David Farrar’s Commie Fly Unzipped Again

Dear old David likes to dress up as right winger. Or at least describe himself as “center right’.

Yet if there’s ever any social issue to be discussed he’s on the left’s side.

If we differ, he’s right there pissing on our legs, and telling us we’re on fire.

Now you would think that anyone who was ever even the slightest bit right wing would advocate for smaller government over large.

Not so our Davey. Yesterday he said we should have 40 more MPs.

The size of Parliament should be increased to 160.

Shocking right? But that’s not all. One tenet of right wing philosophy (and I use that phrase loosely) is that nobody should be treated specially by law.

What’s our “right of center” Davey say about that?

“The alternative to Maori seats should be a lower threshold for parties representing Maori interests” and..

“All local authorities should have non-voting representatives of local Iwi on them, who have the same support and access as Councillors..”

He’s even partial to the Treaty of Waitiangi becoming supreme law-

“The Treaty of Waitangi should not be supreme law unless there is a mechanism to amend it.”

I have said it for some time, and I will say it again now- the problem with NZ politics is that we have imposters posing as right wingers and thereby preventing discussion from moving outside of the narrow spectrum of discussion “approved” by the power holding “Progressive” status quo.

We urgently need a non-left non-Progressive political alternative in NZ.

Unless you’re happy with more of the same racist Progressive bullshit for the next few decades.

Link to Mr. Farrar’s post containing above quotes.

11 thoughts on “David Farrar’s Commie Fly Unzipped Again

  1. FFS! I just picked my jaw up off the floor! Why the hell this clown doesn’t simply join the Labour Party and shill for them is a bloody mystery.
    Or perhaps not–the odious creep wants to be on what appears to be the winning team, but without giving up his socialist leanings. Which is the mark of a cowardly opportunist.
    How he can live with his own stench of hypocrisy is an interesting question……


  2. You are absolutely right mate. National – can someone please explain to me how they are a conservative party? There is nobody to vote for if you are on the right in nz and that is the ultimate victory the left has won. They are all gutless spineless imbeciles who would not know leadership if they fell over it.


  3. I don’t know why you would expect anything else from Farrar, Red. He *is* the modern day National Party. A big government statist, utterly progressive socially, very weak on economics and completely captured by the coup d’etat agenda of the grievance peddling apartheidmongers. He would be equally at home shilling for Liarbore or the Watermelons, because there is quite simply no difference between them and National.


  4. Future.
    In economic catastrophe it has always been assumed some sort of economic ie. political union with Australia is the last lifeboat.
    I believe that to be impossible with the “Treaty” corrupting all legislation in NZ, any system of law like Australia’s is totally incompatible. Read impossible.

    NZ’s future is as a pre Douglas state but with nothing much left of State owned assets / burdens left to get out of by sale except land. Unsustainable debt will again clash with the expectations of the welfare State and this time there is no way out except balanced budgets by matching tax with expenditure. NZ lifestyle is currently sustained by govt borrowings.

    Farrar’s socialist delusion is that there is always going to be money to pay for the trivial twitter de jour policies of parliamentary whim represented so well on his blog.


  5. “Farrar’s socialist delusion is that there is always going to be money to pay for the trivial twitter de jour policies of parliamentary whim represented so well on his blog.”

    Wow- great sentence. So bitingly accurate it should be framed.


  6. Don’t worry folks – I hear on the bush telegraph that a new “classical liberal” party is about to form !!

    *rolls eyes*


  7. I posted on KB before I noticed your latest post that we should go along with the Electoral Commissions recommendation almost in full in regard Maori seats. It should have been done when it was first recommended. Remove the threshold for parties representing Maori interests but have a sunset clause written into that exemption.

    If that was done we would immediately see an end to race based electorate roles and when when the sunset clause was see and end to race based seats, What is the real alternative? Carry on as we are and complain about race based seats knowing nothing will happen.

    Let us hope we get the Conservative Party and NZF both in Parliament in 2014 and we may see a change.


  8. For Farrar, politics is his life’s obsession. He studies politics and politicians like a rugby fan studies players and tactics.It would make completely no difference whatsoever to him if he was National, labour or even the greens. It’s the ‘game’ of politics that obsesses and facinates him. I’ve met a few people like that over the years, was a little like that myself when I was much younger and more foolish.

    Certianly, Farrar would be completly unfamiliar with the National Party founding principals above, or if he is they are just words to him.


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