The fix is in, Obama to Hillary smooth as silk

I say quite frequently that most of our cultural institutions have been converted into tools of the left, with the most glaring example being the mainstream media. Rather than bringing diversity, it exists primarily today to solidify progressivism as the one political option, or to ensure the continued existence of what is essentially a one party progressive state.

We saw it at work when it elected Obama. Now its becoming clear that the next step in the plan is to make sure he is replaced by Hillary Clinton. As a pointer to the propaganda onslaught that is coming, Hollywood is about to produce a miniseries on her life, due to screen (on TV) just before the Presidential race begins. You can imagine what a disgustingly one sided whitewash this will be.

Its going to star Diane Lane, who is about one million times better looking than Hillary and although a typical Hollywood liberal, is imho a pretty fine actress.

So get ready for it. In the lead up to the next election, and no doubt all of the way through it, more proof that the media has completely forsaken its real role and exists today only as a democracy perverting propaganda tool of the far left.

One thought on “The fix is in, Obama to Hillary smooth as silk

  1. That’s it – cross Diane Lane off my hotness list!

    For once can’t the Rhino’s see what is coming and head it off at the pass, or are they just so leaden footed they they’ll be too late to stop the Hillary hysteria? Who selects the RNC anyway? – McCain and Graham?


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