NZ Herald- Suddenly There’s A Conservative Party?

I had to laugh to read the Herald’s editorial suggesting John Banks should join the Conservative Party.

Before the election, one would have to be forgiven for thinking that nobody at the Herald even knew the Conservative Party existed.

Still the party collected 2.7% of the vote. More than the other small parties that the Herald did write about.

I think the 55,000 NZers who voted for the Conservative Party know well enough what the NZ Herald is, and just how much value to give to the opinions of the collection of urban commies who write the editorials for that scurrilous socialist fish wrap.

8 thoughts on “NZ Herald- Suddenly There’s A Conservative Party?

  1. Really galling that the conservatives collected 2.8% and get no seats while Maori, Mana, and United Front each got a seat with less than half that percentage.
    Just shows that MMP is not a perfect system.


  2. Yes, its a well made point.

    Makes one wonder what might have happened had National chosen not to run a candidate against Craig in Rodney.

    National are a collection of Socialists and Progressives. who fear the Conservative Party almost to the same degree as Labour.


  3. This election was a launching pad for the Conservatives. I suspect (I’m not connected in any way) they’ve surprised themselves with how well they did. I also suspect they will be a (minor) force to be reckoned with in 2014. They will bleed a few pissed-off Nats once the quisling Key cozies up to the apartheid party again, and I also think they’ll take plenty off Winston as well, when the true colours come back out.


  4. Of course the Herald would like to see Banks join the Conservatives–the addition of a duplicitous opportunist handbrake could only weaken them.
    Yesterday’s man, like Hide a discredited brand, and something a new party surely doesn’t need.


  5. And it occurs to me that the biggest danger for the party will be to allow the media to pick and choose its candidates and policies. Which is the technique the lying leftist MSM in America uses to cripple the Republicans. The party becomes so afraid of the media that it steers a careful course around issues and policies the media deem unacceptable.


  6. I was shocked when watching the election night coverage at how little coverage they were getting, I was expected about 1% – 1.5%, yet the vote kept going up through the night, yet NONE of the commentators spoke about it at all.

    It was an excellent result for them and they only need to attract 2.2% of the 54% of people who voted for the Nats or Winston First to get 6 MPs in Parliament.


  7. You’re missing the point.

    In the non-National right at this election:

    * 7% Winston First is a “Conservative” party – it certainly appeals to older Kiwis
    * 3% Conservative
    * 1% ACT
    * 1% Dunny

    This was with National at 48%. For all the crap about “NZ is centre-LEFT” — that’s true of a few landmark polices (most obviously nukes)” — but there was at least 60% of the vote clearly to the Right of Labour/Greens/Mana.

    Assuming National loses voters next time, it seems reasonable that the would spill equally to the left (Labour/Greens) and the right (this bloc).

    There’s easily a solid 10% at least for a couple of conservative parties in NZ. ACT often got over 9% previously. Frankly, they’d be better of in one bigger party, but two parties (social conservative, i.e. WF & CCF (Colin Craig First)) and (economically liberal i.e. Ruth Richardsons’ ACT) would also be fine.

    but all this misses the point. Key has a spending cap. That alone will mean 20 BILLION cut off spending in the next term. And it just keeps going and going and going…


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