NZ Herald’s Marxist Political Position Made Plain

I occasionally read the delusional leftists on the Standard and am always amused by their claims that the mainstream media is a right wing plot. This is a POV that flies in the face of so much evidence to the contrary that you’d have to be beyond reasoned salvation to believe it.

Survey after survey has revealed editors and journalists to be left wing stooges who regularly sympathise with progressive/ liberal viewpoints. Most mainstream NZ newspapers could pass for the “Green Left Weekly”. Radio NZ makes no secret of its left wing leanings.

Recently we’ve seen multiple attacks on the Conservative Party extending far beyond any scrutiny that has ever been applied to any Green party member. In fact the media actually assists in smoke screening any misbehavior by the watermelons. When was Russell Norman ever asked any hard questions about his PA’s husband’s attacks on National Party billboards?

Today’s editorial puts any doubt concerning the left wing tilt of the NZ Herald completely to rest, given its echos the Marxist class war rhetoric of every communist leader that’s ever been.

Writing about the gap between rich and poor, our Comrade editor at the Herald makes a number of statements that are in one part left leaning in opinion, and in another part pure Marxist propaganda. For example-

a Labour administration began the policies of financial deregulation that started the rot.

(The OECD).. is more interested in improving compliance and eliminating tax breaks – in particular “reassessing the role of taxes on all forms of property and wealth, including the transfer of assets”.

Its just as if the commie scum at the NZ Herald had heard Obama’s call to action, and for an intensified degree of class warfare aimed at the eventual destruction of the middle class and the rise to power of the “working ” class- just as Karl Marx so often decreed.

The NZ Herald is a communist rag working its Fabian deceit to slowly drag NZ further and further to the left. Today’s editorial could have been written by Fidel Castro or any other commie ideologue out there. It wasn’t. It was written by the Editor of one of NZ’s most influential newspapers.

No right wing newspaper would ever write such Marxist garbage.

Rich-poor gap is NZ’s shame.

3 thoughts on “NZ Herald’s Marxist Political Position Made Plain

  1. Working class? please.

    NZ doesn’t have a “working class” – or a “middle class” worth anything (they’re all basically Marxists).

    NZ has a few high-worth individuals

    and a vast mass of bludgers for whom also nothing can be done.


  2. If you read the comments attached to that article, ou see the Herald is a co,minister rag in a communist country. The ‘eat the rich’ bullshit, the hating foreign corporations, the gimme more all make me sick. These people whining about being ‘poor’ (there is no true poverty in New Zealand) have the solution to their woe in their own hands. Stop smoking. Stop doing drugs. Stop drinking. If you’re unemployed, getafuckingjob. If you’re in a job that doesn’t give you the income you think you deserve, skill up and get a better job. Stop fucking whining. Worse than those whiners are the $100k p.a. parasitic union scum destroying Ports of Auckland.


  3. Progressives have held sway for decades. How many billions have been “redistributed” via welfare? Multiple generations now have been the fortunate recipients of this life-enhancing socio-economic elixir, as provided by the political class, and have reaped the inevitable “rewards” of income immobility and dependency.

    The progressives are merely admitting their own failure. They’re right to do so: evidence suggests government is an extremely poor redistributor of wealth when compared to the proven mechanisms of the free market. Without looking at how wealth is actually created; through suggesting solutions that only destroy wealth, penalise industry and innovation, and define people down as victims; by promoting the false dichotomy of the self-interest of the rich versus the poor* – obviously it’s a recipe for failure. Government is only good at destroying wealth and creating victims, sapping the human spirit with a toxic message of victimhood, all of which creates an underclass guaranteed to support leftwing politicians.

    “To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit. It is inimical to the dictates of sound policy.”-Franklin D Roosevelt (!)

    *The left itself knows that the rich don’t get rich by looting the poor: that’s why the left loots the rich and middle class!


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