3 thoughts on “Just what Ahmadinejad always wanted!

  1. Yep, Mery Christmas from Obama – a traitor, a Marxist, and [probably] a Muslim doing all in his power to assist the enemies of Israel, the U.S., and the entire democratic Judeo-Christian West.

    When is someone going to remove this cancerous blight?!


  2. Yep, and with Romney looking like winning the Republican Party nomination, we’ve already lost.

    No Conservatives will vote for this slimy little turncoat two faced liberal progressive bastard.


  3. Naa. Ahmadinejad wanted a nuke

    Oh wait a minute, the Pakis shipped him a few last week…

    so I guess he’s got present #1 and present #2

    And he’s about to outlast yet another US president in power.

    The only good outlook is that John Boulton will be the next secretary of state, and his position is an immediate strategic solution to the Iran problem


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