The Left’s New Strategy- Calling Hate Humour (Vote Conservative Party)

I have only been able to catch up with a bit of news lately, but funny thing was, on each occasion, it involved an example of left wing hate and or intolerance, and in each case, the left were trying to excuse this behaviour by claiming it as “humour”.

I saw the coward who has been alleged responsible for defacing hundreds of National Party billboards saying that those objecting to this were bereft of any sense of humour. Frankly, I have never seen cowardice as humorous. This disgusting little commie dirtbag carried out the vandalism under cover of darkness. It wasn’t funny, it was merely a cowardly attempt to smear.

I saw Bill Maher on the View viciously attacking the one so called “right winger” on the show (Elizabeth Hasselbeck) with disgusting smears. Maher sells himself as a comedian. He’s not really. He’s too much of a coward to admit what he really is. A far left Democrat who uses his media prominence to advance the leftist cause and smear the right. I don’t find Maher funny at all. To me he’s disgusting low life, but Maher takes the same tack as the watermelon coward above, and attempts to camouflage his venom by calling it humour.

Finally, I clicked on Kiwiblog late last night and saw an article on the Conservative Party with the tag “satire”. It was an attempt to link the Conservative Party with extremist Islamists.

Get off the grass Farrar. It wasn’t “satire”. It was just another vicious left wing smear disguised as humour. The intent was clear. The growing popularity of the Conservative Party is worrying National and something must be done to stop it.

So of course if you thought you might like to vote for the Conservatives, but just needed something to drag you over the line, here it is. Voting for the Conservatives will really piss the fake right wing (Like Farrar) off.

You want to get under the skin of those left wing losers who have turned National into the Labour Party (while the Labour party has moved even further left)?

You want to express your disgust at left wingers trying to disguise hate and intolerance as humour?

Vote Conservative.

9 thoughts on “The Left’s New Strategy- Calling Hate Humour (Vote Conservative Party)

  1. Farrar started his attack on the Conservatives weeks ago when he called their economic policies “Muldoonist”, thinking it would drive people away. Funny thing is there are plenty of people my parents’ age (60/70) (a large proportion of the Rodney constituency) who remember NZ as a better place back then and would love to turn back the clock!

    That the agents of the Left, in Farrar and Slater, are attacking the Conservatives indicates their own numbers must show Craig doing well in Rodney, and it’s scaring them.


  2. GG, Craig is not doing well in Rodney despite push polling. I see Winston is at 4.9% in the latest poll. Whatever one thinks of a Key Led government a Labour led government would have us end up like Greece. There is not room for two parties right of centre economically – one conservative and one libertarian.

    Craig and Larry Baldock should have joined ACT. They still will have the chance after the election if ACT exists after the damage done by Perigo and some half wit libertarians in the ACT party whose most important issues are legalising cannabis and homosexual adoption.

    It would be great if a few more conservatives would join ACT and not be scared of challenging the extreme libertarians who appear to worship Ayn Rand like Muslims worship some dead paedophile.


  3. Great comment Chuck, but I would flip it around. I would have said Banks should have cut Brash loose and joined up with Craig and Baldock. Leave ACT to the Leftertarians and hopeless social liberals like Heine and Cactus and join up with the Conservatives.

    Your continued attacks on the Conservatives strengthen my belief there must be some (non-Conservative, non-pushed) numbers out there giving you, and the Nats and Liarbore the absolute shits.

    Incidentally, I’m sure the Conservatives would be grateful for your help, if you want to ditch the ship that somehow manages to torpedo itself, and join a properly Conservative group!


  4. “.It would be great if a few more conservatives would join ACT and not be scared of challenging the extreme libertarians ..”
    Why on earth would they bother, when a conservative party now exists, sans all that baggage?


  5. I’ve thought about voting for Conservatives but I’m not too sure on some of their candidates. For example, Jack Chen, who was leader of the short lived “New Citizen’s Party”. A party that was only interested in representing Chinese.


  6. The Conservatives are looking better every day. So much so that I’m tempted to overturn an earlier personal decision to not vote in this election.


  7. I’ve been looking for a party to use to register a protest vote. The Conservative Party are looking more likely every day. I hope they realize just how dirty and concerted the smears and attacks will become once they appear in the progressive radar


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