Martin Hirst- First Witness at Gillard/ Brown’s Stalinist “Media Inquiry”

Trotskyist Professor Martin Hirst is (fittingly and unsurprisingly) the first witness at Julia Gillard/ Bob Brown’s Kangaroo Court “Media Inquiry”. Proving once again what a disgusting and despicable Stalinist farce this event is.

Trevor Loudon profiles Hirst here. Some excerpts-

“self-proclaimed socialist Martin Hirst, declared (at an Auckland University journalism seminar) that journalism was not about reporting the world, but about changing the world.”

“Objectivity as a principle of journalism is no longer the holy grail.”

“My (Hirst’s) politics are in the tradition of international socialism.”

“Dr Hirst is listed as a contributor to the Australian Trotskyist website Marxist Interventions, where he is described thus; Martin Hirst has been active in socialist politics since 1975 and claims to have been the only Trotskyist to ever work in the federal press gallery as a journalist.”

What an affront to judicial process that this posturing Soviet Socialist academic thug is any kind of witness in any kind of “inquiry”.

I continue to observe this event with growing disbelief. Is this really happening in Australia, supposedly a free and democratic western society? The answer of course is yes. Under the government of the communist thugs Gillard and Brown, its going like a house on fire.

Trevor Loudon has a lot more on Hirst.

4 thoughts on “Martin Hirst- First Witness at Gillard/ Brown’s Stalinist “Media Inquiry”

  1. Oh dear redbaiter you are a tired old warhorse, recycling mulch from the cobwebby archives to boost your no nonsense approach to politics.
    If you knew anything at all you would know:
    a) that as a trotskyist I can not at the same time be a stalinist. You may recall that Stalin had Trotsky murdered in 1940, and
    b) that the Gillard government in Austraila is one of the most rightwing Labor governments this country has ever had.

    The end of the cold war (20 years ago mind) has left you with nothing you sad old relic


  2. Mr Hirst- The use of “Stalinist” in this context relates not to Stalin himself or his politics, but is more a metaphor for the kind of sinister kangaroo court style of inquisition that is the so called “inquiry”.

    The same kind of farcical judicial event that saw dissenters like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn “acccused of anti-Soviet propaganda under Article 58 paragraph 10 of the Soviet criminal code, and of “founding a hostile organization” under paragraph 11. Solzhenitsyn was taken to the Lubyanka prison in Moscow, where he was beaten and interrogated. On 7 July 1945, he was sentenced in his absence by Special Council of the NKVD to an eight-year term in a labor camp. This was the normal sentence for most crimes under Article 58 at the time.”

    “Stalinist” relates to the climate of fear that is generated by any ruling elite that seeks to suppress political dissent by means of state authorised terror and/ or bogus judicial processes.

    As for the cold war, there’s a communist in the White House and his troops are rallying in hundreds of cities in the US. The Reds aren’t under the bed Mr Hirst, they’re threatening violence all across the West and will no doubt soon be in our living rooms pointing guns at us.

    It’s what they always do.


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