Colin Craig Flushes Out The Faux Right Blogosphere

One thing about Colin Craig’s sudden rush of publicity, its exposed NZ’s “right wing bloggers” for the bunch of Marxist impostors they mostly are.

The hate coming from places like Kiwiblog and Whale Oil and Keeping Stock and others who portray themselves as NZ’s main force against the left is so starkly apparent, and if this outpouring of contempt shows anything at all it is how hopelessly left wing NZ society really is.

The Conservative Party is far from perfect, but its a welcome antidote to the one party Marxist state we’ve had to endure under National and Labour over the last few decades.

Its appalling to see how far left John Key’s Marxists have taken National when they’re virtually joining forces with the thugs and communists in Labour (and the mainstream media) in their attempts to destroy Colin Craig.

Its worse to see the self described “right wing blogosphere” joining in this campaign, with daily attacks from Whale Oil and / or Farrar all of this week. Mostly these attack pieces are made up of cowardly and untrue smears.

Proving the truth that I have been claiming for some time. Labour and National (with special thanks to John Key’s Marxists) are one and the same, and if you vote for either of these useless far left parties, you’re condemning this country to more of exactly the same social destruction it has had to endure for thirty years or more.

We need a NZ Tea Party to clean the left wing trash out of National. We don’t have one just yet, but maybe Colin Craig is about as close as we may get for the time being.

32 thoughts on “Colin Craig Flushes Out The Faux Right Blogosphere

  1. Red
    I think you have it a tad wrong here.
    Mana Greens- Far Left Labour – LEFT – National UF – CENTRE – NZF CP ACT – RIGHT

    National like UF is left of centre with their fringe being centre.


  2. RB, you really should update your blog more frequently. Reading over at KB is nauseating. Apparently now is this guy’s proudest day because Key has done an Obama. Gimme a break!
    WO now has guest posts by Labour people. Labour Nats Greens etc are really all only different shades of red.
    Should bode well for Colin Craig….though I would not be surprised if TV3 are already digging to find something un-savoury on him.


  3. Well said RB. The Nats want all the cake for themselves and are willing to drag the whole country leftward into the sewer for votes via their flip-flopping lack of ethics and shady backroom deals. I just hope Colin Craig is man enough to stick to his guns, 2014 could well be a watershed conservative vs the socialists.


  4. Michael McKee, your spectrum is tilted. ACT is not on the ‘right’ of the political spectrum, except in the Cuba of the South Pacific.

    Red, the nauseating attacks by leftists like Slater and Farrar prove nothing more than that National is resentful of needing a partner. ACT are gone for all money, I’m waiting for a split with the Banks faction trying to cozy up to the Conservatives and the rest joining the Leftertarianz. Wait for 2014 when Key has to grovel to Colin Craig to form government. Then we’ll see what Craig is really made of.

    About the only thing I don’t like wi the Conservatives is their opposition to ‘asset sales’ but I suspect that’s more populism than policy.


  5. The difference between Redbaiter rightists and the Marxist left isn’t really that much. Right-wing….Left wing…same control freak state turkey in the middle all said and done.


  6. “The Nats want all the cake for themselves and are willing to drag the whole country leftward into the sewer for votes via their flip-flopping lack of ethics and shady backroom deals.”

    Damn right PMONZ. A bunch of turncoat Marxists who are happy to enter into a coalition with racists and separatists but attack the Conservatives because they represent a threat to their cosy little socialist status quo.


  7. Good to find more conservative voices here in NZ! I hope Mr. Craig can grow his party and help pull NZ back from their march down the leftist road to statism (or are we already there?…) The ETS has GOT to go (clear example of a statist policy based on desire for power instead of any proved science)… Cheers from a new American fan living in NZ (yep I’m a T.E.A. partier… these ideals are sorely needed here in NZ)


  8. Thanks for a great comment Lisa, and a specal welcome to a Tea Partier.

    You’re all my heroes.


  9. Alas we lost long ago.
    Socialism’s great insight and attraction was to make living on other people’s money morally and politically acceptable, a previously unthinkable concept ….ie. it’s not theft, bruuver, its a political philosophy.

    The trick for the socialists of both Parties is to keep State theft of individual wealth to a level just under the line where revolt and capital flight begin.


  10. Redbaiter… I know your views on the political scene, but most people don’t. In this semblance of a democracy, you need votes (or a nod and a wink) to get into the bearpit… So now the average Kiwi voter thanks to their blind reliance on media thinks Colin Craig is a misogynistic Christian fundamentalist. Even if we know that’s bollocks it’s going to be hard for them to get in Parliament, so much so that this could delay him by three years.

    A question the Conservatives need to ask themselves was is it worth all this negative publicity for 5 days of headlines, two and a half years from an election? Even if National grows a spine and lets them in, they have written fuck off voters on their forehead (yes the media helped, but doesn’t Craig have advisors???) So less seats.

    Was it worth it Redbaiter (or anyone else who wants to join in)?


  11. Craig got almost 60,000 votes last election. More than most minor parties (bar the Watermelons) combined.

    Thanks to the internet, many more people know what a poisonous bunch of lying Marxist scum the mainstream media is every day. More people also appreciate the fact that the so called “right wing” blogosphere is a fraud. Attacks from these two sources will be blunted and have less and less effect as time goes by.

    You also (by your own words,, ie- “they have written fuck off voters on their forehead”) make the mistake of believing that what the beltway and the mainstream media claims is fact. Its not. Never is. In most cases they’re just repeating politically advantageous claptrap (propaganda) or projecting, or just making it up.

    Please don’t come back here again and ask me to respond to an opinion that is clearly based on anti Conservative mainstream media drivel. I don’t buy it, and I don’t respect the views of anyone who does.


  12. Point is, you’re only telling me what the mainstream media claim the voters hear.

    I don’t hear it, and I know plenty more who don’t.

    Sure, I agree some will buy it, but let me say it again- more and more people (these days) realise the mainstream media are politically compromised Marxist liars.


  13. Actually the Conservative Party policy wasn’t opposition to the partial asset sales, it was in fact, sales could proceed provided that:
    1) Major sales would require explicit approval via a public referendum before proceeding.
    2) All sales must have at least 60% of shares allocated for purchase only to NZ natural citizens (similar to the Thatcher privatizations – creating a property and share owning democracy – not total corporate sales as happened during the last round of Labour sell-offs and as National intends to do by secretly allocating share parcels via closed tender to it’s mates).

    Both of these policies I believe are not unreasonable and merit sensible debate. But the dishonest MSM and Nat stooges have constantly misrepresented the Conserve party position on this as blanket opposition, I’ll leave it for the reader to judge why.


  14. Talk about frustration.Great to see another post Red.
    Have become exasperated watching the dribble on KB and WO.
    I believe there are a huge number of voters out there looking for a home and the CP can provide it.
    Heard Garner on radio putting the boot in to Craig and 2 minutes later saying he may make some progress.
    Eternal vigilance.
    The original John.


  15. Colin Craig was impressive on Q&A today. I think he is going to go from strength to strength if he keeps telling it like it is.


  16. A read of the Conservative’s website is not that enlightening re economic policy.

    Obviously it’s their admirable binding referenda idea that makes NatLab froth at the mouth and the MSM gibber with fear and loathing.

    Binding referenda break the back of Establishment NatLab power and we couldn’t have that.


  17. Labour MP Wall was on tv7 news tonight on the marriage issue.
    The reporter introduced the item as her having been a guest on “right wing”blog WO.The media portray both WO and kb as right wing. They are not,they are social liberal activists and as such cannot be right wing or conservative.


  18. I have no idea why political pundits think pandering to the MSM or trying to play their PC speech games is a good strategy.

    1. The media will have it in for Craig irrespective of how much he tries to appeal to the broader voter base.
    2. The media will twist and lie about anything he says, and turn the smallest thing into a huge thing.
    3. Time to take them on directly. It is not about winning 30% opf the vote, it’s about winning 10% – by being clear and unequivicol and being prepared to speak up agains the bullshit. A solid group of voters will respect that, and it can grow from there.

    The trick is to be on the attack, not the defense. Challenge their statements constantly. Use humour to ensure the exchanges are reported. If Paul Holmes wants to make a big deal about a prayer, respond with:

    Is making a prayer make me a raidcal or a madman does it? Why don’t we try one right now, together Paul? (Holds his hand)

    “Dear Lord, I pray that Paul will be forgiven for his racist slurs and cheekie darkie comments and many others of a similar nature that have greatly hurt so many people. I pray that he doesn’t try to gain popularity by turning a person’s private beliefs into a political statement that somehow implies Christians are evil and bad.

    I pray all New Zealanders can live together in mutual respect and tolerance, and feel free to express themselves without being censured for their beliefs, and like it says in our National Athem: God Defend New Zealand. Amen”

    There, that wasn’t so bad now was it?


  19. I agree with your comments concerning the liberal media Zen. (and yours concerning Whale Kowtow)

    Why would any Conservative want to be interrogated by one so strongly liberal in their political perspective as Paul Holmes. (for just one example) How could this damn fool ever have enough understanding of politics to ask any relevant questions?

    Its just farcical that such Marxists are considered to be “media”.

    They are nothing of the sort. They are frauds using their profession to effect political and social change.


  20. In order to have any chance politically, Craig must have a strategy to neutralise or bypass the MSM, as they will,almost without excpetion be completly hostile.

    He could do worse than to set up somthing similar to Frogblog (I’m a fan of adopting the strategy and tactics of the enemy) to communicate directly with supporters or potential supporters.

    On another note, does anyone know why WO is such a rabid supportor of homosexual ‘marrige’?


  21. “On another note, does anyone know why WO is such a rabid supportor of homosexual ‘marrige’?”

    Trying to bolster support for that coward Key maybe.

    Whaleoil is typical present day National. All over the place politically. No basic principles. Marxist in most matters. Only in NZ would he be labeled “right wing”. As Kowtow says above, Farrar and Whale are in reality not much different to your average left wing liberal activist.


  22. OT.
    An observation of circumstances that have made me money in the past.
    The capitulation of France, Greece, Spain and now of a large German state (a pointer to Merkel’s fate) to the continuation of the Euro welfare state as the band plays on, as if they have a choice, combined with no change in the US debt projections despite the spin, means very possible new credit crunch and maybe currency crisis. Last round BHP went to $22.

    ‘Buy when there’s blood on the streets, sell when the cheers of victory are loudest’…… that’s your set of free steak knives.


  23. Kiwiblog today is just complete Marxist propaganda.

    What a fucking disgrace for a “right wing” site.

    Violence against women- Gay marriage.

    Just complete Marxist crap.

    These bloody treacherous fools just go on letting the left set the agenda.


  24. Wouldnt it be great for the conservatives to get 10% and not go into coalition.

    I would like to see Colin Craig hold the balance of power, read out the National founding principals
    and then tell them to go into coalition with Labour.


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