Farrar- A Good Used Car Salesman?

A while ago there was legislation introduced to compel advertisers to refrain from using the word “free” in their TV commercials when the item they were advertising was not really free.

Such as when you bought a second hand car, you received a “free” TV. In reality, the cost of the TV was added on to the purchase price of the car, so it was not free. Such advertising was considered deceptive and therefore banned.

Yet politicians frequently advertise taxpayer funded services as “free”. Peter Dunne’s “deal” with National includes a commitment to investigate the viability of a “free” annual health check for over 65s.

I read the actual release. Dunne has written “no charge”. Farrar, like the good little Nat salesman he is, enthusiastically converted this to “free”.

Either way its wrong. The phrase that should be used is “taxpayer funded”. Or even “productive sector funded”.

If its good enough to prosecute used car salesmen, it should be good enough to prosecute politicians and their friends for the same deceptive crapola.

14 thoughts on “Farrar- A Good Used Car Salesman?

  1. Can see Farrar as a used car salesman.He could pop out from behind the BMW’s.
    ” I can asure you the PM has sat in this one.A great buy”
    Think he even looks a bit like a BMW.


  2. It’s amazing the gall the politicians have to set one set of rules for them and another for everyone else. The ability of American Congressmen to profit from insider trading in the USA at the moment being a prime example.


  3. The phrase that should be used is “bludger”

    bludger annual health check for over 65s
    bludger schools
    bludger GP visits
    bludger Hospital care
    SuperBludgeCard (or perhaps BludgerGoldCard)
    Interest Bludger Loans
    Bludger Compensation Corporation
    UnlimitedBludgingBroadband (or is that Unlimited Fast Bludging)
    Bludgeseeker’s Allowance

    welcome to New Bludgeland.

    If its good enough to prosecute used car salesmen, it should be good enough to prosecute Budgers and their friends for their Bludging!.

    On 50% of the vote, Key could have made bludging a criminal offense.


  4. They’ve been doing that (profiting from their contacts) forever, PFZ.
    And given the power of incumbency (almost all get re-elected, year after year) they have a lifetime ticket to the trough.


  5. I’m halfway through Ian Wishart’s Daylight Robbery – the (legal at the time!) insider trading that went on in the 80s & 90s was scary stuff . I guess they (the pollies) are just a bit more subtle these days.


  6. Get a grip. the 80s got rid of a lot of govt liabilties without having to pay for ’em. Fay, Richwhite and the rest are high-worth individuals and deserved every cent. Unlike damn bludgers.

    If I were Key – figuring Labour is in next time – I’d shout 20 BILLION HOLE and proceed to sell of everything I fucking well could, schools, roads, hospitals, trains for scrap, airspace, embassies, the entire fucking lot.

    NewBludgeLand can’t afford – and simply doesn’t deserve – all that shit build on the backs of high-worth Kiwis and borrowed chinese BILLIONS.

    As the Chinese economic minister said to Europe last month “Of course we’re not going to bail out those bludging scum

    Any Kiwi who works only 60 hours a week and thinks they work hard –get a fucking grip


  7. As an aside, I see from your sidebar (I don’t visit his troll-infested cesspool any longer) he’s mocking NZ First MP Prosser’s proposal to arm certain members of society (I think it’s cab-drivers, dairy owners and some others). Typical liberal pillow-biter doesn’t understand the difference between citizens and subjects (although the idea of Big Bruv with a gun is about as terri-fucking-fying as it gets).

    Completely O/T: Funny … when TSHTF it’s the progressive liberals like him (who have worked against the Right all this time, cuddling up to their leftist bedfellows and offering up our liberties like lover’s favours) who will be running to those who refused to give up their arms … And in that day, those patriots will say unto the liberals “I never knew you”. 🙂


  8. I think NZ First’s result on election night (and the Conservatives) genuinely surprised them. Barely a mention of the latest four additions to that conga line of freaks in the Greens though.


  9. “And in that day, those patriots will say unto the liberals “I never knew you”.
    On that day, this lover of liberty will say to them “there you are, you bastard–I know you”…
    A nanosecond before squeezing the trigger. 🙂


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