How lost is America?

This lost.

When three communists sit openly at the head of what was once the most liberty focused country in the world, you know that country is completely lost.

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  1. Yes indeed. Put there by the apathy and ignorance of half the population. Americans, like us, get the politicians they deserve.


  2. The tragedy of the US is of unique origin.
    Both Parties in their heart of hearts see no evil in govt via Lobbyist, despite what they say in public.
    Outlaw Lobbyists paying monies to members of Congress or their surrogates, introduce losing suer pays court costs for both parties and ban geared derivative trading and you fix America in 60 seconds..


  3. Listen to Mark Levin in live stream. He is taking on Roberts and George Will and Charles Krauthammer. Maybe he’s allowed to say the things he’s saying to make me and others feel better so that we don’t blow up, but even if that is the case, I love hearing him tonight.


  4. One dingbat, one blithering idiot and one liar, cheat and incompetant……and millions of naive, gullible fools who voted them in. mawm


  5. OT
    Guy trial.
    You gotta love NZ Police.
    Someone gets shot, the possible suspects are within a stone’s throw just after the event and our “not astronaut material” coppers don’t think to do a firearms residue swab on them all to nail the perp, all done all finished no contest.


  6. Another potential Oz immigrant….

    In NSW, premeditated serious assault requiring surgery plus property damage, 6-12 months gaol minimum, plus sue for recovery of property damage costs.
    In NZ, home detention plus fine.

    Assault has no real consequences in NZ, so you’ll get more of it.

    You gotta also love those 12 years out on parole NZ “life sentences”.
    In NSW life means life.


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