Only 6%..??? FFS..!!!!

From the NZ Herald

Mr Morgan said only 6 per cent of drivers exceeded the speed limit by more than 10km/h, but they were “very high risk”.

Why then are we all constantly bombarded with anti-speed televison and radio commercials and billboards (in the rudest manner) when the target group is only 6% of drivers?

Under any mathematical analysis, if this is only directed at 6% of drivers, this would all seem an atrocious waste of money. It would also imply that speed is not the important factor in NZ’s road toll that the transport authorities claim.

Only bureaucrats and government could justify and get away with such extravagance and waste of taxpayer resources. Why isn’t Transport Minister Steven Joyce getting this department under control. It seems like they control him. Ever heard of “jobs for the boys” Mr. Joyce? Or “empire building”?

Damn self serving liars propagandists and thieves who should all be fired.

2 thoughts on “Only 6%..??? FFS..!!!!

  1. Well these are the same idiots that approved that stupid “Legend” ad. That’s suppose to deter people from driving drunk? Shut down the whole damn advertising campaign.


  2. NZ is flooded with over paid civil servants.

    Petty tyrants all competing for a slice of the money stolen from taxpayers and ready to commit to any untruth to ensure they obtain their share.


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