Herman Cain Sunk By Corrupt Left Media Who Conceal All Of Obama’s Past

Herman Cain out of presidential race as a result of revelations about his private life.

No such scrutiny applied to Barack Obama during his presidential run.

More proof that the media are the left. The true enemies of freedom are not so much the left wing political parties. They are only the back room boys.

The real left wing are the crooks who say they are journalists and fill the editor’s and reporter’s desks at most of the west’s major mainstream media outlets.

Electing Barack Obama to be President of the US was a strategic plan developed by the global left, and a big part of the strategy was the infiltration of the media by left wing agents.

Who rummaged through Sarah Plain’s garbage while they simultaneously defended Barack Obama against every legitimate inquiry concerning his past.

Journolist was only one example of the political corruption of the media that was exposed. That corruption is deeper and more widespread than ever, and it is now almost impossible to root these left wing scum out.

The media is a cowardly stinking and corrupt entity that has to be renewed if freedom and democracy is ever to have a real political chance. Take these corrupt communist scum posing as journalists down.

Don’t buy their newspapers. Don’t advertise in them. Same for their TV stations. The media is our enemy and Herman Cain’s withdrawal is more evidence of that obvious fact.

Do not forget.

The media is our most deadly enemy. They must be defeated if true democracy is ever to prevail again.

8 thoughts on “Herman Cain Sunk By Corrupt Left Media Who Conceal All Of Obama’s Past

  1. It is even worse than this RB. Understanding who funds the media and know that they their hand on every aspect of media, including allegedly conservative talk. Everything that Salem Broadcasting has come to own (Radio network, Townhalll, HotAir), is as suspect to me as the NYT, WaPo, Bloomberg. Newscorp only allows its few truly on the right so much leeway, as with Glenn Beck forced to use the birther term before he was let go.


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