The Left- Dobbing People In For Thought Crimes (Like They’ve Done Throughout History)

The Patriot Act has its supporters and its detractors say its an affront to freedom.

Ron Paul hates it. Newt Gingrich says its important not to mix measures to fight terrorism with normal criminal law and processes.

Yesterday in the US Secret Service agents acting under the auspices of the Homeland Security visited a business owner who had been reported to the FBI as “a threat to National security”.

What did the business owner do to earn the attention of the Secret Service?

He put signs on his trucks saying he would not be hiring any new workers until Obama was gone from the Presidency.

Businessman Bill Looman made it clear that he is not refusing to hire to make some political point; it’s that he doesn’t believe he can hire anyone, because of the economy. And he blames the Obama administration.

“The way the economy’s running, and the way my business has been hampered by the economy, and the policies of the people in power, I felt that it was necessary to voice my opinion, and predict that I wouldn’t be able to do any hiring,” he said.

After reading the signs, some slimy little Obama sycophant reported him to the FBI. A completely false report, but it still resulted in a vist by the Secret Service.

“The Secret Service left here, they were in a good mood and laughing,” Looman said.

Yep, this time they were. It might have been different if the agents were Obama supporters, or politically corrupt like the police exampled here. (Hat tip to CR again)

Right now, all over the globe, the left are attacking free speech, and in most cases, they’re using the power of government to do so. This particular case was an example of just how low these scum will go to silence criticism of their totalitarian ideology.

To anyone who has studied the history of the left, these events are no surprise. All the left need is opportunity, and they will incrementally take almost every freedom we have. Misusing or abusing the law, or making false allegations to intimidate their political opponents is something they’ve always been very good at.

8 thoughts on “The Left- Dobbing People In For Thought Crimes (Like They’ve Done Throughout History)

  1. Look at what’s being done to the National Party election hoardings, the organized campaign of vandalism has stepped up a few notches from last election. Easily, 75% of the National signs in my area were damaged within days of going up (John Key’s mouth being cut out of the image) . . . and the Nats are a soft-left party.

    But that’s the thing with these commies, they’ve been indoctrinated to believe that their cause is the height of nobility so in their minds anything is justified. It’s the same mindset that led to the Khmer Rouge footsoldiers slaughtering their own citizens face to face with bamboo shards when the bullets ran out.


  2. We’re much closer to totalitarianism than most people realise. Those in power have the will, they have the means and they have some very powerful allies.
    There’s a mindset all over the West which says those Khmer Rouge soldiers and their predecessors, the Nazis and Stalinists and Maoists were somehow uniquely evil people. They weren’t. The line between good and evil runs through each and every individual, and individuals may be co-opted and coerced to take up service in aid of a totalitarian regime by all manner of means.
    A job (TSA workers, anyone?), the need to protect a family, fear of being made a non-person by the bureaucracy….the list goes on. Perfectly ordinary people end up doing extraordinarily evil things towards their neighbours and fellow-countrymen. The Stasi, after all, only ever numbered a few thousand people. What they did in East Germany was made possible by a vast network of ordinary people who became informants, mostly out of fear of being denounced themselves.
    Raise a few generations ignorant of history, break the bonds of community by playing on racial and philosophical differences…and the mechanism is in place.


  3. Hey just curious the views on this site. That 1936 Nat party principles … is that it? You say there are no true right wing parties – Paul hates it, Gingrich likes it, both GOPer’s blah – what kind of party values would you want?

    Just curious (and pig ignorant) – ta!


  4. ccc- We were Tea Partiers before there was the Tea Party.

    Politically, I want small almost unnoticeable gummint.

    I’d cut NZ back to 20 MPs (maybe that is even too much) and introduce a Constitution that prevents its growing larger and limits it to spending within a specified annual budget. That budget would probably be one tenth of what it is today. (again, maybe even that is too much)

    Gummint should look after defence of the realm, (ie Army Navy Air force) and Justice (police force, courts, prisons) and keep a few records. Nothing further. Its primary purpose should be to protect the individual and property rights of NZ citizens.

    On a cultural level, I would like to see NZ reject the Marxist/ Progressive model we have pursued for the last four of five decades, and return to NZ’s original culture of individual self reliance rather than collectivist dependency.


  5. 1. ccc- We were Tea Partiers before there was the Tea Party.

    Yeah hey thanks.
    Pure libertarianism right? Yup read something on this in the 90’s – Perrigo setting up his vanished party if I remember. Defence, police, infrastructure. All about nation and trade protection. Not a lot else. Guess the difficulty is coming to accept how, say, Muldoon was ‘Marxist’. Little hard to get to grips with that – hearing for the first time … very hard actually – you must know how alien that sounds to the unwashed? 🙂 And socially? Social libertarians with Christian conservatives? How did that mix without a nuke meltdown? And socialism? What’s the MAJOR prob with it? – me grandfather said fascism didn’t look too grand AFter D-Day either … Sorry – bit empty, all basic 101 to you guys I guess, interesting to hear of this lot for the first time.
    Oh and is ACT to your satisfaction? Or LITERALLY none of them. Guess none?
    Thankyou 4 ur previous reply!


  6. “Pure libertarianism right? ”
    You’re an ignorant troll and I recognise the technique. If this were my blog I’d have a simple message for you: Fuck off.


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