Kiwiblog Bought By Communist Chinese?

Blogger David Farrar has been a vocal advocate of selling NZ farms to companies from communist China, and he has viciously attacked anyone who has opposed these plans, usually by labelling such opponents as racist.

In a strangely contradictory approach, Farrar has frequently also used free market arguments to support trading with the communists. Maybe its possible, but the logic of dealing with totalitarian dictatorships as a means of improving free trade in the world has always escaped me.

I’d say Farrar is probably right behind Hillary Clinton’s call for using global trade as a means to improve perceived “rights” for homosexuals, but is apparently not so fussed on using it to secure improvements for millions of Chinese whose democratic rights are suppressed by the Chinese Army.

Farrar once worked for Jenny Shipley, an ex school teacher who after being booted as PM has made a fortune by converting her political alliances with Chinese government officials and bigwigs into business opportunities.

I thought his friendship with Shipley underpinned his support for selling NZ farms to the Communist Chinese, and maybe it did, but its also been made public that those wishing to buy farms have donated huge sums of money to the National Party.

Maybe I’m being far too cynical here, but after this news, haven’t David Farrar’s frequent claims that Kiwiblog is not a propaganda outlet for the National Party taken a fairly major hit, and isn’t any reputation Farrar may have had as an objective political observer looking even more tatty?

..and isn’t it a bit much to be smearing critics as racists while the party you advocate for accepts money in a manner that could be construed as buying influence in a manner that is all too common in communist China?

Not a good look for Kiwiblog, and once again raises the question, why is Kiwiblog perceived as “right wing”? It isn’t of course. Kiwiblog is a Progressive/ liberal outlet, and can be easily identified as such by its frequent disdain for our traditional NZ culture and a clear belief in the same old same old left wing delusion that the end justifies the means.

14 thoughts on “Kiwiblog Bought By Communist Chinese?

  1. Trade with ’em or don’t. Sell Crafar farms to ’em or don’t. Fact is, when the day comes and they call in the debts, they’re gonna own New Zealand anyway. Either that or they’ll grow tired of the quaint tradition of paying for minerals and milk powder and just send the army down to pick ’em up.

    On the troll farm, I always believed the lady did protest too much. Of course it’s a propaganda outlet. He’s Bill English’s man, and posts what he’s told to.

    Of course, he’s used as the school prefect propaganda outlet. If there’s something a bit edgy Party Central wants released and think Key-wiblog is a bit above it, they use Slater.


  2. Hi m8 I just asked over at the Farrar troll fram where you are my mate. I am waiting to nail Graeme Taylor liberal shit head wimp.

    dad4justice (7,304) Says:
    December 8th, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Does anybody know where my mate redbaiter is?

    NB: Amanda watch Graeme react. The trap is set. xx


  3. Simple fact of the matter is that China is a much better environment to do business than NZ –
    no RMA, no Unions, no minimum wage, no stupid “welfare laws”, real sanctions against slackers & bludgers, people who are willing to work, very competitive wage rates, and effective enforcement to deal with any econoterrorist/activists/ecoterrorists/unionists.


  4. Hell yes–who cares if they execute dissenters and murder babies? And who cares if they have zero property rights?
    If you think it’s so fucking wonderful, you gibbering lunatic, why don’t you pack up and move to China?


  5. I gave up on farrer’s blog 18-odd months ago – I never visit it.

    Say what you like, the mainland chinese are communists. You either fight them or if that’s not possible – rip them off and fill your boots with their money.


  6. You either fight them or if that’s not possible – rip them off and fill your boots with their money.

    Get a grip. You can’t win a fight and you can’t rip them off!

    But there’s no need: you pay them to run factories to build stuff. Any kind of stuff. Ipods. Phones. Cars. Planes. Whatever you want. it’s called capitalism, you should try it sometime


  7. Bludger my old shipmate, there’s an operative word in my post and it’s “or”. As in you can: cammy up and kill a “commie for mommie” – which I’ve helped bring about in another life OR you can engage in a capitalist business relationships with them in such a way that the Sons of Red Heaven get subtly but generously screwed in the deal – which is what I do now. [Of course in the ideal world it would be possible to do both, but that’s somewhat impractical.]

    Hopefully my position is now clear to you. If not, wrap a damp towel around your head and go and have a nice lie down in a darkened room and await divine revelation .


  8. Bussinesses in democracies and dictatorships aren’t operating on a level playing field. A well-connected busssiness in China might have inside knowledge on what the Chinese goverment is going to be doing 10-15 years into the future, a business in NZ has no such luxury since the government here changes every 3 years.

    Think about it, if you knew that China is going to float its currency in the near future for example (and thus make it much cheaper for Chinese citizens to buy NZ meat) you could buy up NZ farms on the cheap and then make a lot of money later on.


  9. Yep, of course, its as corrupt as hell, and open to all kinds of manipulation, and to dismiss criticism of trading with China as “racist” is nothing but proof of what fucking idiots you’re trying to argue with.


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