Canada Cracks Down On Immigration Fraud- 6500 To Be Stripped of Citizenship

At least one government is doing what needs to be done about illegal immigration. The Canadian government has uncovered massive immigration fraud and as a result will strip 6500 current citizens or permanent residents of their Canadian citizenship.

The Canadian National Post reports that-

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is expected to make the announcement that “Canadian citizenship is not for sale” on Friday. Up until this year, Canada had revoked just 67 citizenships since the Citizenship Act came into force in 1947.

The government has been taking action against citizenship fraud for some time. The Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act, which imposes tough new penalties for immigration consultants convicted of fraud, including fines and/or prison, is now law in Canada.

Why of almost all the countries in the west is it only Canada that is prepared to apply the law to illegal immigrants?

Thousands to be stripped of Canadian citizenship in historic fraud sweep

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12 thoughts on “Canada Cracks Down On Immigration Fraud- 6500 To Be Stripped of Citizenship

  1. Notice, too, the names of the people perpetrating the fraud, and from where those fraudulently claiming residency/citizenship come from:

    From the article:

    “He will unveil the details in Montreal where Nizar Zakka — an immigration consultant suspected of fraud — was arrested in 2009. Zakka is suspected of providing would-be Lebanese immigrants with false evidence — indicating that they were living in Quebec when they were not — to support their cases for permanent residency.”

    “The bulk of the citizenship fraud cases are said to be linked to Zakka as well as Halifax immigration consultant Hassan Al-Awaid, who was charged in March with more than 50 citizenship fraud-related offences.”

    Gee, lets guess what “Nizar Zakka”, “Hassan Al-Awaid”, and “Lebanese immigrants” [probably] ALL have in common. And I only say probably because, as usual, media outlets refuse to mention the religion of those involved. But you dear readers, like me, are becoming very good at reading between the lines.

    Did someone say “Religion of peace”?


  2. Sorry Kris, you were half wrong this time, Zakka is a Lebanese Christian, not Muslim, but Hassan is Muslim, but the more important point I would like to raise here with a one million dollars question is: How about “Real Criminals” like killers, rapers, etc., who are everywhere in Canada and they are non-Muslims? do you count them? and in case you are wondering, I’m not a Muslim myself.


  3. If they’re not citizens, you deport them of course Mario. If they are ‘naturalised’ citizens, you strip the, of their citizenship, then deport them. The interesting conundrum for our multi-culti masters is that a growing number of the crimes of which you write are committed by the filth we in the west import from third world shit holes. Yet the elites refuse to take any steps to stem the flood of such filth, or to roll back the tide.


  4. Thanks Gantt – agree entirely.

    And Mario, if Zakka is a Lebanese Christian then all I can say is it’s not a very good testimony his being “an immigration consultant suspected of fraud”, especially if he is found guilty of such a crime. If this is indeed the case then he should serve his sentence and then be sent back to from whence he came – the same as anyone else.

    Christian, Muslim, whatever – do the crime; serve the time, and in this case lose citizenship/residency status.


    • Hi Kris,

      I agree with you that whoever did something against the law, he/she must get penalized, I was only replying back on your hints that those consultants must be Muslims and I wanted to advise that we should not generalize. I am a canadian myself and I have seen so many and I repeat so many good Muslims who are faithfully serving Canada as doctors, university professors, Engineers, police officers, private business owners, etc, just to mention some and I also know for a fact that RCMP has confirmed the fact that they would have not got these good results without the help of other immigrants. Take care Kris.


  5. If I may also add, as a person comes from a legal background, the Canadian Citizenship can only be striped out of their citizenship in two situations:

    1. If they are proved to be cooperating with a country that is considered an “enemy country” to Canada, hence working against Canada as a country.

    2. If the person in a naturalized citizen and the government was able to prove that this person has lied in his citizenship application, which is clearly mentioned in the Canadain citizenship application if you look it up online.

    I hope that the above information proves to be helpful.


  6. If I may be frank, Mario, anyone who remains in Islam, especially in the West, has a big question mark over them. IMO Islam is rotten to the core; it is a satanically inspired death-cult sought on world domination and the submission of all to the system of Islam. Islam means “submission”, after all.

    One only needs to look up the Islamic words “taqqiya” and “kitman” to realise that deception [of the infidel] is a major plank in the Muslim mind-set, and the very system of Islam itself. Those in Islam are guilty by association [although I acknowledge many in Islamic countries remain in it due to fear and the threat of death].

    Have a read of those ex-Muslims who have left Islam to get the low down straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.


    • You know what Kris, if you are that much racist and that much close minded, I would then rather not to waste my valuable time writing to you or reading your comments… Good luck with your 18th century ideas, your last comments make me feel so sick!!!


  7. Mario, don’t you mean ‘Islamophobic’? – last time I checked Islam wasn’t a race. And I take it you’re not familiar with the Islamic terms “taqqiya” and “kitman” – I advise you to get schooled up. You’ve been duped, buddy. And ignorance will be no excuse when it’s too late and the West has been Islamised and we’re all prisoners under the system of Sharia. Those of us who haven’t been put to the sword that is.


  8. Wow, this is really good news. See what a conservative government can do when it has a mandate.
    Now, the test will be if these people are deported or not. I won’t hold my breath.

    Mario ,I have an acquaintance with Canada too and an awful lot of those Real criminals” you refer to are/were illegals or/and from Jamaica,India and other places that were not shall we say the traditional sources of migration to that beautiful country.


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