Auckland University Economics Professor Pushes “Rich Poor Gap” Propaganda (in NZ Herald of course)

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There was a time, believe it or not, when the education process was free of political influence. Students were given broad groundings in a wide range of subjects, and graduated university free to make up their own mind about their political direction.

That was long ago and before the devoted advocates of socialism seized upon the education system as the most profitable place for their work. Education at most NZ universities is now a process where students are deeply immersed in cultural Marxism, Critical Theory and Progressive politics.

We see an example of how education has slipped in today’s NZ Herald, where a Marxist academic writes a piece on the “rich poor gap” that is almost a duplication of a recent editorial from the paper. A handy example of how the left have also destroyed another of our public institutions, the mainstream media, and how academia and media now work hand in glove in pursuit of their poisonous political objectives.

The article in the Herald is entitled “Greedy warriors of privilege threaten our Decent Society”, a headline that in its emotive and populist far left appeal, is something you might expect from another of the Herald’s favourite communists, Matt McCarten. Or you might even expect it from Fidel Castro, or Hugo Chavez, but its from one Tim Hazledine, a professor of economics at the University of Auckland.

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Its the usual logically flawed stuff about the growing gap between rich and poor that Obama and the OWS crowd and The Herald and everyone with a direct line to Central Communist Planning Committee has been running the past six months. How can these so called academics teach anything to students when their reasoning powers are so clearly dysfunctional and their grasp of current affairs so limited? (Hazledine calls the Obama supporter Warren Buffet “right wing”)

Hazledine doesn’t say that one of the main statistical reasons there is a growing rich poor gap is the rising property market. If you had property you won. If you didn’t have it, you lost.

Another is the left’s redistribution policies, which produce poverty traps and provide a clear disincentive for welfare recipients to get off their backside and work and improve their situation. (See chart fig 1) If you’re going to give more and more people food stamps, (chart fig 2) or other forms of welfare, of course their not going to get rich.

In calling for greater wealth redistribution, the Professor wants to pour petrol on the fire of poverty.

Trillions have been poured into wealth redistribution all over the globe, and the only result has been to prove it to be a wrong idea. The attached chart (figure 1) shows that before socialists started stealing money and giving it to the people who vote for them, poverty was dropping.

We desperately need to stop listening to Marxists, especially in our schools and universities. Our politicians too, cowed by the influence of left wing academics and Marxist media types are far too meek at confronting this propaganda. Margaret Thatcher is long gone from politics, but watching her speak in the attached video awakens one to just how pathetically inadequate are the likes of John Key and his National Party acolytes.

When will we see some real push back against the widespread and overwhelming extreme left propaganda of Professor Hazledine and the Herald editors and their ilk?? I’m pretty sure it will never happen as long as the hollow fraud John Key is PM.

Tim Hazledine: Greedy warriors of privilege threaten our Decent Society

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  1. Of course what the earned Professor also skims over is another of the main reasons behind inflated management salaries, and that is cronyism, fraud and corruption arising as a result of collusion between socialist governments and their “private sector” supporters.


  2. Hazeldines greatest success may be to drive economics into such disrepute that it will be cut loose from the universities and only be taught by mail order or internet subscription from the same outfits that offer PhD’s in astrology. That is, before the universities themselves go broke.
    Courtesy JHK.


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