David Cunliffe- Separatist

In his own words-

Nanaia Mahuta is a senior colleague who is known across the whole caucus for her integrity and good judgment. She offers deep insights into Maori society and has a strong network of contacts into Iwi and Iwi organisations as well as an intimate knowledge of post-settlement Maori renaissance. Together I believe that we would model a modern treaty relationship at the highest levels of the Labour Party.

This is just typical left wing code for pandering to “Maori” and slandering Europeans. Don’t be fooled. If Cunliffe is elected leader of the Labour Party its another step towards the racism and apartheid that has split this country culturally as it has never been split before.

Cunliffe in the above paragraph endorses the propaganda that Maori suffered genocidal assault under colonial rule and all other New Zealanders should therefore prostrate themselves at the feet of those claiming to be Maori today and beg for forgiveness. A destructive view fixed on a false and distorted past when we need to look forward.

If he ever makes PM, it will mean more massive sums of taxpayer money wasted on racism and separatism.

Cunliffe is a red nappy baby born of communist parents. There has never been a thought enter his head that has not got there as a result of a lifelong exposure to and deep submergence in leftist propaganda.

Cunliffe’s unremitting extreme left wing approach to governance is bad enough. Supplemented by racism and separatism it is a mix that would be politically fatal to New Zealand.

One thought on “David Cunliffe- Separatist

  1. And we thought the smarmy Maharey was a sleazebag until another one of Aunty Helen’s indoctrinated robots appears in the leader arena. Meanwhile Aunty Helen and Heather pull the strings of the Cunliffe puppet, as Peter spins homosexual propaganda at a communist university stewing on the fact he can’t visit her dyke Ms in the big bad apple. All remnants of the Klarkula era should be serving time in prison for crimes against the state. Everybody knows the sordid truth about the disgusting behaviour of the scum that go by the name politician. Liars and parasitic worthless idiots the whole lot of em.
    As for that Mahuta thing, don’t get me started on that fat wasted space!

    Do have a good day.


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