Marxist media so happy to find someone they can label racist

Anyone else detect the glee in the mainstream media at discovering another grey haired white man they can call a racist?

“Racial abuse passenger identified” Fairfax propagandist Nicci McDougall announces with pride. So some poor old bastard out on the piss with his mates got a bit rude with the taxi driver on the way home. And its not racism.

“Shuttleworth told him to ”f*** off and go back to where you came from,” told him he was ”an Islam p***k” and ”you don’t belong here.” Nicci writes with trembling hand.

Poor outraged Nicci is so eager to point her precious prog finger and label Gregory Shuttleworth a racist that she’s forgotten Islam is a religion not a race. Like other progs, she just can’t wait to feel all sanctimonious and tolerant and better than Mr. Shuttleworth, who has actually done the decent thing and tried to apologise for his rudeness.

And that’s all it was- rudeness. It wasn’t racism, and even that was the intent, its still at heart nothing more than rudeness. The mainstream media should STFU with its deliberately divisive beaten up Marxist crap.

One thought on “Marxist media so happy to find someone they can label racist

  1. I share the taxi passengers concern but I do not agree with his way of expressing it. Christopher Hitchens expresses these concerns much better. I just came across this last night. It is a bit long but well worth watching. I observe a different response from the MSM to the abuse those of us who object to the redefinition of marriage get.


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