National Party Turncoats- Anti-Conservative Supporters Of NZ’s Neo-Marxist Society

There’s a collection of anti-Conservative Party bloggers and commenters out there who claim to represent the right wing of NZ politics, and are in most cases National Party supporters, and who describe the Conservatives as too “left wing” for their tastes.

Yet those who make these protests have happily voted for the National Party for decades and will most likely do so at the next election. Apparently without an iota of realisation that the primary reason for NZ’s drift into its present derelict neo-Marxist condition is the complete and abject surrender of the National Party to the far left and or the secular progressive wing of NZ politics.

The founding principles of the National Party are displayed in the side bar of this blog. As far as John Key and the party’s present leadership is concerned, these principles do not exist. The Party has completely disavowed NZ’s traditional Christian based culture, and gone full tilt in support of the left’s ambition to convert NZ’s primary culture to Marxism.

The National Party today supports the left’s most dangerous and destructive grab for global power- the climate change scam.

The National Party supports racism and separatism, both destabilising and subversive concepts designed to weaken our social structure and make us easy prey for the left.

The National Party has completely failed to present or even articulate an opposing point of view to the suffocating Marxist rhetoric of the left, and capitulated so badly that its own rhetoric on social and economic issues is almost indistinguishable from that of Labour.

The National Party supports every Progressive and “Liberal” social change that is put in front of the NZ public and rarely if ever articulates any alternative position let alone a Conservative argument.

The National Party have enthusiastically aided the hard left of Labour in their mission to convert NZ over the last four or five decades, from a traditional Christian based society into a modern Marxist one party state.

The National Party at the next election will just be offering you more of the same derelict ideas that have caused NZ to sink to it slowest social condition ever. Our economic condition remains in doubt while National happily borrows millions of dollars a week to keep its Marxist society functioning.

Eventually that credit will run out and the outcomes that presently afflict Greece are in store for every socialist government that continues through ideological stubbornness to deny economic reality.

There might (somewhere) be a reason to vote for National over the Conservatives, but the claim that the Conservatives are “too left wing” by comparison is a notion that is completely devoid of rationality.

9 thoughts on “National Party Turncoats- Anti-Conservative Supporters Of NZ’s Neo-Marxist Society

  1. National failed miserably on the anti parent bill that removed our right to discipline our children.As such they are anti family and anti tradition.Instead of a good fight that the public would have supported them on they were led by the nose by that communist Bradford.


  2. The reality is even sadder.
    In a Democracy, if there are enough like minded, you can vote to give yourself the money other people receive for their work.
    There are enough like minded.

    And please stop calling it Superannuation, it is a govt Pension which you partially self fund.
    Australia has Superannuation, NZ has an aged Pension.


  3. National MP’s left the party principles and the core Nat supporters and embarked on a separate power trip. The consequences are as you have described.
    Have tried talking to some National MP’s and they are completely indoctrinated.Not one of them wants to stand up for the principles of the party.
    How they can sit by and let people like Finlayson screw this country is beyond me.
    I am hoping voters are beginning to wake up to the poor representation they are receiving.


  4. Historically, Socialism comes easily to the NZ psyche, it’s almost genetic.

    Even sixty years ago the Nats were run by agrarian socialists whose expectation of power and subsidy via capital controls, exchange rates, tax concessions and margarine rules means there were no good old days.
    Labor was run by the present day equivalent of the Maritime Unions.

    Like intelligent monopolists everywhere they merged at the core while allowing Surf / Omo choices at the edges.
    It’s a marketing thing.

    The Rent Seekers gradually united.

    Now you get to choose whomever you like……..but there’s only one catch, it’s NatLab or LabNat.

    For your own good……


  5. The super thing is going to be interesting…

    Considering we have a shit load of people coming up to retirement and no money.

    Do they believe they have earned and paid tax for their pensions?

    Not even realizing that they have lived in excess, voting for socialist governments?

    Better hope their children love them, because they will need them.

    Those old Family and Christian values might be quite useful… oh.


  6. B2 is right. Particularly with reference to the Nats. Labour & National’s essential difference still is that National are only really interested in being in charge of the money and elevating themselves and their friends to positions of riches. Labour on the other hand are now full of left-wing malcontents hellbent on deconstructing Western culture and transforming it.


  7. Anyone see the blithering idiot having a crack at the Conservatives in the Dompost today.
    Dunne paranoid over the smacking issue and trying to make out kiwis are more aligned to Bradford than the Conservatives.
    Rather see Craig with the balance of power than Dunne and his phone box full of followers.


  8. Yes, Dunne is just a compromising coward and typical of the despicable falsie hearted politicians glullible NZers have elected to power over the last few decades.


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