Red Alert- Marxists Carry On Carrying On

I see where Clare Curran has decided to keep the Red Alert blog going. Which proves the Labour party have less idea about strategy than National. I give Labour credit for courage, in mixing it with the citizenry in a way National are far too cowardly to do. However their courage is foolhardy, for all Red Alert really achieves is to awaken more and more people to what horrible people the left really are.

There are two strategies at the core of every left wing political movement on the planet. They are propaganda, and control of information. These methods just do not fit in with the internet, where propaganda is easily challenged, and information cannot be controlled.

Posts at Red Alert are almost always in the usual soviet big brother style, and they are easily ridiculed. The frantic attempts of the site “moderators” to stifle criticism while they simultaneously claim to be for open discussion only lead to more ridicule.

The soviet style of the Labour Party is fully exposed in their news on Curran’s new job.-

I’ve been given a new portfolio called Open Government, perhaps a first for any major political party as a formal portfolio.

If Labour is ever elected again, Clare “control the language” Curran, chief censor on Red Alert, and mercilessly intolerant of anything that really challenges leftist dogma, will have “Open Government’ as her primary responsibility? Good grief. Only the left could be so blindly arrogant as to suggest she is suited to such a post.

Labour have made a mistake in persevering with Red Alert. The left are far better restricting themselves to their usual propaganda outlets like newspapers, and radio and television broadcasters, where they have complete control over the message.

I suspect the blog will just become a straight propaganda site, such as the National Party run, where there are press releases, and a comments section restricted to the fawning adulation of a few party sycophants.

There’s far too much truth on the internet for the left to ever successfully compete. Comrade Curran and her party apparatchiks running the site know that now.

Leftists and their ideology are so last century, and with their deeply ingrained Stalinist mentality, they were never going to make it in the openness of the modern day internet. I think I told them that in my first post to the site. It got me a lifetime ban of course.

Re-thinking Red Alert.

9 thoughts on “Red Alert- Marxists Carry On Carrying On

  1. The Standard is the worst . . the paranoid of the place . . quoting facts about climate change lies gets you the threat of an imminent ban. Even Pete George gets deleted for being a Tory sock-puppet !


  2. “Even Pete George gets deleted for being a Tory sock-puppet !”

    That’s funny, if you can believe they would actually be that politically screwed up. 🙂

    George is one of Dunne’s underlings, and Dunne came from the Labour party.


  3. Most of Farrar’s political posting are probably written by Jason Ede – head of JK’s media team. Farrar is compromised himself, mind . . his company Curia does mostly research for the National Party, so in a way he’s got his snout in the trough too.

    . . fatcats and troughers at the top, parasites at the bottom and the rest of us in the middle getting bled dry.


  4. That’s very interesting Angus. I have suspected for some time that there were other writers adding posts to Kiwiblog under David Farrar’s name, due to the different styles of writing I have noticed.

    Do you have anything I could use to validate this?


  5. It’s the writing style I’d noticed too, and since Ede is the one primarily responsible for issuing the talking points to the media . . where there’s smoke. Ede had been mentioned by the Dimpost too, not that I’d put too much stock in what that cardigan-wearing androgynous-looking commie twerp Danyl claims.

    Kiwiblog definitely has to be a part of the National apparatus, just like Slater . . he just does the more risque stuff whilst maintaining the pretense that he’s an outsider. Although in Farrar’s case, he does have other named contributors, that liberal bint “Jadis” and that God-obsessed economics lecturer from Massey University who always posts the nature photographs, are two that come to mind.


  6. I also think that he has members of Key’s media collective commenting on Kiwiblog, and (as they couldn’t beat me), I also think they were responsible for my being “demerited” off for such major transgressions as the use of the word “fuckwit”.

    Typical left wing cowards. I’d say the commenter “The Davincimode” is one of them.

    Key actually has more media people surrounding him than Klark, and they all have the usual left wing origins. That is a big part of why the Nats have morphed into Junior Labour.

    Key has allowed the party to be infiltrated by media scum who have never understood what it was really about.

    Key is useless. His advisors are just the usual media commies, and they have destroyed the National Party.

    They think they’re clever because they won the election, but there’s really nothing clever about winning an election by out-Labouring Labour.

    Actually, I’m pretty sure that I have asked Farrar if he had written certain posts, but don’t recall him replying.

    They’re always (except for Jadis) posted under Farrar’s name.


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