TV3 Biased.. What???

I’m non-plussed by Karl Du Fresne’s sudden realisation that TV3 might be biased. Myself, and most readers of this blog have known this for years, and have now reached the stage where we just don’t mention it anymore given its so much the norm.

In another aspect to this discussion, there’s talk all over the place about how the Greens have increased their vote share so remarkably.

There’s a few reasons for that, and one of them is undoubtedly that Labour are increasingly seen as a bunch of desperate losers. Another is that the Greens have been brainwashing school kids for years, and those poor little Hitler Jugen, deprived of a real education for the sake of political expediency, are now reaching voting age.

However one of biggest influences in the swing to the Watermelons has been the mainstream media, who have for years been enthusiastically producing their own localised versions of “The Green Left Weekly”.

For years now they’ve been relentlessly pushing the environmental barrow. Lying and exaggerating on environmental issues with gay abandon. The warming globe, rising sea levels, melting ice caps, species die out, pollution everywhere, the threat of “big oil”.. All just the worst kind of dishonest propaganda and all designed to improve the political position of the Watermelons.

The left have realised that environmentalism is a faster ticket to power than their normal undisguised wealth redistribution policies, and as usual, their media friends are doing all they can to assist.

The NZ Herald, TV3 and TV One, The Dominion, RNZ (most blatantly) almost every media outlet in NZ has been flat out doing Watermelon propaganda.

TV3 is the tip of the iceberg Karl. We’re being lied to and conned by these schemers at a rate that has never before been equalled. The NZ mainstream media is mostly a communist front, and a vicious and cowardly stain upon the democratic process.

Problem is most NZers don’t know it, because they don’t have a more honest section of news media to compare it with. They don’t even know how bad it is, and that they’re drowning in a sea of lies.

The Watermelons are heading for record numbers in parliament, and its mostly because of the work of their despicable lying media agents. A disgusting abuse and perversion of democracy.

For the sake of freedom, NZ badly needs a news outlet that will confront the Green Left domination of our current media. TV3 Karl, is just the tip of the iceberg.

12 thoughts on “TV3 Biased.. What???

  1. Farrar reckons that there is no systematic or ideological bias by the TV3 journos, it’s just that they’re engaging in tabloid style sensationalism. When will that sniveling fool ever learn? (yeah, I know. Never)

    Look at how the media have given the Greens a complete pass on the election hoardings defacement issue – Comrade Norman’s Executive Assistant knew about it for TWO MONTHS and the lot of ’em get taken at their word, when on the other hand the Brethren and teapot tapes stories are force fed oxygen two weeks prior to the election? No bias ? C’mon.

    This may be the last time the National Party holds the treasury benches if they don’t wise up to what they’re dealing with – from inside and out I might add.


  2. Yes, the example of the Brethren and the Green’s billboard defacement is a good example of bias.

    If it had been Brash’s assistant doing the defacing you would never have heard the end of it.

    Because it’s Comrade Norman- silence.

    Farrar in his inability to really fight the left is a good example of exactly why they have been winning for so long. Completely in denial.


  3. You have to hand it to the Greens. Their saving the planet ploy to get control of the hearts and minds is clever. After all who wants to be know as the person who shot Bambi?


  4. Excellent post Redbaiter.
    And so well timed as the Climategate 2 emails come to light, confirming further dodgniness from the warmists.
    But does it get a mention on the tv news?


  5. It seems every day that there is another Climate change/global warming story in one MSM outlet or another.
    As you say it is constant free advertising for the UN/leftist/Green/ngo mandate.

    Today in my ODT “South Dunedin flood zone”…… alow lying former swamp threatened by sea level rise etc…..more money ….etc
    On the TV news the other day the fricken polar bears are starving again due to “late ” ice in Hudson bay…….
    ABC had something alarmist too (when don’t they)

    It’s constant,unrelenting and un questioned.It has become propaganda and Goebbels would be proud of them.


  6. Red,
    Bolt is one of my favourites.
    I first came across him a few years ago .He was putting the facts about Hicks in a TV interview while some lefty prick was vociferously defending Hicks being in Afghanistan, shooting into Pakistan etc
    I thought of Bolt ,wow an honest,common sense pro western person involved in journalism,what a rarity.
    And surprise ,surprise,like Steyn in Canada he too has been prosecuted(persecuted) in our freedom loving west.


  7. Yep, that’s so right.

    One guy in the media who dares to tell the truth, up against the thousands of left wing propagandists, and they do all they can to use the powers of government to shut him down.

    Just so Stalinist and so cowardly and so disgusting, yet in most journalistic circles, they approve.

    Shows just how politically corrupt the profession has become.


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