Kiwiblog- “Banks Most Effective ACT Minister Ever”

National’s propaganda blog has declared John Banks as the “most effective ACT Minister ever”.

In other words, in order to get John Bank’s support, John Key had to yield to a number of demands. To wit-

A Regulatory Standards Bill to be enacted into law within 12 months, based on Option 5 in this paper.

A spending limit law to be introduced within 24 months so that expenditure (excluding benefits, disasters, interest) can not increase by more than the annual rate of population growth and inflation. This is a huge win.

RMA reform so there is only one unitary plan per district

Trial charter schools in South Auckland so private and community groups (including Iwi) can establish schools that compete with existing schools, and receive funding on a per child basis

And these demands exceed anything ACT has ever won in the past.

Funny that. A week or so ago Banks was saying he had “no bottom lines“. Suddenly Key is forced to surrender to a series of complex demands that apparently just came out of the blue, and were not ever mentioned as ACT priorities or policies before the election.

Yet apparently the issue that Banks has railed about all of his radio career, being the special treatment of Maoris, didn’t even make the discussion table.

These pathetic cynical opportunists take us for fools readers.

One thought on “Kiwiblog- “Banks Most Effective ACT Minister Ever”

  1. So far a big disappointment.The one unitary plan per District does not even make sense but that shows how many politicians don’t even understand local government.If Banks had demanded the removal of clauses in the Local Government Act that allow councils to do anything they like, the so-called ‘power of general competence’ , then that would have been a big step.
    That and the understanding that there should be no seats set aside for a certain race!


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