John Key’s Socialist Mindset Revealed

Most on the right know one thing. High taxes kill off economies. There’s a pretty well known economics rule that anything above 20 cents in the dollar is counterproductive. In other words, the further above 20% you go, the more you kill off the economy relative to what you get in taxes.

When Reagan cut taxes revenue increased. Socialist will never admit this of course, and go spare if you point it out, for its a truth that really messes with the old Marxist plan to grind the middle class between the millstones of taxation and inflation.

Here is what the grinning idiot Key said as reported in The Dominion today-

“Of course, if we could have lower personal taxes, we think that would stimulate the economy – but we just can’t afford it,”

Read that guys and girls- John Key’s Nats “can’t afford” an improvement in the economy. This is the kind of wonder boy economic literacy that is going to save us from economic disaster? Yeah right.

Key is just another Keynesian socialist without a clue, and that’s a description that you could probably apply to almost every National Party member. After all, Key is their leader and they all support him.

Here’s a big part of the problem-

In 2000, just after Labour got into office, there were about 28,000 state employees and that number peaked at 45,000. Under National it had only dropped back to 44,000, despite several billion dollars in savings made across the board. “That was because savings had been ploughed back into hiring frontline staff,” Mr Key said.

There’s only one reason we’re going down the tube. Here and in Europe and everywhere. Its because the productive sector has been forced, by dick head socialist politicians like Klark and Key, into carrying a load it cannot possibly bear, and the longer it is forced to carry that load, the further we will fall and the longer the recovery will be.

Cut government spending, sack overpaid civil servants in local and central government and give the productive sector tax breaks.

Its that simple.

Even that basic arithmetic though is too difficult an equation for Keynesian socialists like John Key and the Nats, who are only selling government “enterprises” because they have to.

And they still cannot make an argument for it, with extreme left propaganda about “selling the family silver” still deeply entrenched as the default public position.

Why? Because the damn namby pamby weak and gutless no idea and no founding principles Nats do not have the argumentative ability to counter it.

So philosophically incoherent and so stunted in their political vocabulary they have nothing but smiles and waves and idiot statements like the above. They will ruin us before they will do what is so clearly needed.

Tax cuts no longer a National priority

8 thoughts on “John Key’s Socialist Mindset Revealed

  1. The current National party ethos is perfectly encapsulated by Farrar’s statement today after concluding that there is a 5 out of 8 agreement on political issues between him and the new Labour dude: “Not too bad!”

    That’s all you need to know about the present day National Party.


  2. Yeah well 55,000 voters decided to cast their ballot for the virtually unknown Conservative Party rather than give it to National.

    It will be more next election as more and more voters begin to realise that National, controlled by Progressives like Farrar and Key, is just a sub branch of Labour.


  3. Is that it? Only reduced by 1000 in real terms ?

    Apparently. I thought it was much more than that. Maybe Watkins is wrong, but Key’s statement seems to support her claims.


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