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The Handmirror is an odious Marxist site run by hairy armpit progressives who typify the anti-human arrogance that allows the followers of left wing ideology to throughout history conduct all kinds of disgusting evil in its name.

With typical communist hypocrisy they espouse the ideals of free speech, but strictly limit any expression of political views that seriously challenge their own with Castro like gusto.

Maia’s explanation for deleting my comments-

I have deleted Redbaiter’s comments. Redbaiter you are banned from this site. A user name that announces you’re a troll, using the confederate flag as your avatar and transphobia are enough signs that you will make this site a worse place by commenting on it.

The thing about this statement is the apparent admission that Maia thinks the site is bad, in that my comments will make it worse. She does not really think this of course.

This comprehension error is the result of the typical low class of education that these ignorant collectivists have experienced, where true academic instruction is sacrificed to Marxist indoctrination.

Like the jack booted thugs who always flock to underpin any authoritarian totalitarian state, they are ignorant barbarians at heart. As they have to be to embrace such a revolting and animistic political culture.

When you wonder about where in society the Nazis rounded up their concentration camp guards, you need look no further than those mentally crippled and thuggish examples of human kind that run sites like The Hand Mirror.

The same end justifies the means amorality runs through all left wing outlets but is particularly well ingrained in this pack of knuckle dragging barbarians. It saddens me to see such widespread soviet style ignorance in what was such a great little country.

My deleted comments were an attempt to support KG and Andrei who are commenting there on a post by one “stargazer” who has complaints of being denied her rights in NZ but cannot say exactly how that is happening. For anyone interested in what was said, the comments are over the fold-


Comment 1

“But I think what people are missing is that Stargazer is just a kiwi like the rest of us,”

Like the rest of us? Speak for yourself Scar. I have no political or social connection with Progressives like Stargazer, and with their disdain and contempt for our traditional culture, they are the antithesis to what I consider to be a “kiwi”.

Stargazer’s political and social loyalty is (as is Helen Klark’s) to the global progressives. She wants to remake NZ in the image they consider right and proper, and the last thing she wants is for things to stay the same.

I’m a NZ traditionalist. Stargazer is a global Progressive. Learn about the difference.

Comment 2

“One of the unique things about me, as a woman, is my male upbringing.”

Thanks for the laugh Scar.

Comment 3

“the criticism of Stargazer are being targeted at the colour of her skin”

Good grief, is there ever an argument where you leftists can’t play the race card?

I don’t even know what Stagazer’s skin colour is and I don’t care. Its her ideas that are the danger.

BTW, you need to do some research on Islam. Its not defined by skin colour or even by country of birth. To say criticism of Islam is underpinned by racism is the height of ignorance.

(Other than in the minds of brainwashed Marxists who adhere devoutly to their religion of Critical Theory without even knowing they’ve been so indoctrinated.)

For your edicayshun Scar, here’s the real argument on Islam-

Is it a political movement or a religion, and does it seek to overcome and replace the dominant host culture or live alongside it?

Do you seek to defend our traditional society and its majority, or do you seek to see it subjugated by means of infiltrators from other cultures? Where they become the majority and we are the minority.

Those are the questions you need to ask yourself Scar. Simple questions really. Where do you stand?

19 thoughts on “My Comments At The Hand Mirror

  1. O this is just too fucking funny for words!

    You have deleted every comment I have ever made here. You are the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Right Whingers. Desperation. Persecution Complex. Sense of Entitlement.


  2. This site has never invited public comment you moron.

    Least of all from multi-knicked cheating and lying communist filth such as yourself.

    Read the comments policy at the top of the sidebar.

    How often does this simple point need to be made to you thick Marxist losers?


  3. Red, I just went to that cesspit and read the drivel there. Thank you. 20 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    Funnily enough, the author gets to the very nub of the issue, without even realising it (it’s possibly the single salient point in the entire thread):

    “i’m equal to you as a new zealander, therefore i get just as much right as you to determine what the culture of this country is and how it develops”

    (Ignoring for a second that the lack of capitalisation and poor sentence structure implies a New Zealand public school education, which perhaps gives provides an insight into the causes of the author’s inability to reason, )the author has identified the very heart of the problem in 21st century New Zealand. New Zealand, being (historically, not presently) a western-style, first-world democracy, owes its modernity and prosperity to the Judaeo-Christian faith and ethic which made the West inherently wealthier, freer and better than any other part of the world (whether it be the third world, the islamic world or the netherworld). And yes, a western-style democracy is BETTER than any other societal system in operation. The modernity, prosperity and freedom which exist in New Zealand are not in any way attributable to the communists, animistic savages or the 7th-century death cultists who are now, thanks to half a century of retreat and surrender, in the ascendency in New Zealand.

    Last one out, please blow out the candles. Freedom-loving Conservatives, look me up if you find yourself in Victoria-stan.


  4. “Red, I just went to that cesspit and read the drivel there.”

    Makes you ashamed for NZ doesn’t it.

    Once, we were educated.

    (transphobia… for God’s sake!! When are these gum chewing braindead dipsticks ever going to learn to think for themselves?)


  5. Yes well, that comment thread combined with the brain-farts of your new friend Paddy on the other currently-active discussion here provide me with this afternoon’s evidence that my decision to flee New Zealand all those years ago was the correct one.

    It breaks my heart to say this, but I’m so very glad Miss Five will be going to school in Australia in 2012 rather than entering the New Zealand indoctrination system.


  6. Well, it’s nice to see that other intelligent life shares my opinion of that site! 🙂
    (the piece of dogshit LRO–of course–would fit right in there. )


  7. And yes, a western-style democracy is BETTER than any other societal system in operation.

    True Western-style democracy sure is. The kind the US had in 1776 or even NZ in 1890.

    But NZ doesn’t have true western democracy any more – and hasn’t for the best part of the last 100 years. No representation without taxation – yet something like 80% of Kiwis are nett bludgers bluding of the back of the 5% or 1% of high-value high-worth Kiwis whom this site represents!

    The modernity, prosperity and freedom

    Yeah right. In NZ? Well I’ll just take that as a sign that you haven’t been back “home” in the last 30 years.

    If NZ was a modern, prosperous & free democracy there wouldn’t be any Labour, Greens or Mana parties in parliament; the government would be lead by Sir Don Brash; there wouldn’t be any welfare or “public” hospitals/GPs/schools; there wouldn’t be any corporate taxes, FBT, or indeed any taxes on high-value citizens; men would carry guns and they (and especially the cops) would have the right, duty, indeed joy to use them to prevent and deter crime and leftism by the surest possible means.

    NZ is a backwards, poor, socialist country with more in common than East Germany in the 1960s than any other country.


  8. Oh Gawd – MyNameIsJackLeftPaulEgertonPiesseRightOut, back from getting shellacked by the Faggotarianz in the party vote – communist nutjob.


  9. Maia is a school-dropout cocksucker who blogs at Handmirror. She will turn up at every protests out there on everything from anti-Israel, anti-corporate, anti-wealthy, anti-US, anti-Western, blah, blah, blah. All of Handmirror’s bloggers are typical leftwing fucktards, hating capitalism, and at the same time they’re using computers (a by-product of capitalism) to entertain themselves on the web.

    Those cocksucking fucktards at Handmirror did degrees in useless orgasmology/gender studies at University, that’s why they’re unemployable idiots.


  10. Heh! “your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval”.
    Yeah, right.
    These bastards wouldn’t know the truth if it’s fangs were latched on to their rancid vulvas. Much less publish it.


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