NINOWhy is it today that every major political party that stands in so called opposition to the left has so much in common with the left?

Republicans in the US, The Conservatives in the UK, the Liberals in Australia and the Nationals in NZ are all virtually indistinguishable in political character from the Labour/ Democrat opposition.

The answer lies in the mainstream political narrative. Gradually this narrative has come to be more and more owned by the left. As they have gradually infiltrated our culture, they have set the talking points until today they are almost the only driving force in the mainstream political discussion.

Its not totalitarianism enforced by arms, its cultural totalitarianism and its enforced by left wing believers who control the media, our entertainment industry, our education system and in the end and as a result of controlling the former, they control our political system.

So how do we change this? Well the obvious way is to rescue our cultural institutions from the left. Not so easily done when they outnumber us and more importantly fill most positions of power.

One thing we can do is refuse to buy into the very concepts the left use to bind us. Divisive Marxist ideas like racism, sexism, and a host of other isms all designed to fracture and weaken our society and render us powerless to resist the leftist onslaught.

The left will not defeat us if we unite in resisting their cultural domination and that unity is best expressed in identifying every idea that splits us, and refusing to buy into the argument these ideas generate.

Let’s take a recent example- Food in schools. This is a great idea of the left for in one fell swoop they divide so much. This ideas sets race against race. It sets poor against proud. It sets the generous against the cautious.

And of course the National Party went for it. When what they should have said is- that I am sorry, but the National Party is not prepared to discuss this idea because it is Marxist cant and designed not to bring relief to families unable to feed their kids (what utter bs) but designed to break down our society and therefore make it in the end a lot harder for everyone to feed their kids. We believe in unifying our society not dividing it, and we believe a unified society will enable more kids to have better breakfasts.

But the National Party is so ineffective it can’t even muster the initiative let alone the courage to say this. As the Republican Party is full of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) so is the National Party full of NINOs and the Conservative Party full of CINOs and The Liberal Party full of LINOs. Tragic for in most cases all of these parties in their original founding state stood for something worthwhile.

Since the left have owned the political narrative we do not talk about things like freedom, liberty, property rights, individual rights, small government. Its all about feminism, racism, homophobia, and a hundred other concepts that divide us. And you’re not permitted to talk outside this paradigm. Check out any of the comments in any part of the blogosphere where the left dominate and you will find the same by rote attacks on anyone who might threaten to break the mould. Mark Steyn. Rush Limbaugh. Sarah Palin. Mention any of these and/or their ideas and the level of vitriol is intensified beyond reason.

As far as the NZ National Party goes I am not sure it can ever be returned to its founding principles. I was stunned to see news items suggesting the ideas of one Simon Lusk would provide a blueprint for its recovery. Apparently Mr Lusk thinks the road to salvation is through what he calls the ‘right wing blogosphere”. Apparently by this he means Cameron Slater and David Farrar’s blogs. Absent from any of Mr. Lusk’s writing (I have seen) is any reference to Social Conservatives, so one can understand why he imagines Farrar and Slater are right wing.

All I can say to this is if Kiwiblog and Whaleoil truly do represent the right wing in NZ then we’re in far greater trouble than I thought. Slater is IMHO an under-educated politically incoherent Progressive who didn’t until a few months ago even know that the National Party had any founding principles. Kiwiblog is another Progressive outlet that always enthsiastically buys into every bit of Marxist cant the left can come up with. If Mr Lusk thinks these two bloggers will save NZ I have to reserve my judgment on his judgment.

The way forward is to support any outlet or party or idea that challenges the suffocating left liberal/ progressive orthodoxy. Kiwiblog and Whaleoil don’t challenge it. They buy into it.

Let’s get one thing clear. Congratulations are due Messrs Slater and Farrar for building well patronised blogs. They worked hard to get their sites established and to attract so much patronage and they deserve credit for their success. They are not however cutting edge political blogs that will lead us from the progressive swamp. There are better blogs from a Conservative political view and I think most reading this would already know where they are. (If you don’t, look in the sidebar.)

So in closing I can summarise all of the above with a piece from an excellent post on the Bogpaper blog defending the UK Independence Party against its many attackers in the Conservatives and Labour.

“the UKIP’s value is as an agent of change. It doesn’t matter if they lack what it takes to form a government. What matters is that they give a platform to ideas that challenge the sclerotic liberal orthodoxy around which the major parties and their media cheerleaders are huddled. To my mind, anything that breaks this ideological death-grip is worth supporting.”


Read it, for it hits the nail on the head.

We must break the ideological death grip the left have on our culture and just as importantly, on the political narrative. A big part of this is ensuring the RINOs CINOs LINOs and NINOS whose political presence perverts parties that once stood for something are rounded up, drafted down the side race and sent off to the freezing works.

To my friends who blog far more consistently on these issues, my respect and admiration. Keep up the good work. You’re making a difference.

23 thoughts on “On RINOs CINOs LINOs and NINOs

  1. Very good article but the type of party I think you would like to see is not likely to come into existence in New Zealand. I presume you would like a party that is fiscally and morally conservative. I am the type of voter most party leaders hate – a one issue voter.

    I took the Family First pledge that I will not vote for a party who leader supported the redefinition of marriage bill. I do not care what other policy their party has my vote will go either to the Conservative Party or New Zealand First.

    If enough people take the pledge and stick to it we will see change.


  2. Great post, Redbaiter

    “So how do we change this? Well the obvious way is to rescue our cultural institutions from the left. Not so easily done when they outnumber us and more importantly fill most positions of power.”

    Yep, this I believe has to be the key focus of Colin Craig’s Conservatives, but I haven’t heard a peep from him on this issue. Unless we can change the narrative in education and the media we’re wasting our time. I simply do not hear enough substantive change from Colin Craig that will even get him past the post.

    “Let’s take a recent example- Food in schools. This is a great idea of the left for in one fell swoop they divide so much. This ideas sets race against race. It sets poor against proud. It sets the generous against the cautious.”

    Yep. It’s almost as if National and the far-left loonies are at an auction out bidding each other to see who can buy the most far-left votes. National bid ‘food in schools’ last week and the Greens outbid them today with ‘nurses in schools.’

    “The way forward is to support any outlet or party or idea that challenges the suffocating left liberal/ progressive orthodoxy.”

    Yep, but as I mentioned above, I’m simply not hearing enough from Colin Craig. I hope he wakes up; he won’t get there on his present track; he’s got to get angry and take it to them like Farage. He simply won’t get anywhere being the nice, polite conservative—that era has gone; we are not living in a democracy anymore and that message must resonate.


    “All this is beside the point, however. As I’ve said before, UKIP’s value is as an agent of change. It doesn’t matter if they lack what it takes to form a government. What matters is that they give a platform to ideas that challenge the sclerotic liberal orthodoxy around which the major parties and their media cheerleaders are huddled.”

    Yep, that says it all—and it is that message that Craig has to get his head around.


  3. Keep up the good work as you get time- life comes first and unlike most of the left’s bloggers you have a real job taking up your time. But it’s quality over quantity 😉


  4. Conservative said: “He simply won’t get anywhere being the nice, polite conservative—that era has gone; we are not living in a democracy anymore and that message must resonate.”
    In truth, the era of people voting on principles is long gone. People who value liberty, property rights and fiscal conservatism are talking right past the average voter. It’s a hard thing to stomach, but most people are now simply uninterested in those things and a hell of a lot of them simply don’t understand what they represent.
    Because the principles of true conservatism are familiar to those of us who read and comment in blogs such as this doesn’t mean a thing, because in order to educate others to appreciate what’s at stake here it would be necessary to go back to first principles and that’s a job the “education” system has deliberately failed to do.
    People will continue to vote their wallet, their mortgage rates, their statutory holidays etc. And on simple sentiment and habit. Nothing short of societal upheaval will wake them up.
    Meanwhile, they steadily vote away your liberties and mine and they have no fucking idea what they’re destroying.
    They don’t want liberty, they want an imagined security.


  5. Redbaiter you paint an accurate picture of politics in the Anglosphere countries – the Leftist elites dominate the high ground of the institutions – education, politics, entertainment, etc.However, they do not as yet have the 90% below their peak under lockdown. The proof is that this email is allowed to be published. Also, the “mob” – the low information voter – are not important in what I think will be a series of insurrections in the English speaking world led by the 20% hardcore patriots in England, America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The issue between patriots and traitors can only be determined by iron and blood – and the victor gets to write the new constitution – and terminate with extreme prejudice the opposition.


  6. KG said – “to go back to first principles and that’s a job the “education” system has deliberately failed to do.”

    Parents have to take a huge chunk of the responsibility for not educating ‘their’ children about liberty, property rights, and fiscal and social conservatism. They have been far too complacent and have ‘allowed’ the government to take over the role of making decisions for them on things such as abortions and birth control, and now providing breakfast.

    Good post RB. I hope we see more from you.


  7. Thanks for the kind comments guys. And you’re right Oswald, I do not have the time to blog regularly even though I would like to. Just finished a project that really cleaned me out mentally actually.

    I think those of us who feel threatened by the left have to get a lot angrier and express that anger more ardently, for one of the problems (I think) is that by means of a very poor education, an ignorance of history and cultural immersion in only the one side of politics, a lot of them are actually quite unaware of how much they are pissing us off.

    I quite often confront liberals on some issue or other and you’d be amazed how often they say wow, well, I am surprised you see it that way, or I’d never looked at it from that perspective.

    Apart from the hard core in the driving seat, most of the people pushing this outrage are the ignorami you see on those videos that expose just how the left have dumbed down our society. (Obama’s gonna give me money, cellphones etc)

    They just do not know what they are doing, and they are completely unaware of the consequences that as Ronbo suggests are potentially just around the corner.

    Somehow these ignorant totalitarian scum need to be awakened to just how repulsive their collectivist/ progressive ideas are to those who value liberty and want small unobtrusive government.


  8. Great post again Red.
    Had the occasion to meet Lusk a few years ago.I had had a long involvement with the National Party and been involved in many campaigns with a very good and principled MP..
    He did not know my history and sat there as arrogant as could be.The mystery man wouldn’t have a clue about what he is doing.
    Fully agree with what you say in your post Red.Have tried to get through to some of my business friends and they have a blank look.So many have been sucked in by this progressive drivel.
    It’s just good to know there are some others out there that CAN see what is happening.


  9. “It’s just good to know there are some others out there that CAN see what is happening.”

    Thanks for your kind words John and yes, that is one great thing we have from the internet in that the left’s plans to control the debate and keep their opposition from having a voice have been sent completely awry. We who thought we may have been the only ones thinking a certain way soon realised we were not alone. We must of course continue to reach out to the thousands who don’t know that thinking like a Conservative has not yet gone the way of the dodo.


  10. Great to see another post. There was a time I felt safe because I new the Liberals must have run out of stupid ideas. How stupid I was. They will always amaze Conservatives with their ability to regard absurdity as truth. Can’t even walk through the park now without seeing the modern day swastika, the “SmokeFree” sign appropriately painted in Islamic Green. We seem to be losing every battle now, is it time to buy a gun? Maybe Winston is our only hope. Must say I’m going through a down period in my hope’s for NZ. Red if you feel tired after your project, 100 days by Amy Brooke is refreshing reading for a Conservative.


  11. Groans. you have a point. As I said in my earlier post I have pledged my vote will not go to a party whose leader voted to redefine marriage. That means my vote will either go to the the Conservative Party or NZF. So it is up to Colin to get his ratings up. If he can’t I hope he would join with NZF and they would be sure of getting over 5%. How does New Zealand First – The Conservative Party sound?

    Voters do not like to waste their vote so such a party could get close to 10%. Regardless of what Winston says he could go with National.


  12. Colin Craig is too nice. He has to come out with some straight talking eg “abortion is baby murder” and keep it simple and repetitive. Winston appears to have the traction to break 5%. I voted for Craig last time but as you say there’s always the feeling you’ve wasted your vote. Willing to give Winston a go if the Conservatives don’t improve. Can’t see them merging really.


  13. Groans, if Colin wants to be effective he would merge. The two parties have similar policies. If he brought in a lot of members he would have a lot of influence. If Winston wins in 2014 in is unlikely he will stand again in 2017 and a lot less likely he will in 2020.


  14. A great post, RB. When workmates here (in small-town Australia) ask “What’s N.Z like?” I sadly reply “Broke beyond fixing- it’d take a disaster dwarfing Christchurch, that conveniently swallowed up parliament,to have me move back there”.

    The lefts control of the narrative has now got (at least) two generations dumbed-down to thinking this historically unprecedented mess the anglo-sphere’s in is normal.

    I recall the smarmy prick Key in opposition calling WFF “… communism by stealth.” -To hear he supports food in schools [whaat??], and then nurses in schools (for the under-age, secret from daddy abortions no doubt) is to me beyond tragic.

    On a personal note; thanks for blogging. It was your tearing to shreds those clowns on kiwiblog that got me into CR and then Trueblue. So your humour and efforts caused at least one epiphany.


  15. I also recall Key saying that there would unlikely be more PC legislation as there was under Clark. He lied like Dunne.


  16. What dondiego said (8 June 2013) goes for me as well. You’re an inspiration, Red. Thanks for educating and enlightening me!


  17. Wow, thanks guys.

    Let me tell you how I got started.

    I have been running my own business or running other businesses most of my life and had some political involvement associated with this. But I really got fired up when I started reading and posting on usenet, which was a mailing list (that still exists, its today called Google Groups) and the one I was interested in was nz.politics.

    When I first began posting to usenet, my ideas caused so much anger and vitriol the efforts to shut me down were unceasing. Letters sent to my ISP. I was banned by xtra after a complaint that I had used the word “hori”. I then moved to Orcon, who protected me pretty much and Seeby Woodhouse himself actually saved me from banning by his underlings on a couple of occasions. Leftists even posted fake messages to usenet under my name to try and get me banned that way.

    I joined the NZ Herald forum, and this was deliberately detroyed by leftists who spammed it until the Herald shut it down. They were so intent that my ideas remained unexpressed that they preferred the destruction of the forum to my posting on it.

    I will never forget how those cowardly left wing scum tried so hard to shut me down. It taught me that inside every leftist there is a totalitarian screaming to get out, and that if they are ever in total control it will be the end of freedom of political expression. I know this without a shadow of a doubt.

    Then the internet grew into a much more widespread and powerful medium, and I began commenting on blogs in preference to usenet. I was banned from No Minister soon after it first started. the banning was considered unfair by some of the bloggers there so they split and formed NZ Conservative. I will always owe those guys for their support when there were so many against me.

    So much has changed since those days and now I am not alone but we have blogs everywhere putting information and argument and opinion out there that you would never have seen 15 years ago. And we now have armies of guys, like you guys, prepared to take it to the left.

    We will win, and when you guys thank me for being an inspiration that is great but your support too has always been very inspiring to me. Along with other true friends like KG. Or my old friend Bill who wrote to Orcon management and got them to change their mind about cancelling my account. I’ll never forget him.

    And of course I shouldn’t forget those leftist scum who tried so hard to shut me down without realising that every time they attempted it they built my resolve to continue to make my voice heard and one day take those bastards down. Thanks you despicable cowardly scum, and you need to know that I am far from done yet.

    Keep up the good work all. We’ve got the scum on the run but the battle is only just starting. However I know in the end, no matter how far way that might be, (and sometimes it seems so far when one looks at the state of the UK and the US in particular today) we will win. We are firing bullets of truth at cowardly lying leftist scum, and there is no way they can withstand that for long.


  18. The last email I had for you bounced today. I wanted to send you this


    No matter what anyone says, I am not a conspiracy nut. I’ve simply never allowed the common fear of such charges intimidate me into silence. Today I will try to provide you with ammunition so that you don’t have to feel the need to shut up either.

    Michael Medved and a few others have made a grand living providing microphones to actual conspiracy nuts, and of course, the effect is to undermine the very idea of looking into actual conspiracies. Maybe only because it is entertaining. Maybe because they don’t like how past false conspiracies have hurt innocent people and don’t want to see it happen again. And maybe because they are paid by special interests to prevent revelations of some specific conspiracy. Perhaps there are other reasons, but motive is unimportant here.

    See, it should never be forgotten that history is replete with conspiracies. To me the most consequential one took place in a once great republic similar in many ways to our own. It was the famous First Triumvirate of ancient Rome. Lesser ones occurred in our own country, and were what brought about legislation like anti-trust and institutions like the FBI. Conspiracies have existed; they can always be created anew no matter what fool-proof preventive measures we believe we’ve forged; therefore there will always be some. So the frequent knee-jerk laugh at the idea of conspiracy can only be the product of relentless propaganda and indoctrination and not sober understanding of history and the risks from letting it be repeated. The indoctrination is so great I am sure this paragraph will be met with worse than merely deaf ears. But the fact remains.

    Now don’t go overboard. There are examples aplenty of those who do. The most useful thing to come out of considering how conspiracy might be present is discovering ways to counter it. You can’t defeat what you never consider.


  19. Rescue the institutions? What the fuck have you been smoking? Look at it with a straight face and tell me we can – in our lifetime – purge the communists from the schools, the hospitals, the government, the cultural institutions – TV, radio, museums etc. You’re completely nuts.

    What we can do – what or policy must be is simpler and quicker and much more effective. We wipe the fuckers out. Greece just shuttered its TV and Radio – we can do the same. Not reform, not privatise, not a long march through the institutions – just close them and let the leftists starve.

    Privatise the trains? And they get bought back, then a commie PM builds a fucking rail loop! Sell them for scrap – hell pay for people to dig em up and talks em away and it’s gone for ever.

    Schools – it’s far better all the bludger kids grow up illiterate but understand and sccept their place in society – at the bottom whete they belong – than giving them literacy with socialism. You want mass literacy without socialism? Never been done because only communists will take the jobs teaching the lumpen proles.

    The current nominally National government has turned out to be the most left wing in the country’s history. How can you ever fix that?


  20. Sounds like another Tea Party darling. . .Ted Cruz is a compromised turn coat too just steps behind that imposter Cuban POS Rubio. Doug, you were precisely correct yesterday, we have lost the legislative, judicial and executive branches and every check and balance built into the system.

    I do not know what or why? Just picked up on another blog today in comments about Cruz.
    Will look for more info latter when I am not so busy.
    I wonder if something is held over them or do they just freely turn, just to seek unprincipled power.

    Also noted that post that the lawyers office Schulman & Mathias burgled and took computers and files; as they are representatives of workers that are yet to talk about problems with a certain ex secretary of state.


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