John Banks- Tell It Like It Is Or STFU

“This will give opportunities for education to become very relevant to people like myself who were not interested in schoolwork.”

John Banks made this weak evasive statement in attempting to justify the introduction of charter schools.

Why couldn’t Banks come out with the damn truth for once and say the reason we need charter schools is because government run schools are the power base of left wing unionists who seek to impose a centrally controlled left wing education model upon the country, and that the grip of these shadowy tyrants must be broken?

Publically funded education in NZ is fully under the control of the left, and as is their habit with everything they control, by putting politics above real outcomes, these heavily politicised bureaucrats have made the system dysfunctional.

The real problem with NZ schooling is that it is controlled by a vicious neo-communist political cadre. Charter schools are an attempt to deal with this problem.

Say that Banks. Don’t dance around the damn issue like a tutu wearing fairy.

Are the so called right wing forces in NZ really so frightened of speaking truth???


2 thoughts on “John Banks- Tell It Like It Is Or STFU

  1. Give the guy a break at least he did it. There is a far greater chance of success if he doesn’t engage in the type of success display that soccer players indulge in when goals are scored. More like the rugby players of old who jogged back from the tryline with a stern face but radiating inner pride. Rubbing the oppositions noses in it will only make the losers more determined.


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