith”

  1. Is there a deist out there who can tell me what I need to be “Saved” from by a “Saviour”?

    Impertinent twit.


  2. He also advocates “friendship” with the mad mullahs of Iran as a way to deal with their nuclear ambitions.
    Libertarians just don’t get foreign and immigration policy in a dangerous world.


  3. Now I’m worried about Ron Paul.
    What in his background does he need to be “saved” from…..what moral absolution does his psyche crave and why. These moral and or physical crimes need to be on the public record for a Presidential candidate.
    The last one that avoided that was Oby…..and the result is obvious.

    What has Ronnie done?…..train his duck dog with an electric collar, avoid tax ( Ron: that’s a duty not a crime), not use barbless hooks, denied the divinity of retired terrorist Nelson ‘Church St’ Mandela, coveted his neighbour’s ‘ass’.?……..

    Memo to Ron: matey, relax, in the end your god is monitoring much major mayhem, don’t sweat the small stuff. Your appalling “sins”, I’m guessing, are mostly pretend.


  4. Really, sika? You’re so insecure in yourself and your own beliefs you feel the need tovmock those of others?


  5. Bwaaaa……..that’s all you’ve got?
    I suspected as much.
    Mocking the irrational is a public service, esp for any kids that might be reading.


  6. So I’ll take that as a “yes” then. Sad, really.

    The entire Western world has been built on the Judaeo-Christian ethic. The greatest nation in the history of the world was built on a strong Christian foundation. Whether you choose to believe it or not, the great men (and women) who built the West believed, and without their belief you and I would likely still be living under the rule of some tribal chief or despotic monarch. So mock away my friend, and continue to mock as the Left succeeds in their goal of removing God from society and replacing Him with and all-powerful state.


  7. Oh dear….if your intellectual defence against the left is merely religion?….they’ve already won.

    And I love the idea that disagreement with your fairytales is an indicator of insecurity.
    Sounds a lot like the Oby Democrats or Maori who claim disagreement with their political religion means you’re a racist.

    Strive for some self awareness,


  8. No, my intellectual defence against the Left is not ‘merely’ religion. If you care to read what I said, you’d see it has been the goal of the Left to remove God from society and replace Him with an all-powerful state. Part 1 of their plan is obviously aided and abetted by people such as yourself.

    Again, if you’d read my comment, instead of what you think you read, you’d see I did not imply that disagreeing with my ‘fairytales’ is an indicator of insecurity. It was your need to mock Ron Paul for his beliefs that provided an indication of your insecurity. You are quite free to disagree all you want, but you took it a step farther and immediately mocked Paul for his beliefs. Your mocking was the indicator of your insecurity.

    Finally, I note you don’t dispute that the West was built by men of great faith, yet you’re somehow able to perform the mental gymnastics required to admire what they built and at the same time mock the faith by which it was built. Interesting.


  9. “Need to mock Paul”?? Need?
    His statement is beyond stupid unless you’re a deist or live in the Twilight Zone….or are trying for the hand waving / speaking in tongues vote, which is considerable, that then explains the statement as politics…ok.

    You’ve come full circle…now try and tell me without obfuscation, ‘what I need to be “Saved” from by a “Saviour”?’….the original question.

    Always curious.


  10. That’s a decent interval……

    The answer, is, clearly: nothing

    ….except the tribulations of fevered minds.


  11. Yeah, it looks like that when the superstitious get zapped.
    They’re not up to it.

    You’re embarrassed for them or do you want to continue you’re own religious silliness unchallenged?


  12. Sika- I try to make this blog a place where Christians can post free of the sneers and mocking they endure on left wing sites.

    They’re always welcome here.


  13. Great Red……but if they want to cast their BS at me they are going to experience blowback, that they apparently can’t cope with, until you ban me.

    You can see from my past posts, I don’t dispute that Judeo Christian belief spawned the triumph of Western Civilisation. I encourage it.
    We aren’t talking benefits, we’re talking objective truth.
    It was extremely beneficial but its base is in silly magic.
    Great results, but from a made up counter to their fear of the dark.

    I’ve been posing the “what do I need to be saved from” question for decades…..all I get is obfuscation.

    The Christians should take heart , we will all rally under their banner come Muzzie conflict apocalypse.


  14. Briefly (and this will be my final comment on this thread)

    1) you were the first to ‘cast BS’ on the thread. Your first comment (Nov 7 21:53) referred to Paul as an ‘impertinent twat’ for publishing his belief in Christ as saviour. Your second comment (Nov 8 19:41) reeked of bile and sarcasm and mockery. You threw the first stone.

    2) the reason I haven’t replied before now is because I’ve been a busy evil capitalist pig, making money, oppressing workers and destroying the environment. I simply haven’t had time.

    3) you will dispute and deny what im about to say.. You’ll likely mock me again for saying it. But say it I will, because I believe it to be the truth. What you need to be saved from is your sin. Unless you have lived a perfect and blameless life (which I guarantee you haven’t – ever told a lie? Ever handled any situation in a way that isn’t completely perfect?) you are separated from God by sin. If you die in this state, eternal damnation awaits you. See, a price needs to be paid for sin. Either you pay it in eternity, or you accept that Christ paid it on the cross. He did so to provide a way for your debt to be paid without your having to spend eternity paying. All you need to do is believe that’s what happened, accept what he did and say ‘thank you’, and your debt is paid. It’s pretty simple really. All of the other rituals of the Church are just that – rituals of the Church; they are irrelevant to Salvation. You likely won’t understand the supernatural nature of it, and you’ll probably even mock me, and that’s cool. It’s your choice. My job is to tell you about the problem and let you in on the solution. It’s up to you what you do with it. Isn’t free will a wonderful thing?

    As I said, this will be my final comment on this thread. I’ve found conversing with objectivists on this topic much the same as discussing politics with leftists. They don’t have the insight or perspective to understand the complexity and the simplicity of it. If he has the time or the energy, Kris K has a far better knowledge of Scripture than I, and far more appetite for the debate. He may indulge further discussion.


  15. Jesus Christ…..!
    Where to start.
    Love the implication that laughing at your religious infirmities means I’m not a market capitalist.
    If you only knew.

    It pays to concentrate…the first religious dribbling came from Kris long ago, complete with Biblical references for our further edification. You don’t want to be called on it? ……then keep it as a personal peculiarity.

    “What you need to be saved from is your sin”…..we are an arrogant wee fella, aren’t we.
    Your post confirms that religion is essentially a mental health problem.

    Busy at present, I’ll get back to see if I can help you.


  16. Let’s see if i can help.
    Your “god” response is an hilarious overreaction to what you have come to believe are your horrendous “sins”.

    Have you massacred prisoners, have you stolen houses from pensioners by fraud, have you acted corruptly in business and stolen life savings, are you a child molester etc…….No?

    Didn’t think so.

    So what continual awful sins do you do that drives your deity to distraction?
    Kick the dog?
    Tell a ‘religious caller’ to piss off?
    Not suffer fools easily?

    You poseurs act as if you’re Stalin prostrate before your god begging for forgiveness. You and your “sins” are very small beer, on a sin scale, below .001 of a possible 10.

    YET….. you construct a whole worldview topped by a vengeful deity to cater for your paralysing guilt, for, at worst, minor personal “embarrassments”.

    Here’s a hint, give your “sins” the “won’t do that again” treatment and get on with it.
    You don’t need forgiveness via a god ….. try to grow up.


  17. Sika, I’ve explained the whys and hows to you before, just as Gantt has above. We seem to be able to accept your non belief whereas you seem to really struggle with our belief. I’m not sure why, and you seem unable or unwilling to explain your reasons, but I guess you have them.

    Trying to explain God to people like you is like trying to describe a personal friend that we know but you haven’t yet met. As soon as a Christian starts to describe or mention their “friend” your response is to say “your friend is a myth”. Of course for your claim to carry any weight would require you to have all knowledge. Now I’m not arrogant enough to say “I have all knowledge” or even that I know much at all, but lets, for arguments sake, say you, Sika, know half of all there is to know – a bold claim perhaps, but it will highlight my point.

    If you know half of all there is to know then clearly you also DON’T KNOW [the other] half of all there is to know. And thus, by definition, if God exists in the half you DON’T KNOW then it is worse than arrogant to say “He doesn’t exist” or “God is a myth”. Ignorance of something/someone is most certainly not proof for its/their non existence. A man of principle would at least be honest enough to admit, even if only to himself, that he has not yet encountered the God Christians profess to have a personal relationship with, and therefore that there is at least the possibility He DOES exist.

    The following is a dangerous question, but I encourage you to ask it anyway:

    “Jesus Christ Son of God, if you exist, reveal yourself to me”.

    If you get no response you have lost nothing … of course if you do, well, I guess there are people around here who have told you what’s required next. I’ll leave it with you. Oh, and by the way, I (and I’m sure Gantt, Angus and others) will continue to pray for you – annoying perhaps, but us Christians are good like that. For those that humble themselves the benefits really are “out of this world”. Good luck with the journey.


  18. “We seem to be able to accept your non belief whereas you seem to really struggle with our belief. I’m not sure why.”

    Then you’re a bit slow.
    Your belief system is up to you, go for your life, however when you use your magical philosophy to justify / oppose some political issue via Biblical quotes, as some final authority, you’ll get called on it.

    Nice avoidance.
    You didn’t address my previous post re your confected “sins”.

    Perhaps a hint of your great “sin” that so needs you to do a major reconstruction of rational thought and adoption of a magical world view to wash away the guilt would be instructive?

    Are you an ex Pol Pot prison camp operator or did you keep an undersized trout?


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