Mary’s Pregnancy Test and The Double Standards of Secular Progressives

I notice the secular progressives are out in numbers saying there is nothing offensive about the portrait of Mary alarmed by the results of a pregnancy test and Christians/ Catholics should STFU.

Funny that. Never see the same tolerance on display when its a Muslim that is offended. Legal moves to have them show their faces like other people are required to do so by law have met with universal condemnation amongst the progressives.

Then we have homosexuals, who are throwing people in jail for saying nasty things about them, and the liberals have no problem with that either.

Yet Christians complain about some narcissistic little gay boy posturing as a priest and his attention seeking insults, and the liberals are all screaming their heads off. Like little piggies about to be slaughtered.

Progressives- never met a standard they couldn’t go double on.

10 thoughts on “Mary’s Pregnancy Test and The Double Standards of Secular Progressives

  1. Yeah–let’s see the same suspects put up a billboard mocking the paedophile mohammed Until they do that they have no claim to integrity whatsoever.


  2. And won’t they all, of the ‘progressive’/homosexual etc bent (sic), be surprised when the dam finally breaks and they find themselves blindfolded, backs up against the wall alongside their Guardianista comrades.

    Many have not forgotten the ‘Virgin in a Condom’ saga either.


  3. And isn’t it just typical of these atheistic Marxist low-lifes: Christmas [similarly with Easter] comes around and they just can’t help themselves in denigrating Christ and the Christian faith.

    Usually if you don’t believe in something you just ignore it and eventually it will slide into oblivion. So on that basis it must really irk these secular progressives that no matter how hard they try Christianity refuses to die, and by and large is still a significant plank for many in Western democracies.

    If one had to make a guess they might come to the conclusion that the sec-progs are actually scared as hell that the Christians might be right after all … [of course we are 😉 ]

    I guess about now Christopher Hitchens is finding out just how wrong he was …


  4. Chuck, I don’t think he is. He’s married with 4 children. Where these guys are at, is that they peddle what is quaintly termed “progressive Christianity”, which means (from his website) . .

    a commitment to inclusiveness, tolerance, peace, social justice, human rights, and open thought. In sum they believe that the world can be a better place where love and compassion are the goal

    . . . I see red. I see red. I see red.


  5. “Funny that. Never see the same tolerance on display when its a Muslim that is offended.”

    I can just imagine the outrage if at ramadan a cartoon was published of Big Mo in front of the bench, pointing to his 9 year-old wife and saying “I swear Your Honour, she said she was 18!”

    I’m sure it wouldn’t be an issue for anyone to lose their head over, right?


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