A Photo That Captures The Cynicism and Shallowness of NZ’s Political Condition

Banks and Key smile for the cameras

As much as I despise the NZ Herald, I’ve got to give them credit for a great photograph. I don’t know if they realise it, but they’ve managed to capture the hopelessness, the cynicism, the fakery, the manipulation, the vulgarity of “journalism” (see them peering so lamely through the glass in the background) and the duplicity of the NZ political condition all in a single image.

These two grinning frauds sitting there in a staged event that was meant to signal something to the electorate regarding the political relationship between ACT and National.

John Key, who is rated a success because he turned National into Labour and John Banks, a desperate poseur who allowed himself to be completely defeated in the Auckland mayoralty by a useless liar and communist.

There are rumours they were bashing Brash. I would not be surprised one bit. For all his political naivete, Brash speaks truth, and truth is glaringly absent from this weak shallow example of political class / media contrivance and cynicism.

If these two grinning jerks are the only option we have other than Labour then God help us.

(Pity these two didn’t each have a gold tooth. That would have made it sublime.)

5 thoughts on “A Photo That Captures The Cynicism and Shallowness of NZ’s Political Condition

  1. The whole thing is fuckin stupid. This non-event is making headlines? Who gives a shit what they said on their tea party. Back to policy and away from bullshit.


  2. The media/ political class think we’re all idiots.

    Mind you, sometimes we give them good reason to think that.

    Like buying into this kind of contrived bullshit.


  3. Banks, what a disaster. His new “softer, more compassionate, more inclusive, less judgmental” persona didn’t get him very far against Len Brown did it ?


  4. We have two choices in this election and in 2014. We either have a National led government or a Labour led government. National will likely survive if the criminal action of the left cost ACT Epson but we will likely have a Labour led government in 2014 if ACT ceases to exist and end up the Greece of the South Pacific..


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