Nats Maori Party Deal Biggest Scam on Taxpayer Ever

Because the Nats didn’t have the gonads to press the case against MMP, there was stuff all said about it prior to the referendum and consequently, the pro-MMP morons won and now we’re stuck with it.

I invite those who think this may have been a good outcome to look at the agreement signed Sunday between John Key and The Maori Party.

(BTW- In deciding whether to partner with the Nats, Pita Sharples held 40 meetings across NZ for a total of 1000 attendees. 25 per meeting on average. Guess who were the suckers who paid for this wildly extravagant rort.)

Back to the main issue.

The Maori Party received just under 32,000 votes, or only 1.43% of the votes cast. If they weren’t boosted by racially selected seats that National once promised to abolish, they wouldn’t be in government.

I won’t list all that the Maori party “won” in their agreement with the National Party, but for a gang of racists who can only attract 1.4% of the votes, and when the race they claim to represent places more votes for other parties than for the Maori party, what should they get?

SFA in my humble opinion.

I can’t find any estimate of the value of the extravagant package Key signed off on with the Racist Party, but let’s say its at least $100 million, and maybe as much as a $1 billion. Maybe even more. Who knows?

For a party that only received 1.4% of vote this is outrageously profligate.

And its not just dollar terms. What of the destructive social cost of this racist pandering and cheap cynical handout strategies? Dragging our country even further into the welfare gutter and boosting separatism.

There needs to be some judicial restraint on this kind of bribery, or extortion, or blackmail, or whatever you want to call it. Exactly how much taxpayer money should scheming politicians be permitted to spend to purchase the support of a gang of racist losers like the separatist Maori Party?

I can’t really nut out how it could be done right now, but somehow this ripping off of the taxpayer by desperate for power socialist politicians buying partnerships with no account losers has to stop. Maybe its time to say no concessions to minor parties other than Ministries or government (as opposed to opposition) salaries.

Key’s ridiculously expensive and generous agreement with the poorly supported and largely despised racists Sharples and Turia has to be one of the greatest rip offs and scams of taxpayers ever carried out in the MMP cycle.

And its all going towards despicable race based initiatives that are splitting the country like never before or welfarist statist handouts that have already ripped the heart out of NZ’s once proudly independent national character.

So called “Maori” need this??? Bullshit. Most “Maoris” by far ignored the Maori party.

This partnership is worse than a scam, it is a destructive racist cronyist farce, and nobody needs it, especially not at this economic and social cost.

Nobody needs it apart from a few sleazy power seeking politicians.

Where is the outrage?

9 thoughts on “Nats Maori Party Deal Biggest Scam on Taxpayer Ever

  1. You know what, Red, in the scheme of things there’s one line in their agreement which frightens the crap out of me. Everything else is beads and blankets, but they’ve promised to move forward with the constitutional review. In the hands of these separatist animals, you know 100% the new constitution won’t start With words like “We the People” and it sure as damn hell wont entrench individual freedom and liberty as does the US Cnstitution. It will entrench racial privilege, welfarism, statism and communism.

    I’ve said it many times before, and it’s becoming more true every damned day. My once-beautiful homeland is economically, culturally and societally rooted.


  2. “My once-beautiful homeland is economically, culturally and societally rooted.”
    Yes, it is and will be for the foreseeable future. Absent a total economic meltdown the default position will be socialist. NZ is bleeding motivation and talent to Australia at a frightening rate and soon only commie pricks such as Farrar and the gang at NM will be left.
    They can sit in a circle and jerk one another off (much as they do now, really) and pat themselves on the back for being all multicultural and socially aware and all that stuff– as the good ship SS New Zealand slides into utter obscurity and poverty.
    That’s poverty for the majority, not for the slimy apparatchiks and kapos and political weasels who helped sink her.


  3. . . and when the day comes that they don’t get what they want from National, they’ll go to Labour who are so desperate for power and control that they’ll agree to anything – no level of fiscal irresponsibility is too low for Labour.


  4. Yep, when you have atheistic and unethical pandering Marxists [like Key] and backward grasping tribalists [Maori & Mana Parties] what do you expect but that our once great nation is on the road to destruction. And MMP will certainly hasten our arrival date.

    That this is mirrored across much of the [once Judeo-Christian] West reveals the likely common destination the [currently] First World is headed. I’ve got news and it’s all bad.


  5. Another term, another set of racial supremacist policies. I just wonder what National even gain from this setup considering they don’t even need to provide confidence and supply like ACT/UF have to. +3 seats that don’t even vote on your policies is hardly worth what they’ve committed too.

    There was one policy I noticed in there that mentioned a “Maori Cultural Heritage Bill”, who knows what could come of that and how much it could cost.


  6. This issue of the constitutional revue could become a big issue this term or for the next election.It is too important to be dealt with in the backroom ,underhand way we have seen so far.
    It is an issue for the Conservative Party to pick up and should be exposed for all the destruction it will cause to our country if it includes racist objectives.
    It is an outrage.


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