Louis Crimp Speaks Out- Liberals Scuttle For Cover

Crabs do a lot of scuttling. If you’ve ever walked around some rocky shore and happened on a group of them basking in the sun, I’m sure you will have noticed the sudden rattle of shell on rock as they all simultaneously dart furtively back into the crevices they crawled out of.

The white liberals and Marxists who infest the National Party (and ACT, but who cares right?) remind me of those crabs, as they scuttle in fright from the words of Louis Crimp, a refreshingly un-PC New Zealander who spoke out in plain language this weekend on what some call the “Maorification” of NZ.

Plain language is something that is starkly absent from today’s political dialogue, because it frightens the excrement out of the left. Rather we must, if we want to speak that way, glance about to see who is in earshot, lower our voices, and talk in guarded tones, in case a PC Police volunteer is nearby.

Not so Mr. Crimp, who spoke out plainly and loudly and bravely and had his words printed in that cowardly scumbag newspaper the NZ Herald, in an article written by a Communist greaser and political activist who poses as a journalist and has conducted a campaign against the hapless ACT party for some time.

So then we have the reactions of the so called right wing blogs- No Minister, Whale Oil Beef Hooked and Kiwiblog all did the quick crab scuttle in frantic attempts to distance themselves from the startlingly frank words of Louis Crimp.

They fell over themselves in a race to sling that fashionable Marxist label “RACIST”. “Oh dear” wails the wettest of the wet liberals, David Farrar. “This article is disgusting” declares ACT wrecker Nick Kearney. The confused Marxist Cameron Slater does them all proud with the declaration that “Louis Crimp is a goat’s knob“.

Meanwhile John Key’s sickening pandering to the separatist Maori Party completely escapes the censure of these self professed right wingers. Rather they applaud the fascist style political ascension of a race based group of NZers to a social level above that of every other NZer. They remain mute over separatists like John Key’s good friend Pita Sharples who said in March 2009-

“Why are we fighting whakapapa against whakapapa? There’s so much enemy that isn’t brown.”

Marxists want to destroy NZ’s traditional culture and replace it with Marxist culture. As a means to this destruction, we must be broken into separate groups and made to fight amongst ourselves.

So far the strategy is working beyond their wildest dreams, and with the enthusiastic help of scuttling politically crosswired idiots like Whale, Farrar and Kearney, they’re well on the way to turning NZ into a model Marxist society where evil recalcitrants like Lous Crimp do not exist or if they do, have been safely caged in re-education camps.

All this intense and craven condemnation of Louis Crimp by the National Party surrender-is always-the-best-option cheer squad is just another indicator of how that party has lost its way and doesn’t deserve your vote at the next election. They’re a pack of spineless politically confused scuttling Marxist crustaceans who just do not get it.

They’re only pretending to be right wing and an alternative to the left, while being just as Marxist at heart as the next socialist drongo, and that is why we’re better off without them.

27 thoughts on “Louis Crimp Speaks Out- Liberals Scuttle For Cover

  1. Hone Harawira is permitted to call the majority of the country white motherfuckers, The philu equivalent of the fake right (Whale) even admired him for it. Farrar disapproved of Hone’s language but respected his freedom to say it. But of course it only works in one direction.

    It’s that critical theory thing again.


  2. Indeed, Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is required reading.
    The non RINO conservatives in the US have adopted the left’s own manual and used those tactics against it very effectively.
    Unless you understand Alinsky you can’t understand Obama.

    It also has much application to NZ.


  3. I gave up on NZ politics after seeing the way Brash was treated by the media and the usual suspects after that superb Orewa speech. Truth and integrity are not valued commodities in NZ.


  4. Brave people like Crimp, John Ansell and Brash (before he turned in NZ’s Ron Paul) give me pause to believe there might just be a tiny smidgen of hope for a future in NZ. Leftist fools and Key apologists like Farrar, Slater and Adolf are largely to be ignored. Farrar and Slater lost all credibility when they prostituted themselves to the enemy via the MSM, and Adolf’s blind support for the quisling Key (similar to Ann Coulter’s love affair with Christie and Romney) render him effectively a puppet.


  5. Crimp may also be accurate.
    (Not that that matters if it demolishes the MSM narrative……the narrative will win).

    Maori make up 50% of the gaol population being 15% of the general population?
    And that’s from a judiciary that sentences most criminals to ‘home detention’ and ‘community service’.
    Crimp needs to tell us what the racial breakdown of ‘all convictions’ is………an ideologically incorrect statistic, admittedly……..Iz guessing, even worse.

    Years ago I saw a stat that 60% of all adult male Maori have been convicted of a ‘gaol-able’ criminal offence.
    I’ve Googled this to death for no good result.
    Any links on this gratefully received.

    Nothing to see here bro, you owe them a living……..you ‘pig’s mouth’ taxpayers , you.


  6. Thanks Gantt, but the fix is in with NZ media, no point in participating.

    Your blogger bloke that did only gives them credibility.
    He’ll learn that, if he plays by their corruption of language rules…..let them talk to themselves johnansell, matey.

    i’ve been out of country for a while…….you people still accept being called “pakeha”?
    ie. Pigs Mouths.

    And you wonder how your kids get engineered to genuflect by the NZ education system……
    you have no guts to resist and they sense that….


  7. Agree about falling into the MSM trap, B2.

    And no, my Miss Six won’t be engineered to genuflect, as we fled the Cuba of the South Pacific a decade ago.


  8. And you will tell her why, by the fire and at the dinner table, and how she isn’t inferior to any rent seeking mendicant on the face of the earth ……..Ace.


  9. Absolutely! The rent-seeking knows no limits. Mainly from urban Elizabeth Warren Aborigines who hide in the halls of academe. Miss Six will grow to at least have knowledge of the correct information. She will, at the appropriate time, have knowledge sufficient to battle her indoctrinated “teachers” on such scams as “stolen generations”, “climate change” and “fairness”.


  10. And if we find ourselves living back in NZ, she will understand why her father takes the fight to the enemy, how it is better to fight and lose than to meekly capitulate.


  11. Excellent Gantt….families are a bastard for the left.

    My IQ 400 15 year old is continually causing “non compliant” disruptive views at catastrophic anthropogenic global warming school collectivist think-a-thons.

    Comes home laughing, having zapped predictable 28 to 50 year old Teacher’s Union apparatchiks.

    That’s my girl.


  12. You should be mighty proud, B2. When she brings home a D on her report card it will be because she made her teachers look like the indoctri-bots they are.


  13. So this is where the absolute nutters and losers come to vent nonsense.Very


  14. Louis Crimp is bang on the money, couldn’t agree more. These boat people need a lot less carrot and a lot more stick. Every crime they commit makes is growing the tide of resentment.
    Stop the handouts


  15. This old fulla looks like he has had a stroke or two in his time, most probably in the pre frontal cortex.


  16. Your mechanism has gone, Sir. You have, quite simply, gone wrong, a caricature of a personality.


  17. Crimp is just a basic bloke….pity he can’t talk about the failed cultural values that condemn Maori to comfortable, backward, kept victimhood and their elites who love it that way …..eh Chris.


  18. Crimp got it right. Most white NZ’ers are fed up with the hypocrisy of a race that professes to be different yet wants all they can get of whitemans way of life-with whiteman paying for it-Hone Hawhiras overseas junket is a typical example-but all maori want to live like whites. Less than 50% of eligible maori voters couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed to vote their own party last elections-or any other party. They should have to pay half the running costs of prisons. They are lazy and gluttonous. I’m also fed up with seeing big, flabby, near-white maoris performing hakas, and pulling those ugly faces with it. I have friends who are maori who in no way are like those I’ve described; they are honourable people and actually work for a living too: but I do believe it is true in a general way of maori.
    How long are they going to milk pakehas through some guilt trip over a few indiscretions that happened near on 200 years ago. Get over it. New Zealander or maori-take your pick. If maori-go back to the islands you came from-you lost the wars here.


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