Obama- Ineligibility Noose Slowly Tightens

First ever image of Obama BC put on internet by Factcheck. Note no seal or folds visible. (Click to enlarge)

Two interesting developments in the Barack Obama eligibility saga- Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County, who is conducting an investigation into allegations that the recent long form certificate produced by Obama is fake, is under threat of investigation himself by Obama’s Justice Dept after allegations of improper conduct in his prosecution of illegal aliens in the county.

Sherrif Joe said, “I am an elected sheriff. I took an oath of office to enforce all the laws of the state of Arizona. I take that very seriously. I do report to the people.” But he said he’s considering the possibility there are political connections to the circumstances that have developed.

The sheriff recently confirmed the Obama investigation has broadened beyond an examination of whether or not the birth certificate made public by the White House on April 27 is an authentic document. The probe, he said, is examining Obama’s history in regard to his eligibility to be president under Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

He said his team has amassed hundreds of pages of documentation and taken testimony from dozens of experts in preparation for a final phase of field investigation. He has described the work that is going on as “a serious law-enforcement investigation” and he said the findings will be “based in facts.” Arpaio said a comprehensive report will be issued shortly after the February preliminary report.

Meanwhile, the group Factcheck, which did most before Obama’s election to allay concerns about his eligibility are facing a law suit alleging fraud. Researcher Ron Polland has launched Federal Election Commission and Internal Revenue Service challenges against the group, charging the media monitor has violated its tax-exempt legal status as a non-partisan organization by publishing and promoting a short-form birth certificate for Obama he contends was forged.

On Aug. 21, 2008, Factcheck published photographs of a paper birth certificate, complete with visible folds and state seal, offered as proof that the birth certificate shown on the internet in June was not simply a computer generated graphic.

“When Factcheck published its ‘Born in the USA’ story on Aug. 21, 2008, with photos of Obama’s birth certificate, many thought the controversy was over.” Polland said “No other story has been cited more often and by more people in defense of claims that Obama had already released his state-certificate and proved beyond any question that he was born in Hawaii.”

Polland’s argument now is that the short-form birth certificate displayed by Factcheck as the “original” was nothing more than a paper version of Factcheck’s computer-created graphic, and not an authentic short-form birth certificate issued by the Hawaii Department of Health and delivered to Factcheck by the Obama campaign. (as Factcheck claimed)

Polland has asked the IRS to rescind Factcheck’s non-profit status, charging the principals at Factcheck are leftwing political activists who campaigned for Obama and against McCain.

“Factcheck’s fraudulent story, ‘Born in the USA,’ is important in the election of Barack Obama,” Polland explained. “The Congressional Research Service specifically distributed this report as a legitimate investigation to convince members of Congress that Obama was a legal U.S. citizen and eligible to be president.”

Picture of "original" document as presented by Factcheck. Note seal visible. (Click to enlarge)

When Polland compared the two documents he found that there were identical sets of dust marks evident. He says this proves the document claimed to be the real short form certificate cannot be the actual document as it has dust particle marks on it in the exact same places as the first graphic displayed by Factcheck. These dust marks are caused by dust particles on the glass of a scanner.

He then asks the simple question- If Factcheck indeed had the original document, why did they not photograph this, rather than a scanned facsimile? The original of course should not have dust marks on it as it would have been printed onto a clean piece of Birth Certificate paper.

That both the internet graphic and the photographed document (with fold lines) have identical dust marks is proof they both have the same origins, a printout and then a scan of the original internet graphic. That the embossed seal is not visible in the first document proves it was added after it was printed out.

Seems like a pretty good case for the prosecution.


Sheriff Joe ‘suspicious’ of motive behind Obama attacks.

Factcheck’s non-profit status challenged over Obama birth certificate.

10 thoughts on “Obama- Ineligibility Noose Slowly Tightens

  1. If Romney is the alternative, why waste your time Joe?

    In my parallel universe Christie declares very late and gets it by acclamation at the Convention.

    He has flaws on the 2nd but POTUS has already sorted the meaning of the 2nd, so what any of them thinks doesn’t matter much.

    Look at this bloke’s videos….. he’s a BS free zone with zero tolerance for thumbsuckers, Coulter knows it.

    And here’s a tip, he’s lost a couple of pounds.


  2. @B2 Joe needs to do this because the truth needs to come out, so that all Obama’s laws, appointments, executive orders, etc. are voided. If we just let him off by losing this election, then all that illegal stuff stays and we can’t have that!

    The only proof you need to know that Obama is ineligible is my video which is sourced by the Library of Congress so there is no disputing it!

    The American People WAKE UP after the Library of Congress proves Obama NOT to be a US Citizen:


  3. Yeah KBO, on the balance of probabilities the Birth certificate is “inadequate”.

    If you think the 14th will ever be enforced, although it seems to be black letter law, you don’t understand.
    To disenfranchise all blacks is a politically impossibility, SCOTUS will avoid having to rule by refusing to hear such a challenge.

    SCOTUS has never ruled on Natural Born.
    What other Judges in US States or US Senators have said or think is interesting but not binding, it’s a matter for SCOTUS alone.
    Again, no wonder SCOTUS will also refuse to consider the Birth Cert, a rejection would throw the US into chaos, repealing every Presidential action. Every Congressional Bill signed by Oby in the last 4 years would be void.
    A political impossibility.
    The internal lawsuits against Govt alone would bankrupt the US.

    Never happen.


  4. I hold big government in contempt, and I also hold the idea that those who are part of big government are exempt from law to be in violation of the historical legal foundations that made western civilization great.

    If Obama is a fraud and a liar and a counterfeiter, he should be prosecuted, whatever the cost.

    One thing about the left, you would not see them weakly saying there should be no prosecutions if it was for example George Bush in Obama’s position.


  5. If Joe’s evidence gets up to whatever the Arizona State Supreme Court is called and it finds in favour of the evidence, then Oby is finished in Arizona as long as the State Court was deciding a matter within its powers, say re the State Electoral College rules. If they start opining on the Constitution, they have no standing. Oby would never appeal a top State Court decision to SCOTUS, therein lies gaol time.

    If the BC document forensics are conclusive at State Court level, Oby will resign in return for sealing the case and in the interests of US economic survival. VP takes over, avoiding the ineligible Pres nightmare.

    “Whatever the cost”….easy to say. George Bush instead? Same deal, don’t doubt that striking down all legislation for the last 4 years would bomb the US back to the stone age. Invalid budget is just the start.


  6. Errrr…..how could anyone “disagree” with the facts of my # 3 comment?

    Those facts are 100% accurate.

    Please, “minus raters”….tell me your angst, maybe I can help you…….depending on your degree of dumbness…of course…:-)


  7. You’re all fucking dreaming.

    Want to get rid of Osama bin Kenya? Think about “taking the 2nd.”

    In fact, from a constitutional law position, if the point of the 2nd is to defend against an illegitimate government, it’s hard to think of a worse case than this, right.

    So which is it to be? Taking the 2nd on Osama bin Kenya? — or the NRA & friends shown up for being toothless lazy socialists like the rest of the US?


  8. Oh Jeeez…..#7….if you mean what you seem to mean no wonder the Secret Service has your IP tracked as we speak.

    Be interested to hear how you go on your next US visa application.



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