We Must Be More “Offensive”

The other day I wrote what I thought were some brilliantly cogent arguments on a far left website only to have them deleted a few hours later.

On this occasion, I did not even have the chance to offend in the content of the messages. They were deemed offensive because of-

1) My posting name

2) My avatar

3) I disagreed politically with someone who later turned out to be a transexual (I was therefore guilty of “transphobia” would you believe?)

For decades now the left have been using the same strategy to hobble criticism of their attacks on our culture. Their internal treason. Their white anting of our traditional national character.

“I am offended” has become the catch cry of the Progressive, and its main purpose is to deflect truth and to preserve them from the effort of having to counter truth.

A huge part of our culture now is the industry of “offensiveness”, whereas thirty of fourty years ago you never heard the word. The premise of “offense” has been a valuable weapon of the Progressives in their decades old war against our traditional way of life.

Wake up people. Its is a ploy to stifle criticism. The left wish to steal from you. They wish to enslave you. They wish to reduce our country to a totalitarian one party state with a ruling class of Nomenklatura as personified in the most obvious example by Helen Klark.

Someone who has never had a real job in her life. Never put her capital at risk in a business venture. Never had to make up a payroll by her own efforts. Yet owns numerous houses and is a multi-millionaire. An animal far more equal than some animals. She made all of this on the sweat of the producer without ever producing a damn iota herself.

At the same time she has sneered at and insulted those whose efforts have provided her with her unearned status and standard of living.

I say this.

Why the hell should we not be offensive to such robbers and totalitarians, such destroyers of our traditions and culture? In fact why the hell are we not far more offensive?

Believe me, I know well enough, the Progressives never hesitate to offend.

We must push back against this “offensive” strategy of the left for it has gained them many a political beach head. Offend them every day and everywhere. Offend them right back to the Soviet Union from whence they came.

Like everything the left have its a fraud and a fake and a con. Offend them, for no matter how much you may do so in your speech or writings, its never going to be as offensive as what the left actually will do to you if they ever have the untrammeled power they lust after. One hundred million deaths last century are testament to that fact.

6 thoughts on “We Must Be More “Offensive”

  1. Leftists are not the ‘opposition’. They are the enemy.
    Leftists are not the ‘opposition’. They are the enemy.
    Leftists are not the ‘opposition’. They are the enemy.


  2. Those described as “offensive” by the left are pretty much anyone with enough independent thought to question their totalitarian views. It’s part of the reason why free speech is so in danger these days. The whole PC culture is driven by this crap on not being “offensive”.

    It’s always good to speak out against their lies and propaganda. Do it in a room full of people and you can bet someone was thinking the same thing, they were just too afraid of being attacked for being “offensive”.


  3. Damn right. I’ve had that happen so many times I couldn’t count.

    The left are far more unpopular than they will ever concede.

    However, they must be made a lot more unpopular.


  4. “transphobia”

    That’s a new one. I actually read that thread but didn’t get the meaning of the term at the time.


  5. We must start with the Klark regime , a starting point for the total destruction of these socailist parasites. The dirty low good for nothing two faced dykes getting rich from the public purse greatly offends me. Name one good thing that Heather Simpson has done for NZ ?
    John Key you jellyfish good for nothing wimp.Smash the two faced liars.


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