Peter Roebuck- A Slight Whiff of Fairfax and ABC Cover Up.

There is a lot more to come on this issue, but the way I’m reading it right now, it looks as if the Fairfax media group, and the ABC, who employed this guy as a writer and commentator, have been part of a cover up that should call the judgment of the management at these organisations into serious question.

5 thoughts on “Peter Roebuck- A Slight Whiff of Fairfax and ABC Cover Up.

  1. There are powerful forces behind cricket betting and the loss of 9 wickets for 21 runs has a nasty odour about it.

    Bob Woolmer was the coach of the Pakistani team when he met his untimely death, and there are some suspicions about the cause of the plane crash that led to Hansie Cronje’s death. The common link is betting and altering the outcomes of games.


  2. Well, there are rumours that Roebuck might be killed for stuff he wrote about Zimbabwe (I think), but that’s not the issue here.

    It’s something a lot more sinister.


  3. Here:

    PETER ROEBUCK: Did the ABC and Fairfax turn a blind eye to their own criminal sexual predator?

    ……We’d have thought the praise might have been best given in context given his form as a convicted criminal abuser of teenage lads in his care and the widespread gossip in media circles that Peter Roebuck was an exploitative sexual predator who used his money and clout to have his way with the poorest and most desperate of kids who wanted a way out of poverty and a chance to play cricket at an elite level that Roebuck was tempting them with.

    We’re not certain that pedophile is the right word for him technically, as we are only aware of him preying on kids above the age of consent, but his behaviour certainly sounds creepy, exploitative and disturbing and it seems that his employers at Fairfax and the ABC knew his form and knew that it continued until the present day.


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