Pardon My Lack of Interest

I find I’m not able to care too much about the coming NZ election. All the intrigue and scandal and prissy point scoring leaves me cold.

I just don’t see the point in worrying about whether Communist Party A or Communist Party B is the government. Either way, the outcome hardly changes.

4 thoughts on “Pardon My Lack of Interest

  1. I agree red, whatever happens in this farcical election communism will be the winner on the day. The socialist media get all wet in pants over an event most kiwis couldn’t give stuff about.
    Leeches, parasites, pathological liars and twisted egomaniacs do well in the sordid world of kiwi politics.
    Who would bother voting for such filth?


  2. Yep. It is what makes trying to read the blogs of Nationals two cyber stooges – Farrar and Slater, so tedious . . tit for tat mincing about what Phil Goff said with the odd post about queers getting married thrown in for good measure.


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