Why Obama and the Left are Winning, in the US and NZ

The article referenced below and the ideas it presents (from National Review Online on the American election) could do with some exposure in New Zealand. For two reasons-

1) It gives a perspective on the US election that the local (NZ) lying mainstream media will never give you and …

2) It is IMHO deadly accurate in explaining why in the so called land of the free, the incredible situation exists where the closet Communist Obama is winning and the Republicans (who supposedly stand for freedom), are losing.

Here though is the real point- the strategies it identifies as allowing the left to win in the US apply equally as well here in NZ.

The National Party has been completely strategically outflanked and has capitulated to Progressive ideology and now the only theme it can present to voters is “we will do Progressivism better”. Hopeless and pathetic and gutless, and a complete betrayal of everything the party once stood for.

After a first term that has been historically abysmal, President Obama stands a good chance of being reelected. How can that be?

Here is the blunt explanation: We have lost a third of the country and, as if that weren’t bad enough, Republicans act as if it were two-thirds.

The lost third cannot be recovered overnight. For now, it is gone. You cannot cede the campus and the culture to the progressive, post-American Left for two generations and expect a different outcome.

So even if Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter — and he has actually been much more effective, and therefore much worse — it is unreasonable to expect a Reagan-style landslide, and would be even if we had Reagan.

The people coming of age in our country today have been reared very differently from those who were just beginning to take the wheel in the early 1980s. They have marinated in an unapologetically progressive system that prizes group discipline and narrative over free will and critical thought.

Read that last sentence again. (my bolding).

They (our younger generations) have marinated in an unapologetically progressive system that prizes group discipline and narrative over free will and critical thought.

The left have stolen our culture and those who should have prevented this theft (the Republicans and the National Party) surrendered with hardly a fight.

In other words, the National Party has given up on such important issues as FREE WILL and CRITICAL THOUGHT. Do they still therefore deserve the vote of anyone who values these concepts? Such concepts as have traditionally underpinned Western civilisation and freedom? I think the answer is self evident.

Read the rest of the subject article HERE.

8 thoughts on “Why Obama and the Left are Winning, in the US and NZ

  1. The left’s brilliant fall back plan was the creation of learned helplessness amongst those kiddies who might have resisted.
    You teach them they can do nothing about Maori privilege being permanently hardwired into all aspects of politics and legislation by the NZ State, you teach kiddies to genuflect…..it is but a short step to be convinced by observation that the irresistible State can run whatever style of collective it chooses, resistance is futile. Voila, they won.


  2. Red, I don’t think Obama is Carter reincarnated. Carter was everything Romney is trying to paint Obama as, but which Obama is not: a nice man, who’s in over his depth.

    I think Obama is Woodrow Wilson reincarnated. An evil ideological demagogue who deliberately circumvents the Constitution (using it for toilet paper) with a view to making the government all-powerful and the citizen utterly subservient.


  3. At least the results of progressivism’s success vindicate everything I believe about limited government. Nya nya nya, we told ’em so. One has to wonder what the wet sponges like David Farrar are even cheering for, or what they even believe in.

    I acknowledge agreement with something Helen Clark said once–or, one thing Helen Clark said……once. That is: that the National Party doesn’t really stand for anything except getting into power. The hard left that is today’s Labour party at least has a transformational agenda–as driven by power hungry degenerates, demagogues, and sometimes well-meaning fools as it is. As per RB’s post, National’s agenda is to aspire to be like Labour. And the political debate has never been healthier!

    So, it’s left to the Conservative Party alone, it seems, to inject the correct position on important issues into NZ politics. As odious as the “marriage equality” bill is, it is also a big distraction from more persistent issues that one can’t expect National to address either. I look forward to clear articulation of common sense positions by the Conservative Party followed by much bleeting from the phoney right terrified of the absurd caricature of it that they created themselves.


  4. Obama or Romney, foreign policy will be more war and empire building for military industrial complex and corporate protectionism (TPP) profits, enabled by their MSM.

    ‘Left’, ‘right’,’ progressive’, communist or whatever, is the fluff that keeps the American people from looking at what the US has been doing abroad since the ‘reds were under the bed’ to today.

    Interesting article though – just using some critical thought..


  5. I was referring to Slick Willie while he was governor. When he visited Auckland some years ago 8 American protesters followed him and were arrested until he left.


  6. Is Obama really winning?

    Maybe you are right that the left has hijacked the “group discipline”, but I’m not so sure about the narrative. The media here (US) is split between the right adn the left relatively evenly. While GOP moans about the Post and the NY Times, the Dems equally complain about Fox – which actually has more of a cult following (or group discipline, if you will) and the WSJ.

    Then there is campaign spending, which more than anything defines the narrative in this country. Romney has a tonne more money and has deployed it enthusiastically. That this election is about the “economy” (Mr. O’s big weakness” means that Rommers is doing a fair amount of narrative shaping.

    Finally, we can’t call a US election until you do the numbers. It’s not down to dollars, polls, or vibe, its down to electoral votes and who gets the 270. Right now it’s looking like Romney will take many of the key swingers.

    Not to mention the House, which will have the Reps surely taking a few more seats…


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