Key Wins- And Immediately The Betrayals Continue

In his victory speech last night John Key stated he would be asking the racist Maori Party to join him on the government benches.

The National Party’s traditional position has always been (until lately) that all New Zealanders are equal before the law.

Before the last election, Key strongly suggested he would abolish the separate Maori electorates.

As Don Brash points out in his letter below, while in government, Key has-

– retained the privileged position of Maori under various statutes

– ratified the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (which even Helen Clark refused to do)

– created an unelected Maori Advisory Board for Auckland

– created a special Maori advisory committee for the Environmental Protection Authority

– made no moves to abolish separate Maori electorates

– pushed through the Marine and Coastal Area Bill, despite having pledged to pull the Bill if it did not have broad public support – which it certainly did not.

And now, without really needing to, he again invites this gang of racists to join him in government. Watch for the corruption and racist cronyism to really take off.

Well done New Zealand.

9 thoughts on “Key Wins- And Immediately The Betrayals Continue

  1. Shameful indeed. Given what Key has allowed to happen over the last 3 years, it’s pretty damn scary to think how further toward separatism NZ could go. The 1% Maori Party trying so very hard to establish their parasitic state within the state.

    On TV3 he was also talking about approaching the watermelons to do a deal. Why did this poser ever join up to the National Party when he goes against so many of the core principals it was founded on.


  2. fun and fucking games until daddy takes the t bird away…. or in NZ’s case, till China implodes and our credit card gets rejected.


  3. I wonder if Adolf would care to tell us again what he repeatedly said in the run-up to the elections which turfed Clark out–that Key, by not articulating clear policies, was playing a long, deep game “to avoid scaring the horses” before making fundamental changes to NZ’s welfare culture and buraucracies?
    He stands exposed as an unprincipled or deeply foolish Nats cheerleader. (along with the rest of them over at No Minister).


  4. How can the majority of New Zealand vote in a man and party like this again, everyone I have spoken to and everyone I know wanted a change, and also mmp gone!!! yet the votes showed different, and through it all Key never flinched seems to me it was a forgone conclusion long before the election, smells of a control conspiracy to me.
    Either way before the election we were stuffed and now we are totally fu***** stuffed.
    Sad day for Nz.


  5. The first thing I thought was that Jonkey would be able to say goodbye to the racist party and separate development.Then he said he had spoken to Tarryarounda.My heart sunk.
    Are there any National MP’s with the gutz to stand up and say no enough?.Can Banks stop separatist decisions being made and stop this constitution move?
    Keep the pressure on!


  6. “In his victory speech last night John Key stated he would be asking the racist Maori Party to join him on the government benches.”

    And absolutely no surprises here from this punter. The traitorous Key was always going to go into coalition with the Separatist Party. He set the precedent last election when he did the same without needing to. Key still has more treasonous policies he needs implement against non-Maori New Zealanders, and he needs the Maori Party there to justify those future betrayals. Mark my words, he hasn’t finished yet; if we thought it was bad last election cycle wait for what’s in store for us this round.

    Key should be hung, drawn, and quartered for the betrayals to date he has wrought on the New Zealand populace!


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