Taranaki Heckler Exposes Watermelon Gareth Hughes as Fraud and Charlatan

At a public meeting in Taranaki a night ago, Gareth Hughes was persistently asked by the audience to provide evidence of groundwater contamination due to the use of fraccing procedures by petroleum exploration companies.

Mr Hughes was unable to provide the evidence. Rather than answer the question, Mr. Hughes continually directed the discussion off the subject to fringe areas such as fossil fuel use and global warming.

When the heckler persisted in asking for evidence, Mr. Hughes threatened to eject him from the meeting, whereupon the questioner left voluntarily in disgust at Mr. Hughes’s constant evasion.

It became clear during the meeting that the Green Party opposition to fraccing is really motivated by their disapproval of fossil fuel use and their promotion of the global warming scam.

The Greens make stuff up about fraccing as a means to stop the sin (as they see it) of petroleum drilling. There is no evidence in NZ of fraccing operations (carried out by petroleum companies) contaminating groundwater. Mr Hughes knows this is a fact but would not admit it.

The meeting was preceded by a film addressing problems with the coal seam gas industry in Queensland, which is an industry far removed in techniques and methods from the petroleum drilling industry in NZ. The Green Party is lying to the NZ public by trying to present the two industries as the same.

The whole meeting was driven by this weak and deceitful propaganda, and Mr Hughes’s evasion was clear evidence that the Green Party’s anti-fraccing campaign is itself under pinned by a web woven from propaganda lies and scare mongering.

The Greens are opposed to fossil fuel use and telling lies about fraccing to further this opposition. This is all the whole anti-fraccing campaign is about.

I warn the NZ public, don’t be sucked in by the lies and propaganda of these deceitful charlatans and propagandists.

When it comes to facts, they have nothing. Gareth Hughes proved that beyond doubt in Taranaki last night.

9 thoughts on “Taranaki Heckler Exposes Watermelon Gareth Hughes as Fraud and Charlatan

  1. Plenty of people will choose to believe the Greens bullshit because it allows them to feel a warm fuzzy glow of self-righteous indignation. Facts no longer matter, feelings rule.


  2. In NZ the MSM treat the Greens as an extra religious denomination.
    For an expat returning the fact that massive clearing of native forest for pines in our tiny Nth Island attracts no comment from the Greens or the MSM is a very curious thing.
    In Australia the Greens are all over it.
    But in Australia it isn’t Maori owned land and private clear felling of native bush is nearly banned.
    So the Greens have to choose…..criticise Maori or pretend it isn’t happening.
    Nothing to see here, it isn’t happening.

    Some ideological correctnesses are more equal than others.


  3. They are doing the rounds.They were in Hawkes Bay recently.
    The Greens have a sympathiser and most likely a member, on the regional council.
    This cr rimmerswal put up a motion re fracking that was most likely written by Hughes as it would not seem possible for her to manufacture.
    They are against dairying,oil exploration,farming,spraying etc but support racist representatives on councils.
    Hawkes Bay people need to oust her at the next election.


  4. on the hawkes bay thing.

    the labour mp stuart nash is lobbying the napier city council to follow the christchurch city council by introducing a fraccing ban.
    he said it was largly symbolic as there is no oil under the city but that it sends a message about how dangerous the proceedure is and how it could damage the precious ground water??

    you think the councils would be lobbying for petrolium exploration and development.
    are these not the same people who want the rail link fixed, always want to spend more and expand there empires…


  5. it really is about time the media had a good look at the ‘total’ green policy.
    it is so simple;

    what is the cost of these ‘ideas’ and how much tax is required to pay for them?

    any voter that votes for, or for a party that would go into coalition, with the greens, should know the consequence.


  6. Nash a Labour MP?? He missed out methinks.
    I think he has gone back to Napier after falling out with the Labour leader.He has started a new environmental group, no doubt to keep his profile up before the next election.


  7. very true, not high enough on the list, so missed out.

    resigned from the leaders office and moved back to the bay.


  8. How did Hughes walk from Parliament all the way to Taranaki?

    Surely, he didn’t rely on oil at any point in his journey to get there?


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