John Banks- Say No To Key’s Maori Coalition

Admirably, the ACT Party has constantly promoted the maxim “one law for all”.

John Banks throughout his political and public career has always expressed contempt for concepts that granted special treatment to Maori.

The Maori Party is a despicable racist stain on NZ’s democracy, and the people made their dissaproval plain on Saturday night. The party receives less than 3% support among NZers who choose to self identify as Maori, and less than 2% support overall.

John Key prostrated himself at the feet of these racist separatists during his last term, and as a consequence, NZ is split culturally like never before. Even Maori move to Australia to get away from NZ’s cultural problems. Yet Key continues to blindly embrace this country splitting gang of self enriching racists.

Now, after last night’s election, the soft weak compromiser Key once again seeks an alliance with this disgusting group. The only political group in NZ based on race (apart from its spinoff Mana) and basing its political direction on race and acting in the parliament in a racist manner and pushing legislation that is racist. Splitting this country asunder culturally.

John Banks and the ACT Party are in a position to stop this by refusing to support National if they seek any kind of alliance with the Maori Party.

The Maori Party must be consigned to the dustbins of history, and this will not happen as long as the treacherous Key keeps giving them oxygen.

Banks needs to step up to the plate for once in his life, walk the walk instead of just talking it, and tell John Key NO MAORI PARTY if he wants ACT’s support.

Why the hell should Key invite a gang of racists with practically no public support to be part of his government?

ACT can stop it. If they are ever going to amount to anything as a political party then now is the time. If John Banks is ever going to be what he says he is, then now is the time.

I ask all who read this post to publicise the concept as much as possible. Get the message out there. Make sure Banks and ACT hear it.

John Banks must stop Key’s pathetic and misguided plan to promote a party of racists and separatists and who seek Maori (or race based) Sovereignty. Racist power over every other NZer.

Time for ACT to show it believes in itself and for Banks to grow some balls.

9 thoughts on “John Banks- Say No To Key’s Maori Coalition

  1. “Why the hell should Key invite a gang of racists with practically no public support to be part of his government?”
    In order to join his friend Clark at the U.N..


  2. If Banks does not do this he is marked as the biggest hypocrite in the new government.

    Just a big talking blustering coward who has never had the damn guts to act as he speaks.

    Just more of the same old same old duplicitous two faced political scum.


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  4. Whilst agreeing with you in general chaps, it does seem a little difficult to claim that Key should not involve the Maori Party as they have practically no public support, given that they actually have more support than ACT.


  5. Well, I can’t speak for the other “chaps”, but your point is a little off topic.

    The main issue with the Maori Party is that they are a raced base group, and the National Party claims to be against racism. An alliance with the Maori Party therefore should be out of the question.

    However if you want to make percentage of the votes the issue, then you’re right. ACT don’t have a mandate to be in government with only 1% of the vote.

    On a more basic level, I think they’re a complete bunch of navel gazing progressive wankers, and that’s why (if I was PM) I wouldn’t want them.


  6. Umm you say Maori Party have basically no support? Don’t they have more support than ACT? just saying.


  7. Way to watch the whole point of the post go sliding on by you, Charlotte. Please allow me to lay it out…The Maori Party is anathema to good democratic principles. They openly advocate separtism based on racial heritage and are, as such, a party of racism.

    John Key professes to oppose racism, yet cuddles up to the Maori Party. Ergo, he is not a person of principle.

    The ACT Party, represented by John Banks, have long advocated ‘One Law For All’. If Mr Banks is to abide by the principles of the party he represents, he must refuse to go into a government (by accepting a Ministry) which includes the Maori Party.

    See, it’s actually quite easy and is completely irrelevant to how unpopular are either the Maori Party or ACT. It would matter not a jot if ACT had 15% and the Maori Party 3%. ACT should, in order to remain true to its principles, refuse to go into a government (any government) which includes the Maori Party.


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