Obama Gave Top Secret Drone To Iran- Refused To Send in Recovery Team or Destroy

FOX News is reporting that in the case of the recent capture of a US Sentinel drone in Iran, President Barack Obama gave orders that ensured the complete and undamaged drone ended up in the possession of the Iranian military.

The US military wanted to send in a team to recover the highly secret drone, or if that failed, blow it to pieces so as to prevent the technology falling into not only Iranian hands, but also China and potentially Russia.

Obama refused to allow either event, on the grounds it could have been perceived as an “Act of War”

So now Iran and China have a brand spanking new fully functional top secret US RQ 170 Sentinel Drone.

FOX News report in video below. Watch it and be disgusted by this traitorous piece of Marxist excrement.

19 thoughts on “Obama Gave Top Secret Drone To Iran- Refused To Send in Recovery Team or Destroy

  1. so what exactly would have been wrong with “an act of war” against a country which is already waging proxy wars against the West?
    At best, the Boyprez has no balls. At worst, he’s a traitor.


  2. In any case, sending drones to off terrorists into Pakistan is already an act of war and he’s authorized that. It’s difficult to see this as anything but treachery.


  3. If it transpires that he gave it to them to use against the US military, it would not surprise me one bit.

    Where the hell are the high command on this?

    How could they not persuade the President to do something???

    Could you imagine Reagan doing this??

    He’s a damn anti-US anti-west Marxist traitor.


  4. FFS – what are these clowns doing?

    Remember Hilary’s reset button fiasco? Well the button’s been reset all right.

    Missiles in stationed Kaliningrad – a Carrier task force in Syria and an idiot in the White House.

    Who said the cold war was over?


  5. I see there are some commenters around the blogosphere who are saying that it is not the supposed drone, it is either an Iranian mock-up of a drone or the Americans are just fucking with the Iranian military minds. Some of these commenters allege that they have been involved with servicing the drone and would recognise it. Also things like a cheap plastic grill, the wings being held on with duct tape, why are the wheels not being displayed, etc.

    I can’t imagine ‘the one’ would have the subtlety to think something like this out, so the US armed forces are opertaing without a C-i-C.


  6. They have their priorities. I understand Hilary has declared that homosexuals, bisexuals and donkey fuckers I presume should not be bullied if they are in the military.


  7. There’s always been only one solution to Iran – and thankfully President Gingrich has just today promised to appoint Secretary of State Boulton to “finish the job”.

    Let’s put it this way: 24 hours after Gingrich’s inauguration, Iran will cease to exist.

    Hilary is right when she says even the strongest Israeli-US attack would only delay an Iranian bomb program for a year or two, and would turn all Iranians – even the most “capitalist” – completely against the US. Provided Iran has population, and some oil revenue, it will build nukes.

    Where Hilary is wrong – and where Boulton is right – is that there is now only one military, strategic solution to the Iran question. A solution that will cost zero dollars, cost zero American lives, end any threat from Iran for the next 50 years at least, and act as a strong deterrent to any other country who seeks to question the absolutely preeminent role of the US in preserving freedom worldwide.

    Including NZ.


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  9. I reckon Bludger’s got it half right – any attack on Iran will be at the hands of the Israelis. The U.S. will make all sorts of threats directed at Iran but will fail to act at the last minute – leaving Israel to do what needs doing. And if Zero is still in office when it goes down (and no doubt even if he’s not) Israel will be condemned for pre-emptively defending both herself and the West.

    Either way the Islamic death-cultists, Western One World socialists, and non-Western communists are leading us ever closer to global conflagration:

    Mat 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
    Mat 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.


  10. You don’t sound like you’re up to speed on this.

    The Israelis have lots of GBU28s, suitable for shallow bunkers, unsuitable for the 200′ Krupp designed Iranian bunkers containing their critical nuc bits. For that they need the GBU52+, the US has given nil GBU52s to the Israelis, therefore the conventional option is out (almost) for Israel. They will never use nucs first unless nuc attack is imminent.

    There is an alternative for the Israelis that’s not too shabby.
    A conventional surface attack aiming to kill 80% of their foreign and local technicians and scientists and their dogs and budgerigars in their beds, a big ask but Israeli penetration of the Iranian regime is legendary. 35% killed? Don’t bother.
    You also use all your 28s to close what you can.
    The risks are great, the whole of the Israeli strike and refuelling assets would be committed

    Of course the best solution is an Iranian middle class revolution, they alone have the largest most sophisticated middle class in the ME. Can Israel wait a decade?

    In the end Israel has nothing to lose, an Iranian bomb will one day be directed at them, probably via truck.


  11. Iran has 75 million people – and billions of dollars of oil revenue, GDP 800Bn. Israel built bombs with 8 million and no revenue, GDP 235Bn. Pakistan built bombs with 180 million peasants, GDP 482Bn.

    Whatever regime governs Iran – whether friendly to Israel and the West, or an openly declared enemy – the geopolitical imperative is that Iran will build nukes. If Israel hits them tomorrow, Pakistan (just to snub the US) would donate them a couple of warheads and AQ Kahn faster than they can yell “Crusaders!”. Like Pakistan, they will stop at nothing to get them.

    That’s why there are no real conventional solutions to Iran. Hell even “regieme change” – switching back to a Western orientation like under the shah – would do nothing except give them 10 or 20 years to build their economy and technology, so that when there is another Islamic revolution all the infrastructure for bombs & delivery technology will be right and ready to go.

    The geopolitical imperatives will never change.

    That’s why only a strategic, counter-value solution can nullify the Iranian threat.


  12. Any country with 6 taxpayers can afford a free fall nuc weapon.
    The tech trick is in the trigger, the logistical trick is in accumulating the fissile material.
    Not sure Pakistan donating a bomb to an attacked Iran in a fit of pique figures too heavily in Israeli/US planning.
    You can immediately feel the striking difference between the Persian Iranian middle class street and the rest of the Arab world. Western high fashion worn under the burka is common. With the mullahs eventually put back in their boxes Iran has a chance and so does Israel. Of course that may never happen.

    Consider that the Saudis will want a nuc guernsey if Iran gets one. Good luck to the US talking them out of that one.

    Consider the long term, that as the US bankruptcy bites and the US defence “understandings” with Australia are no longer demographically important to the US majority Australia with have to nuc up. Resource rich, wide open lebensraum targets are low hanging fruit.


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