Coddington Promotes NZ Style Separatism In Australia

Separatist flag flies at Dunedin school

Has that Deborah Coddington developed into the most asinine person or what? Look at these paragraphs from her Herald column today- absolute fairy tale rubbish-

But Australia still hasn’t solved the problem of equality, partnership and legislating for advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, though there is an ongoing campaign to try to involve the entire country in dealing with this.

In terms of financial wealth, Australia is financially better off, but they could learn something from us in terms of respecting tangata whenua. Yes, the English ripped off the Maori, too, when it came to getting them to sign the Treaty of Waitangi. Henry Williams deliberately mistranslated from Maori to English to protect his land holdings, and numerous other travesties were perpetrated.

But I know where I’d rather live. We can’t go back, only forward, and guilt gets nobody anywhere.

Apart from her completely unsubstantiated claims on the treaty and the Maori being “ripped off”, (and GUILT… ??? Debs, I assure you I do not have one iota of guilt and view the concept as an entirely falsely constructed Progressive/ Marxist political device) what does she think makes an increasing number of NZers, probably from the most intelligent and productive sector of society, decide to leave for Australia every year?

I’ll tell you- they leave to escape the social and economic cost of the separatist crap supported by delusional propaganda embracing bimbos like Coddington.

Australian’s need it like they need a hole in the head.

If there is one social and political affliction that is absolutely ruining NZ in so many ways, but mainly socially and economically, it is the country splitting hugely expensive and always totally unsatisfying Treaty grievance industry.

Most NZers I have met who have taken the plunge and left for OZ (Maoris included) say the comparative absence of whining racist separatist public purse robbers is the best thing about living there. Absolutely amazing that Coddington apparently can’t twig to this.

Race relations drag lucky rival backwards

38 thoughts on “Coddington Promotes NZ Style Separatism In Australia

  1. There’s going to be tears before bedtime for Deb.
    The coming referendum to make Aboriginals special privileged people by changing the Constitution to effectively cede government to the “progressive” judiciary is destined to be squashed.

    The leftards are taking the bait even this far in advance, they are already implying that anyone who doesn’t vote for this change is a raaaacist.
    That won’t work in Aust………the US and NZ sure.


  2. Just what we need here in Oz–little commie fuckwit bimbos giving us advice. However have we managed up until now without them?


  3. She obviously doesn’t understand exactly why many of New Zealand’s best and brightest have fled. Here’s a hint Debbie, it ain’t *just* about making a decent living offshore!


  4. Ever since she wrote that piece for North & South about asian crime – causing the entire PC lefteratti to erupt in outrage and self-flagellating ecstasy – she’s obviously decided to tow the “approved” line of opinion ever since.


  5. She’s a lawyer’s wife now, so what more would you expect from someone who relies on the trough to sustain them? Its second nature for her ilk to felate the leftards egos now


  6. utter bs and i take offence to her slandering my ancestor, henry williams.

    what he and his family achieved and sacrificed for the beginnings of this country she could not achieve in 1000 lifetimes. filth.


  7. Hateful woman might think that delusional garbage she’s spouting could get her a job in Aus too. She hasn’t taken into account the Aussies have seen the destruction of N.Z by a communist woman and will surely arse-hole Giltard and the no-account losers (I’m guessing) she aspires to join.


  8. So, former Act Party MPs are now commies? Boy, there’s some seriously ignorant political posturing that goes on here!

    There’s a few posters who could do us all a favour and naff off to Oz, where they could sit round their barbies and bask in the glory of living in a land where there are no pesky race issues …. because the issues and social inequities that go with them are ignored.

    That’s not to say all Australians are racist. I’ve known and worked with Aussies for 35 years and at least two I’ve met weren’t.


  9. “There’s a few posters who could do us all a favour”

    How about you learn some manners, and that includes not presuming to speak for others. You have no idea how “all” NZers might think.

    In fact, you sound as if you are someone who only knows what the TV One newsroom or the Herald editors or university academics think.

    How about before you write anything here again, you get your own mind?


  10. Things are a wee bit different in Aust Marty baby.
    Skin colour doesn’t doesn’t matter much, seeing there’s 130 different immigrant nationalities in the Aussie diaspora.

    What matters and decides your success or otherwise are your cultural values.
    For example, the comprehensively failed primitive cultural values adhered to by many Aboriginals, despite the evidence of the tragic disaster of attempting to use those values as guidance in the 21st century, is their choice. The billions that get thrown at the problem turn to dust every time. In the end they choose to booze, not educate their kids….. the nil motivation gene might be an evolutionary handicap because it seems unfixable.

    The Western culture of success is waiting to assimilate the smart survivors.


  11. Yep, the world will truly be a greater place when all are assimilated into the Western culture of success.


  12. “..the glory of living in a land where there are no pesky race issues …. because the issues and social inequities that go with them are ignored.”
    Listen, you ignorant posturing cunt: Australia spends billions of dollars on those race issues, there are thousands of people employed as doctors, nurses, builders, plumbers, accountants, physiotherapists, pilots, community health specialists and a whole lot more, servicing Aboriginal communities. Vast areas of Australia have been set aside as traditional Aboriginal lands, under the ownership and/or stewardship of the native people.If that’s your definition of “ignored” then you need some serious schooling. Or perhaps you already had some, Kiwi-style, and your comment is the result.
    Fucking snotty little adolescent socialist Kiwi weasels just love slagging off Aussies and Australia–it’s a kind of junior nationalist penis envy. At least put what you laughingly refer to as your “brain” in gear before approaching a keyboard.


  13. You sarcastic cock. Of course the world will be a better place when all are assimilated into the Western culture of success. The poor are infinitely better off in those countries that have adopted Western (Judaeo Christian) values – even those where they are partially adopted like socialist New Zealand! By any objective measure, the poorest in New Zealand or any other Western country is better off than 99% of people in countries that have not adopted Western success measures.

    In tribal cultures in places such as Africa (and such as the corrupt Corporate IWI on board the grievance gravy train would love to make New Zealand) the 0.1% at the top of the tree live in enormous wealth while everyone else starves. In even partially market-drive economies the poorest of the poor don’t have to worry about starving. In New Zealand the measure of “poverty” is not whether you eat today, it is whether you can only afford a basic Sky TV package and $100 per week on Lotto.

    You fucking retarded ape. Why not go back to Red Alert or Kiwiblog where you can sit around and circle-jerk with other unthinking leftist douche bags like yourself?

    Here endeth the lesson.


  14. “That’s not to say all Australians are racist. I’ve known and worked with Aussies for 35 years and at least two I’ve met weren’t.”
    Yeah, and I’ve worked with a couple of Kiwis who weren’t juvenile thieving socialists, too. And a couple more who didn’t mistake cowardly PC silence for tolerance. What’s more, I even know one who doesn’t suffer from nationalist penis-envy when talking about Australia.
    Go and do some growing up, fer chrissakes, Australia has an amazing record when it comes to assimilating people from a huge variety of races and cultures. The “Aussies are racists” meme has been done to death by ignorant pricks like you and the facts don’t support it.


  15. You got me, I’m wrong. Australians aren’t racist – it’s only Aborigines who think that. And you’re right, who needs cultural diversity when we can structure the world according to the Western culture of success? We can always look at old National Geographics to see how the world used to be.


  16. Why am I not surprised? Disappointed perhaps – I used small words and language even a retarded ape should be able to understand – but not surprised. The ability to think and reason is absent from retarded apes.



  17. Marty, are you one of those white blackfellas Bolt was dragged through the mud for questioning? Do you know what Aboriginies think?
    I met two Aboriginies while I was over there: one in the local, drinking with despicable whites (saw him win a horse-riding event at a rodeo months later).(Qld)
    The other was half white and only 14 or 15 (met her at a Christmas bbq) so she wasn’t old enough to hate the honkeys yet.(Vic)


  18. DonD, we’ve worked among Aborigines and lived alongside them for years in the bush and the amount of racism on both sides has- until the last few years- been minimal. But there’s a new generation of blackfellas now who have absorbed the message white marxist skoolteacher bimbos are pushing and as a result they’re angry and racist as hell. But they had to be taught it.
    My Abo mate reckons I’m a racist though–he always ends up skinning the wallabies.


  19. Marty….you’re getting it now, aren’t you possum.

    No one in Australia minds if you want to cling bitterly to your failed cultural values (as long as you don’t threaten anyone or want the rest of us to adopt your quaint cultural death wish) but the #1 requirement is that we don’t have to subsidise your endless failed behaviours due to your cultural beliefs.

    An easy concept for you.

    The reason the world isn’t some nostalgic Nat Geo theme park is because the cultures of which they spoke substantially FAILED as a response to modernity. They are ex parrots.
    In the case of Aboriginals, if they want to live that life they have for example 40% of the NT on which to do it. But surprise, surprise they have rejected their previous existence and refuse to adopt the Western values of success, expecting to be subsidised forever in their dysfunction. We do that now, but it will end. Sorry, I understand reality is a challenge for you.


  20. Marty Harris another holier than thou smart-arse, who wins today’s big prize – a one way ticket to Zimbabwe as cultural attache to Robert Mugabe.


  21. Correction

    If ACT is to survive they will have to devise a no dickhead test for candidate selection.


  22. Guess what guys, there’s a wonderful world about us, filled with astonishing things and incredible people who embrace others with love and hope. But because, judging from comments, you’re too busy trying to construct a tidy little world view to justify your position of privilege compared with most in the world, it all passes you by.

    There are people who you’d despise who live lives based on honesty, sharing and encouraging others in the hope of a better future for all, but you petty selfish shits think you’re superior. It’s tragic but it’s your tragedy. I’m guessing a lot of you are Libertarians. Dear oh dear.


  23. lololol! Every time the retarded ape types something, it puts its foot in it. Libertarians? How many times can one clown be wrong in one thread?
    A “position of privilege”, eh….I must be real privileged, to be out there in 34c, 85% humidity in the dust and the dirt, picking mangoes for a buck.
    And I know one or two others who work damn hard under some awful conditions too, so I guess there’s a lot of that “privilege” around…..
    What do you do for a living, Marty? Don’t be shy–after all, you’re the one pontificating from some lofty moral perch about privilege. Do tell. 🙂


  24. You’re full of it Marty.

    Please be my guest, “redistribute” your saved personal wealth to Africa and assorted mendicants as you choose….let’s make that compulsory for Western comrade thumbsuckers.

    When all the cultural Marxists have donated all their own wealth you can talk to me about a small charity donation, not before. And of course, as a condition, the mendicants will have to change the cultural practices that make them poor and dysfunctional in the first place.

    If it’s “sharing” with you we’re talking about, get an extra job and if that’s not enough get a 3rd job.

    See how that works, easy fix.
    Isn’t the market wonderful.


  25. Marty, in case you hadn’t noticed … all cultures are NOT equal.
    Had you ever wondered why democracy [clearly the best system of government the world has ever seen], and therefore genuine freedom, ONLY survives and functions in those nations which embrace Judeo-Christian principles and values???

    And that those cultures which reject those same values and principles are run by … tyrannical and corrupt dictators, backward 7th century murderous death-cultists, superstitious tribalists, communist oppressors, etc, etc.

    Why is it these communists never actually go and live under one of their ‘preferred’ systems of government …


  26. Not attention. Amusement.

    I find the lack of intellectual underpinning to arguments posted here simply hilarious.

    I mean, what – precisely – is a “backward 7th century murderous death-cultist”? Or was that just something that sounded good when it was being thought up? (And it would be an odd death cultist who wasn’t murderous, so you should perhaps have avoided the tautology…)

    And honestly, what is a “cultural marxist”? They way you people obviously think, marxism is all about some sort of enforced uniformity. But you’ve been arguing why the “western culture of success” should supplant all other cultures. Cultural marxism? Yep, that would qualify.

    If anyone here actually knows and understands the difference between socialism, marxism and communism then they certainly haven’t demonstrated the slightest inkling. Which makes argument pointless because one side of the debate consists of people who don’t know shit but insist on writing it.


  27. I’d be willing to be its something in the ‘higher education’ or ‘public service’ sectors.

    Time to stop feeding the trolls, methinks.


  28. Y’know how the commies object to being stereotyped, but every time we give one of them space they never fail to live up to that stereoptype.

    Marty has has five opportunities to make some kind of point now and has failed completely. All we have is the allegation that “we don’t know what we’re talking about”. Typical Critical Theory strategy. Although Marty probably doesn’t know that.

    Marty, you’re obviously far to smart for TrueblueNZ, I suggest you take your comments somewhere where the depth of intellect you display will be more appreciated.


  29. C’mon Marty, pledge the dollar result of your work* product to 3rd world and heartrending sub Saharan Africa.

    Live in a caravan so you can maximise that “redistribution”.

    Or I won’t take you seriously, possum.

    * a theoretical concept, I see a soon to be unemployed arts student in your future.


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