Canada’s CONSERVATIVE Party Dumps Kyoto

Canada’s version of the NZ National Party signed up to the Kyoto protocol some years ago.

The Canadian Liberal Party is much the same kind of non event as John Key’s Nats, and is largely a left wing party that has traveled far from its political roots. Infiltrated by cringing leftists (like Nick Smith), they couldn’t wait to sign up to the Marxist device that is called the Kyoto Accord.

That was then. Now Canadians have booted the Liberals far down the voting chain, and the new Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper governs in its own right. An event that looks like it could be duplicated in NZ judging by 1) the surprising support the Conservatives won in their first election, (even after a progressive media black out) and 2) the naked fear displayed by the stalwarts of National.

The Conservative Party has renounced the accord, and sent the Marxist bureaucrats from the UN packing, on the grounds that continuing to subscribe to the accord will hurt Canada’s economy.

Just as it will hurt the NZ economy, thanks to Nick Smith and John Key, who were against it in opposition but like the cynical valueless turncoats they are, embraced it once in power.

When will the NZ Nationals renounce Kyoto? I say never. They’re just far too spineless to ever do anything so intrepid. Better to stay lamely supplicant to the Marxist controlled UN and send NZ’s fragile economy even further down the drain.

Canada pulls out of Kyoto pact

14 thoughts on “Canada’s CONSERVATIVE Party Dumps Kyoto

  1. Yeah, that’s the trouble with leftists controlling the culture, it takes decades and generations to get rid of the bastards.

    However there’s very little evidence that the NZ Nationals even understand the battle that must be fought. They appear completely ignorant of why the left have been so successful.


  2. It seems to me that there must have been some sort of financial incentive for National to cling to Kyoto the way it has. It wouldn’t be the first time that this sort of thing has happened in NZ politics.


  3. Well said Lucia. I have always suspected exactly this, and have often asked what donations were made by the forestry companies to National’s election coffers.

    In fact I even made a video about it a long time ago.


  4. Also, the video mentions National’s opposition to a carbon tax, not an ETS. They’re two very different things – similar in that they put a price on carbon, but world’s apart on what they price and how much.


  5. Sorry, but putting a pretty clear statement in your 2008 policy and then going to the voters to judge is not weasel even in the most remote aspect.

    You don’t believe in climate change and you think the ETS is rubbish, fine. I respect your views. But I think you’re being intellectually dishonest and painting a very eschew picture in order to reinforce your views.

    Let’s deal in facts.


  6. OK so its in the 2008 policy document.

    How can that happen when the leader of the party and the minister responsible have said the things they are on record as saying?

    Either they were lying back then (for political gain) or they were lying in the policy document, and have been lying ever since.

    Which is it?


  7. These people who make excuses for socialist politicians need to understand that we do not want to hear it.

    We are so sick of these bastards interfering in our lives, stealing more and more of our money, regulating us to death, attacking our culture and driving separatism down our throats we are not going to give them any breaks.

    Socialist politicians are scum. EOS.


  8. Mailed you the link to this:
    ‘Thousands to be stripped of Canadian citizenship in historic fraud sweep‘
    Now, there’s a conservative government! 🙂


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