Key and Joyce Not Really So Clever

The hoo hah continues over John Key’s “brilliant” Steven Joyce engineered election victory.

Left out of the equation is the dismal defeat of the proposition to review the MMP voting system. Failure to change this system will have dire consequences for future governments, the Nationals in particular.

Key and the Nats should have campaigned more visibly and enthusiastically for change. That they did not must have been a strategy decision by the Nats’ tactical team. Primarily I would guess Steven Joyce and John Key.

They obviously thought that pushing any viewpoint on MMP would distract from the election campaign.

IMHO, a stupid and short sighted decision. MMP is a senseless and destructive voting system and will bog NZ’s governments down in unworkable coalitions for decades. It should have been replaced and almost any of the proffered systems would have been better, even FPP.

In fact National will be hard pressed to find any coalition partner at the next election.

Joyce and Key’s poorly chosen strategy has locked NZ into decades of political uncertainty and will hamper the survival of the National government. Key might have changed that if he had had the nerve to push the issue during the campaign.

Not clever. Just real dumb I reckon.

(Note: This appraisal based on current voting. I don’t expect any big changes in the final tally.)

14 thoughts on “Key and Joyce Not Really So Clever

  1. Not me. I read the CV’s of those new MP’s you put up the other day. . . what a conga line of freaks. Those fruitcakes together with Labour in power would finally collapse the place. It astounds me as to how these people are evenly remotely qualified to be in Parliament, they have done nothing outside of a bullshit marxism-on-campus education, political activism and sitting around on committees waiting to be handed a cushy public sector job.


  2. Yep, only people completely lacking any grasp on commercial reality (or any reality) could elect these useless pricks, (see the minimal votes they garnered when they did stand in electorates) and Key and the National should have done far more to advocate for a more selective voting system.

    This was our once chance, and we didn’t take it, and we’re stuck with this crap now for who knows how long.


  3. One of the new Watermelons was on the TV last night and blatterring on about how nice if the deaf one gets in on the specials.And how wonderful the diversity etc will be. Key also talks of this “benefit” we get from MMP,ie diversity.
    I don’t give a shit about diversity.Parliament is about political represention. But these people have turned it into their circus,where they display their “values”genders ethnicity,colours etc and now disabilities (if you’re allowed to say that any more)
    The media have given the Greens another easy ride as commentators have noted the deliberate playing down of them of their radical agenda in order to court more votes ,but they also note that agenda is still very much alive.I would call that deceit, but of course the media won’t call it as it is,unless you’re white, from the right and want one law for all, in which case a crusade to make you unelectable will be un leashed .

    Talking of diversity. Here’s an interesting court case from Queenstown where some poor girl has had a thrashing from her immigrant Dad for being a normal young New Zealander. The judges’ comments are if you come here you learn and share our values (whatever they are) He mustn’t have got the memo to say we are now multicultural. I thought we were meant to celebrate the diversity that immigration gives us!


  4. Left out of the equation is the dismal defeat of the proposition to review the MMP voting system.

    The “review” of MMP (by the Electoral Commission, I think) will go ahead (assuming “keep MMP” wins after all votes are counted, which, as you say, it probably will).


  5. The irony of leftwingers (collectivists) in advocating for diversity is in how they perpetually divide society under different labels and treat each group as entirely homogenous: as either perpetrators or victims, typically. The usual divide-and-conquer strategy of the left, of course….

    Amazing that it’s so successful, but I suppose there’s certain appeal in being a victim…:

    Moral superiority over your “oppressor”:
    –Moral vacuity leaves empty so many of those attracted to the appeals of the left. Though life is often just plain unfair, they invent perpetrated evils and demonise the perpetrators wherever there is mere inequality.

    Excuse for mediocrity:
    –“Mediocre teachers should be paid the same as the others! Excellence in others is unfair!” Equality of mediocrity, not promotion of excellence, is seen as desirable. (See: Socialism)

    Identity & Purpose:
    –The left can’t move on even when it’s time to move on. Wish they’d get over themselves already, but Blacks, like Sharpton and women, like Steinem are still whining and blaming all the wrong things. You’d think they’d learn, but that would require rethinking Everything… including why 2+2 = 5. Steinem, et al, are doing their best to find something to complain about – and it’s all about them: it’s got nothing to do with treatment of women in Islam or sex selection abortion, for example. See: “moral vacuity”, above

    Please, go on.


  6. Totally agree LDW. Cheer up Red three years is a long time and world looks increasingly unstable. A country that struggles to maintain the basic needs of the people will probably not tolerate a political system that resembles pigs at the trough. We may be looking at a totally different beast come 2014.


  7. Thanks ssb.

    I also meant to say (further to the ‘irony’ point): Conservatives advocate for the individual: the smallest minority of all! And also the most diverse collection of minorities you can subdivide society as…


  8. So Keyster is rewarding failed Liarbore politicians again… what is with this guy? He rewards the thieving socialist gits every time one of them just thinks about leaving Molesworth St. We should be able to rejoice the bastards are finally off the state tit, but no, he has another fucking gravy train for them to suckle from, if the ex-Parliamentarians’ Superannuation and perks regime weren’t enough.


  9. “”There’s absolutely no question that Phil Goff has represented New Zealand very well on the world stage in his role as both defence minister and trade minister so I wouldn’t rule that out.”
    This is the same Goff who was pictured holding hands with the terrorist Arafat?


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