Fake birth certificate issue becomes real threat to Obama’s re-election

I view the issue of Barack Obama’s fake birth certificate as a measure of how politically corrupt the US has become and a demonstration of the true power of the criminal Chicago style left wing political bloc that controls politics, education and media in that country.

Its a force so powerful it has politically castrated the Republican Party and most so called right wing media commenters, let alone the US justice system, which if it were working effectively, should have seen the President of the US behind bars three years ago.

Part of the narrative that the corrupt mainstream media use to keep the issue low key is the claim that the constitutional requirement for a President to be “natural born” is out-dated.

The claim is of course typical left wing subterfuge. Recent events on the world stage, where Barack Obama has constantly put the US second to global Muslim forces, demonstrate so starkly what the founders were concerned with when they wrote the US Constitution in 1787.

In fact, in 2012, the clause that demands the President’s unquestionable loyalty to the United States has never been more important.

Perhaps at last some true American patriots have broken through the bullet proof glass that surrounds this corrupt and deceitful disgrace to the Presidency.

Any candidate for the office of President must be validated in each and every US state as meeting constitutional requirements. State officials must sign off on a registration form certifying the candidature as legitimate. This includes verifying the candidate as “natural born”.

In Kansas, Citizen Joe Montgomery has filed an official objection to the certification of Obama as a legitimate natural born candidate.

Lawyer Larry Klayman has also written to Kansas state registrars and warned them that if they sign off on Obama’s legitimacy they will be guilty of perjury, and that they will also be guilty of election fraud, as Obama has never officially proved that he was natural born. (digital documents posted on the internet don’t make it legitimate)

The Kansas sign off has been delayed while the State Registrars consider their position. Similar letters have been sent by Klayman to other state registrars.

So the plan that has has some success and the story has made it to the Drudge Report today. I’ve been hoping for sometime that something might one day force the issue of the President’s forgery to the fore of the political discussion in America and the world. So far that hope has been disappointed. Maybe at last though, the day has come.

Link to full story.

(I’m on the mailing list for the group behind this action.)


Joe Montgomery, who filed the initial objection to Obama’s legitimacy has withdrawn his objection, saying “There has been a great deal of animosity and intimidation directed not only at me, but at people around me,”

Nevertheless, Klayman’s warning letter still stands, and any official signing off after this warning is risking perjury charges. Kansas officials also are still to decide on the acceptance of Montgomery’s withdrawal. It ain’t over yet.

20 thoughts on “Fake birth certificate issue becomes real threat to Obama’s re-election

  1. Yeah, the US is a strange place.

    Sheriff Arpaio’s examination has demonstrated with certainty that Obama’s digitally presented birth cert can be unpacked in layers with Adobe Photoshop because it was constructed using Photoshop.

    His Social Security number was issued in Connecticut, he has never lived there.
    His Social Security number was previously issued to someone else, Social Security numbers are unique and NEVER reused.

    What the hell is going on?


  2. I wonder if the government visited this guy and was able to frighten him off by saying they could not guarantee his safety (or his family’s safety) if there was rioting over Obama being blocked from running.

    At least he could expect to have his house burned down.


  3. There can be no doubt that Montgomery’s family has been threatened. Poor guy. Chicago politics – dirty, dirty, dirty.

    I wonder what Obama’s controllers have on the Clintons? This might be about to start unravelling.


  4. You still think there’s going to be elections, Kathleen? King Barry has the civil unrest he needs, with US diplomatic missions all over the world being invaded by goat-humping pedophiles, and Israel about to bomb Tehran back to the 7th century. No, it’s just not right to hold elections at the unstable time.


  5. Gantt Guy, I believe in miracles even when things look like there in the toilet and going down in a flash. I guess that makes me one of those crazy Americans, lol.


  6. Only birther “experts”—who have not proven that they are really experts, and who certainly have not shown that they are fair and impartial—have claimed that there is something wrong with Obama’s birth certificate. That is two reasons why Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, the National Review and the Conservative secretary of state of Arizona do not believe them, and it is why Rush Limbaugh and Fox news will not even discuss it. Why not? Because they would simply be discussing allegations made by a group of people who hate Obama.

    No one has ever seen Bush’s birth certificate or Clinton’s or Reagan’s. Obama has published images of the birth certificates and shown the physical copies (with the seal on the back, which one reporter stated that she had felt) to the press.

    AND Hawaii has stated that it sent the birth certificates to Obama, and the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii have confirmed that there is a birth certificate on file and that the facts on it match those on the birth certificate in the files, and there were birth notices sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961.

    Recently the Conservative secretary of state of Arizona asked Hawaii to confirm that Obama was born there and to confirm other facts on his published birth certificate. Hawaii did, and the Conservative secretary of state of Arizona accepted it as evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii, and ruled that Obama will be on the ballot in Arizona in November.

    Obama’s mother lived in Hawaii. Obama’s father was studying in Hawaii. There is not a shred of evidence that either of them went from Hawaii to any other country in 1961—and certainly not to Kenya, where the Kenyan government said that it checked on the “born in Kenya” claim and found that it was false. Hawaii is thousands of miles from any foreign country, and pregnant women rarely traveled late in pregnancy in those days, and yet you and other birthers apparently think that there could be a chance that Obama was born outside of the USA and that the officials of both parties in Hawaii, and the Index Data, and the birth notices sent to the newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961—-are all lying about that fact.


  7. Great ethan, now tell us why a simple viewing of his original long form paper birth certificate is withheld from public view as if it’s a critical State secret.


  8. And in case it’s not drippingly obvious….if you want to see Reagan’s original paper birth certificate I’m betting it’s in the Reagan Library, where access and examination by genuine forensic researchers will undoubtedly be allowed on request.

    Spotting the difference yet?


  9. ehancock, the reason nobody’s ever asked to see Reagan’s, or Bush’s, or Clinton’s, is because neither of those two gentleman, and one rapist, are a column of smoke. There has never been any question about either their eligibility or their love for their country. There is question about both in Obama’s case. No President has ever been such an unknown quantity. No President has ever spent so much money, time or energy to hide his past.

    And it isn’t just the Birth Certificate, which has proven fake. It his the fake Social Security Number. his Selective Service card. his academic record. It is every single aspect of this man’s life. Even his autobiographies are full of lies.


  10. The Selective Service card was forged for sure. It was forged by the birther who posted it. As for the Social Security number.

    The Connecticut SS number was caused by a data entry error. SS numbers were generated by the zip code of the applicant’s address. Obama’s address in Hawaii was in zip code 96814, and the zip code for Danbury, CT. is 06814.

    Millions of people have multiple social security numbers caused mainly by data entry errors:




    You might well ask why, if there is evidence that Obama has multiple SS numbers and that one of them came from Connecticut that NO committee in Congress wants to investigate? Why not?

    Because it is not illegal to have mistakes in your SS files, and lots of people do. And there is no evidence that this is other than a mistake, or a lot of mistakes. Republicans would be GLAD to hold a hearing to show that there was a crime involved with Obama’s SS number. But they KNOW that there is no evidence, and if they looked into their own files (I did to mine), they are likely to find multiple numbers in them.

    In addition to Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii, there were birth notices for him in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961.

    We know from (1) the DOH; (2) the newspaper; and (3) the name of the section of the newspaper, which was Health Bureau Statistics—-that only the Department of Health of Hawaii sent out those birth notices to the newspapers in 1961.

    We know from the DOH that in 1961 the DOH only sent out those records for the children that it had issued birth certificates to. And we know from both the DOH and from the Hawaii laws that in 1961 the DOH was not allowed to issue a birth certificate to a child who was not born in Hawaii.

    In short, in Hawaii in 1961, a birth notice in the Health Bureau Statistics section of the newspapers, which Obama has, is proof that confirms his birth certificate that he was born IN HAWAII.

    This, as I said, is merely confirming evidence to; (1) the birth certificate itself; (2) the confirmation of its existence and the accuracy of the facts on it by the officials of both parties in Hawaii, (3) the Index Data file; (4) the witness who recalls being told of Obama’s birth in Hawaii and of writing home to her father, named Stanley, about the birth in the USA of a child to a woman, also named Stanley. AND, of course, there is not a shred of evidence that Obama’s mother traveled outside of the USA in 1961—which would have been very rare for a woman late in pregnancy in those days, and the government of Kenya has eliminated birthers’ claim that Obama was born there in an investigation. And, no, his Kenyan grandmother never said that he was born there either, nor did any other relative.

    A child brought into the USA, unless smuggled across the Mexican or Canadian border, requires a US travel document that would have had to have been applied for in the country of birth. No such document has been found for Obama, and the Bush Administration was in charge of those records for eight years until January of 2009. No such record has turned up. There is, in short, no proof that Obama or his mother traveled in 1961. There is overwhelming proof that he was born in Hawaii.


  11. re: “Great ethan, now tell us why a simple viewing of his original long form paper birth certificate is withheld from public view as if it’s a critical State secret.’

    Because the official birth certificate of a state is not the one in the files, it is the one that the state issues on security paper with the state seal on it. Obama has already shown that twice—the short form and the long form–and it was this that the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii confirmed existed and confirmed that the facts on Obama’s published birth certificate matches exactly. Moreover, there are the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961, which were sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii (which in 1961 was under a Republican governor).

    Re: “if you want to see Reagan’s original paper birth certificate I’m betting it’s in the Reagan Library, where access and examination by genuine forensic researchers will undoubtedly be allowed on request.”

    Answer. Yes Reagan’s birth certificate was sent to the library after Reagan was president. It was not made public when Reagan was president, and neither was that of Bush (either Bush), Clinton, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Etc. And, by the way, what is in the library is not the original birth certificate, it is the official copy–that is the one that Obama has showed–both images of and the actual physical copies of to the press.


  12. Again, the reason none of their Birth Certificates was ever at issue was because there was never any doubt of their eligibility or their love of country. None of them was ever a chimera. There was never any question of them being a Manchurian President.

    And again, it isn’t just the BC. It is every single documentary element of a person’s life, which in his case are fake or hidden.


  13. No -one who isn’t a Democrat has ever forensically examined the originals, as opposed to merely viewing the purported originals, to my knowledge.
    So he won’t mind approving the release of all the original docs to independent forensic doc examiners, will he.
    Seeing there is so much public concern you would think he’d do it at the speed of light, fix it in a blink…..but no…….beats me how a State, any State, can’t insist on that authentication as a matter of course before allowing him on the ballot in that State.

    Don’t worry yourself however, even if Oby confesses to some disqualifying irregularity SCOTUS can never officially disqualify him.
    The consequences would void every action and bill signed by him and unleash litigation that would destroy the US economy.
    So no matter what, your boy’s safe.


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