Mojo Mathers is First Of All a Communist

Let’s not get distracted here. Mojo Mathers is a raving communist loon, and every time one of these is elected to parliament, you can count on our living standards falling another few points.

So she’s deaf, and this raises all kinds of issues as to how she can tell what is being said in the house and who is saying it. A TV monitor only partly solves this problem.

However these inconveniences are nothing compared to the effect her crippled and dysfunctional mindset will have upon the NZ politic.

Just another brainwashed Marxist progressive without the faculties to distinguish truth from propaganda, as her commitment to the scam of global warming so adequately demonstrates.

Forget that she can’t hear. She can’t think, that’s her real problem.

Bio from Watermelon Site-

Date and place of birth- 23/11/1966, London

Ethnicity- Pakeha

Current electorate- Christchurch East

Educational qualifications- Honours degree in Mathematics (1st class); Masters in Conservation Forestry (Distinction)

Current occupation- Green Party Strategic Policy Advisor (since 2006)

Previous occupations/work experience- Parliamentary advisor (water issues) 2005; Joint owner small business offering forestry management services (2001-2006)

Community connections- Current committee member of Disability Inclusion Group; Founding member of Malvern Hills Protection Society, which successfully opposed the Central Plains Water scheme; Secretary/spokesperson for the Dam Action Group (2001-2004); Mother of three, former playcentre committee member

Policy Interests/Expertise- I have a sound grounding in a wide range of policy areas and I would be comfortable covering nearly any portfolio area including rural issues, biodiversity, forestry and water, as well as animal welfare, disability and women’s rights.

My broad political issues Unrestrained industrial dairying continues to impact heavily on our environment, including climate change. We need to promote fair and sustainable alternatives.

The recent Human Rights Commission review of Human Rights identifies disabled people as the most disadvantaged minority in New Zealand. As a deaf person who lives and breathes green issues, I am a strong advocate for inclusion for everyone.

Additional information- I strive to reduce my personal impact on the environment by being vegetarian, supporting GE free, non-toxic, organic, fair trade and local, using public transport, keeping myself informed and getting involved. I have a strong work ethic and am very accessible by email.

6 thoughts on “Mojo Mathers is First Of All a Communist

  1. I strive to reduce my personal impact on the environment…….

    Honey, go for the ultimate reduction of your impact and top yourself.


  2. Oh no, not another dropkick tree hugging utopian freak show on the taxpayer tit thanks to the insidious MMP system. Why do I pay tax so I can watch a green communist ocker called Wessel Wussel to tell me how to live my life?Mojo madness is what phool smokes right? Look at the gutless eunuchs that call themselves kiwi male politicians. Helen Klark had more balls than all of them. Just ask Peter. Who can respect parliament packed with parasitic worthless bludgers. John Key is more left than Stalin’s left ear.MMP sucks = tele puppy Maori things and now Mojo can help Ruth get drunk.
    We need a real leader who will not tolerate these progressive liberal lefty types.


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