Maori Separatism- John Key Is The Problem Not The Solution

I’m pleased to see there is rising resistance within NZ to separatism, but it is disappointing to also observe that many who are speaking out apparently believe, against all the evidence, that John Key and National will do something to stop the rot.

John Key and National have always been as big a part of the problem as anything else or any other party. In fact a lot worse than some.

National Party policy has always been to kowtow to separatist forces. In fact Key drew the race based euphemistically named Maori Party into government when he didn’t need to.

John Key is also on the public record as endorsing the flying of the separatist flag over Auckland Harbour bridge.

No, the answer does not lie in the National Party, at least not as it presently stands.

I’m mildly surprised that the Conservative Party hasn’t made some kind of policy statement confronting separatism. My own belief is that if they were to do so, it would bring them certain parliamentary representation in the next election.

6 thoughts on “Maori Separatism- John Key Is The Problem Not The Solution

  1. Dunno…..separatism is fine on the condition the country is partitioned into two independent countries.
    One tribal , one Western.

    Not even Bob Hawke could negotiate that one.


  2. RB, I don’t know of anyone defending Key’s pandering to the apartheid party (well, maybe Adolf). Most people I know are utterly pissed off with it, and blame Key directly.

    And, I think it would be a mistake for the Conservative Party to adopt a policy position or make any statements about it at this stage. A colourblind country is already on ACT’s policy platform. The Conservatives should let ACT (or what’s left of it) take the heat, and then if both are part of the next government, support the ACT policy then. The left, and fake-right and the MSM are already attacking Colin Craig for nothing more iniquitous than being a man of principle (which is why they’re so afraid of him). Opening up another front for them to attack would be a strategic error at this time, IMHO.


  3. OT

    “David Bain’s future mother-in-law says she is “delighted” to welcome him to the family.”

    I always feel some unnatural sympathy for his poor father the murderer, an old man insensible enough to not empty his full bladder before going berserk and also enduring a fight with the younger son……with a full bladder.

    Do a bit of a simulation yourself when you get up in the morning busting to urinate……to get an idea of the likelihood of such a thing.


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